Saturday, May 05, 2007

Photo Hunters - Childhood

Childhood is a critical phase of life and must be fully experienced. It should not be hurried. Children should be happy and carefree. After all, kids don't have jobs to keep or bills to pay, so what could they possibly have to worry about?

I believe Jaymes has a memorable childhood and he enjoys the process of growing up. He has got lots of love showered on him, from our family and the people who he comes into contact with.

Well-meaning parents sometimes unwittingly add to the stress in their children's lives. High-achieving parents often have great expectations for their children, who may lack their parents' motivation or capabilities.

Stop giving unnecessary stress on your children. Give them their childhood!


  1. You are born in the zoo!
    You are born in the zoo!
    There's monkies and elephants....
    And a TIGER like you!!!



  2. A lot of ppl complain that I gave my son too much childhood. (not forcing him to learn many things)
    Well.... is there anything call too much childhood?

  3. yenjai,
    No lah! How can a child have too much childhood. More more also not enough. haha....

    My parents didn't make me learn a lot when I was younger, look at me now. I think maybe I'm better quality stock. muahahahaha....

  4. yeah la ..somtimes we forget..I mean I forget that she is still a child...haihss..*reminds self*

  5. Sometimes I think today's children have so much more pressure applied upon them from the expectations of their parents. The pressure to achieve much better.. etc etc..
    On the other hand, kids today have things much better too. Mobile handphones, iPods, laptops.. and better nutrition.. better health care.. etc etc.. (speaking as someone who does not have a kid, thus does not really know..! LOL!!)

  6. im know the place !! ggagaga! it is in GENTING HIGHLAND!

  7. Your birthday? Well, happy belated birthdayd, ECL!

    You hit the nail on the head when you wrote "kids don't have jobs to keep or bills to pay, so what could they possibly have to worry about?" I always tell my kids their only job now is to study, study, study. Heheh. But still, they won't listen. But I'm a "tidak apa" Dad, really. My sentiment, quite unlike my wife's, is that "can study, fine". If cannot? well, they'll survive. A wise man told me "paper isn't everything". What's more important is how we parents shape the character of our kids.

  8. The time of childhood is a special time in everone's life. It is the time we experience life and all the wonders of life. We should encourage our children to spend this time in discovery and love. Let them know we support them and that we are there for them. Make each a day an adventure full of new things and ideas. Let them know that we are not too old to be a kid ourselves. The time of childhood grows into adulthood the time of being a child should last forever.

  9. Childhood is SO important for children to experience. All too often, they are propelleed into young adulthood by what is around them.

  10. OK ok I get the message! Ha ha... well I believe that studying is not just for the first few years of your life but as much as 20 years or more. And like you said, there isn't any relation between how well you do in school and how well you do in life, although the situation is quite different in times like these. I remembered my former boss telling me that in recent years, there are as many as 1,000 students with 4As in 'A' Levels - many with S Paper Distinctions. If you want to get a scholarship, you need to be so outstanding that you probably don't have a life even before you start work! That's truly sad and that is why my wife and I decide that we should be thrifty and save in case we need to send Ethan overseas for education one day...

  11. eve,
    Relax lah! I bet your hubby and you, being high-achievers, tend to expect more from your kids. Let them have a balance life, not study study all the time.

  12. you wrote "Stop giving unnecessary stress on your children. Give them their childhood". It is not easy in this new competitive world :)

  13. lb,
    What you said is true. Parents are expecting too much from their kids. And then there is the 'keeping up with the Tans' syndrome.

    You would be a great parent if you have kids. :)

  14. joe & grace,
    hehehehe... you're correct! The picture's taken in Genting Highlands!

  15. Chris,
    Why belated? My birthday not over yet wat?

    Paper qualifications only gets you somewhere but not everywhere, right? If a person is capable (possess skill or talent), without paper qualifications, he can make it in life too. It may take twice the effort and a longer route.

    I believe every child is talented, we as parents should believe in them and give them the support & love they need.

  16. Hello Teacher Dave,
    I like that: the time of being a child should last forever.

    I am like a child, most of the time, things around me make me curious, I want to explore or get to know them. My mind is filled with 'whys'. I constantly seek answers. I enjoy the learning process in my daily life. :)

  17. Captain Picard,
    Yes, it saddens me to notice that parents couldn't wait for their kids to grow up quickly. In the process to cramp knowledge into their kids, their children 'lose' their childhood. They don't get to enjoy it.

  18. cool insider,
    In recent years, there are a large number of students who get 4As. But the quality of the students have gone down. These students only know their textbooks and lack EQ. Sadly these students are suitable for mostly our civil service.

    My company employs mostly overseas grads, students who didn't qualify to get into Singapore Unis. But they are well-rounded and think out of the box. I cannot have a kiasi or kiasu employee, they are given lots of freedom & flexibility to make decisions in my absence. I dun like lengthy reports and long meetings. These, in Singapore, are common in civil service and most government-linked companies. Time is money. My money is not from ah kong.

    It is good to start planning for Ethan's education. There is not much for ordinary folks becos the elites get all the goodies. Dun pin your hopes on getting a scholarship hor. I'll tell you why in private.

  19. bengbeng,
    It IS a competitive world. What do you really want for your children? Wealth, fame, status?

    I only want my son to be healthy and happy. There's no pressure to excel. He learns at his own pace and does what he wants to do.

    Paper qualification may open doors but if you lack certain qualities, some doors are gonna be closed, doesn't matter even if you are a scholar.

    Without paper qualifications, a person will have to work harder and smarter to survive in this dog-eat-dog world.

    A person who is good in his studies may not necessarily be good in his job. This type of people, I have encountered many.

  20. Aiya, Eastcoastlife, the way you respond to Cool Insider reminds me that our society needs more work to better define what constitutes talent.

    Some children and youths with lots of talents have been disregarded because their talents do not fall within the prescribed definitions by the society in general...

    Hmm....I don't know if I have had a memorable childhood, but I could say my parents didn't give me unnecessary stress, but I had given myself quite a bit of stress. Gosh...I am quite type A.

  21. Oh yah, I had wanted to say: Lucky Jaymes.

  22. oceanskies,
    Precisely. Many of our youth have talents but our government is only willing to accept their definition of talent. They decide which students should get their attention and which do not, at an early stage of their school life. It's prevalent in our schools and universities.

    We can see, many students give up trying, but for those who persevere, they succeeded and show the government that they are made of sterner stuff. I see it as actually a slap on the policymakers' faces. hahaha....

    ya, Jaymes is lucky.

  23. ecl,

    u pay well or not? got vacancies? haha... i dun think in the box or out of the box. i dun think at all! lol...

    oh ya, Happy Birthday too!

  24. keropok man,
    hehe... I dun pay well. No million dollar annual salary and perks like bodyguards and mercedes cars.

    Only at least 3 months bonus and profit sharing annually. Lots of travelling leh! hahaha....


  25. Oh my! What a photo! His face is great too! Welcome to the Photo Hunters.

  26. You captured a great expression on film! I agree, let the kids BE KIDS!

  27. Great photo ECL, I'm sure Jaymes is enjoying his childhood.

  28. You are right - children should enjoy their childhood. I had a great childhood, great memories.
    I hope and pray that we have given our son a carefree childhood as well--he now is 21...

  29. great photo....and a good reminder to let our children to be just that children. I always encouraged my girls to have fun and to push their personal envelope....I like to think that in some ways they have...

    happy saturday!

  30. Here, here, my friend. I've known a lot of successful people who have dropped dead before they can retire, because they never learned how to relax and have fun, to just shout with pure joy (like Jaymes).

  31. Fun photo and I agree with what you say about childhood and parenting.

    For mine I used MSN maps and view Aerial although it doesn't go in very close for your area (Singapore in general) Google maps gets closer, click on Satellite there to see the buildings.

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  33. I too believe that childhood should be unhurried. Some parents sometimes think that they're not giving that much and result to enrolling their children in whatever extra curricular activities and extra classes. Poor child has no time left for him/her self. Sad.


    I'm able to comment now. I know what's the secret. :) Thanks. Sorry for coming in & out of your blog. Connection woes. :)

  34. Hi hummie!
    Thanks for stopping by and the warm welcome.

  35. Hi amy in ny!
    Welcome! Thanks for dropping in.

  36. jmb,
    Yes, Jaymes certainly enjoys his childhood. I didn't take it from him. hahaha....

  37. Hi eph2810,
    Welcome. I have a great childhood too. Wow! Your son's 21 now.

  38. Hi smalltown rn!
    Welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

    You take great photos. I'm sure you have wonderful memories of your childhood, having 11 siblings must be fun!

  39. Hi Bunny Beth!
    Yes, I personally know a few people who didn't get to see their retirement years after working so hard for a good part of their lives. Jaymes' laughter is the best music I hear everyday!

  40. Hi letha dear!
    Thanks for your tip. I find that it's difficult to get in close to my area, I shall try Google.

  41. Hi ipanema!
    Welcome. Glad you finally got through. Thanks for commenting despite your connection woes. :)

  42. This is a hysterical picture... is he hamming it up for the camera or did the dinosaur really scare him... it is adorable either way and will make for some excellent memories.

  43. I second that! Childhood cannot be regained once it's lost. So I want my kid to enjoy it while he can.

    I wish it was kidS in the plural. :-)

  44. Uahh.. your birthday?

  45. I can assure you I never stressed my poor child, lol ! only when he behaved badly !

  46. Yes, our society does expect too much of our kids. They get over scheduled and have no time to have fun. I think we have a great balance in our home.

    Great post. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

  47. hmmm.. been some time since im here... how have u been?

    just a little note from me, i feel that you have changed in your way of blogging already... u used to blog more about urself and ur life.. now its more like asking people questions at the end of the blog... and talking about general things... feels quite sad, hope to see ur more personal blogs again. :)

  48. childhood should be carefree :)

    Btw, happy belated birthday :)

  49. srp,
    lol... Jaymes is hamming it up for the camera! He was trying to enact the Jurassic Park scene. hehe....

  50. Bernard,
    You have to listen to me if you want kidS in the plural. lol.....

    Thanks for your wishes.

  51. Hey gattina,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    hehe .... I believe your child grew up in a home filled with love.

  52. Hello biker betty!
    It does look fun to be in your family! :)

  53. Hi etel!
    Long time no see. I'm shocked at your blog closure. Surely, you dun have to do that?

    I'm trying different ways of blogging because of the diversity of my readers. I do write personal posts now and then.

    Hope to see you often.

  54. well i agree that one should preserve the childhood of every kid but for parents, once their children reach a schooling age, they will definately not want to be at the back of everything.

  55. Hello George!
    That's what parents think and would want for their kids, right? But parents do have a choice not to give their kids undue stress or pressure to excel.

    Does God say kids have to have university degree so as to succeed in life?

  56. Kids these days are really poor thing, so many things need to learn, the competitive environment has definitely give 'em a lot of pressure, let alone the stess given by parents. I think i m rather fortunate to come out from my mum's stomach earlier. Phew.

  57. so zeezee,
    Make sure you don't give undue stress to your own kids in future hor.

    Your mom is a wonderful parent lor!

  58. hey there, ya close liao lor. nothing to blog about lol. im still lurking around dun worry hee.. take carE! :)

  59. etel,
    What about your baking? You can blog about your baking, just like evans.

    If you need a listening ear, I'm always here. Girls understand each other better. Plus I have much life experience to share with you.

  60. Where got rewind button?

    Oh well. The three kids at my house have a good time. The girl, the boy, and me. Poor mommy is the only adult.