Sunday, May 06, 2007

Birthday Treats

I have some wonderful birthday treats this week. Hubby brought me to Michelangelo's Restaurant for dinner. This restaurant has been here long. We got a table even though we didn't have a reservation on a weekend night.

We ordered an Eggplant Tower (S$19), and for the main courses - Black Cod (S$40) and Lamb Rack (S$39). It's a little pricey but the food is really delicious. You've got to come here just once. This is the place to go if you're out on a romantic date and want to impress. Candle light dinner, good food and wine... the works. Save up and treat that special someone here. hehe...
We were busy posing for photos in the restaurant and also taking photos of the food with my new Casio digital camera and LG handphone. So much so that the waiter kept hovering around us, reminding us that the food was getting cold, could we please eat first and take photos later. I jokingly replied,"We don't care about the food! I want to try out my new camera!" lol.... I guess he was quite shocked to get such a diner.

After dinner, we walked over to Essential Brew for desserts. There wasn't many diners, we managed to get a table upstairs. I ordered an Apple Crumble (S$5.50) for Chris and a Rainbow Indulgence (S$12.95) for myself. When my dessert came, I was floored by the colourful combination and also the quantity of it.

Rainbow Indulgence consists of 5 small glasses of cheesecake in 5 different flavours. There is green tea, mango, strawberry, oreo-cookie and the original New York cheesecake. I love NY cheesecake and oreo-cookie. The green tea flavoured cheesecake was too strong and had a bitter aftertaste. Mango and strawberry flavoured cheesecake was too sour.
I tried calling dk to ask him to join us for dessert but somehow, I lost his handphone number. :) Too bad .... I have to stuff myself silly with the sweet desserts. mmm.......

oceanskies treated me to a Max Brenner chocolatey meal for lunch on Sunday. I have a Suckao, a signature item here, and a Banana Belgian Waffle with Vanilla ice-cream!

The Suckao is such a cute drink. There is a special metal container for the chocolate drink and a special metal scoop which doubles as a straw to suck it. Milk is poured into the heated container which has a tea candle (like an aromatheraphy burner) burning at the bottom of it. You add the chocolates chips (3 types to choose from - dark, milk and white chocolate) to the warm milk. You can have a re-fill of milk. Be very careful though, the drink is quite hot and you could get your tongue scald if you suck it with the metal straw. Sip.

Michelangelo's Restaurant (Italian cuisine)
#01-60, 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens Singapore 278116
RESERVATIONS : 6475 9069

Essential Brew
269 Holland Avenue, Holland Village
Tel : 6467 6717

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
#01-06/08, 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall
Tel: 62359556


  1. Aloha! Just dropping by to wish you Happy Birthday!! WAAA!! Max Brenner! I must go there the next time :D

  2. OMG!! It was your bIrthday, and I missed the earlier hint!!! I am so dense! I am so sorry too! But here are some heartfelt & dearest
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y W I S H E S !
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y B I R T H D A Y G I R L !
    May all your hopes come true!
    Big H U G S & K I S S E S ! X O X

  3. Happy Birthday, my dear. [hug] Food looks yummy.

  4. Hot Mama's Birthday! Cause for a celebration! celebrate good times come on...a celebration to last throughout the year! To you my sweet I wish the very BEST most of all health and happiness but also success, love and peace!

    much love!!!

  5. That's a good dinner! I wonder if my hoobie will ever bring me to Michelangelo...*hint hint* *hoping he reads*

    The rainbow indulgence is like a sampler of cheesecakes! Way to go! I love samplers! It's for the fickle-minded like me ;p

    Max Brenner is divine! For a chee ku lit lover like yourself, have u tried their choc fondue? Nice.

    Happy B Day!

  6. Wowie, when you have a birthday, you really have a birthday - how neat!

    Dannnng, now I will really have to do something with this growling stomach of mine.

    I'm glad that you had a lovely time celebrating your day, Girly. Happy, happy birthday and happy many more birthdays, too.


  7. Happy birthday....oooo..Hi-5 on the NY cheese fave too..

  8. Happi-bday to u, when exactly is ur bday?

    Mmm..looks like u got some really nice treats for ur bday. Treats to ur tastebud. =)

    Love the 3 places tat u visited too, esp Max Brenner *slurp*

  9. Hello angel! hehe...
    Thank you! Must try Max Brenner. Try their chocolate fondue.

  10. Thanks Bunny Beth!
    The food was fabulous! *slurp*

  11. tigerfish,
    I'm sure he would give you a birthday surprise that far exceed your expectations lah!

    When you come back, we shall go to Essential Brew for its desserts. Ohhh... so yummy.

    I'm gonna try their chocolate fondue next trip. :)

  12. Hello saboma!
    awww... thanks! hehe... I usually have a week of birthday celebrations! :P I really celebrate it! hehe....

  13. yo eve!
    Thanks and I shall bring you for your fave New York Cheesecake all over Singapore when you come here!

  14. Hi zeezee!
    Thanks. There are many more treats which I didn't post leh. hehehe.... In Singapore, besides eating, what else can you do on your birthday? :(

  15. Did you just said a week of celebrations?!

    Happy BirthFest to you then!

  16. Tsk tsk.... got nice nice LG phone to play with, don't want to keep my hp number anymore lah. haiz.

    OK lah, at least now hhdu also got my hp number. Maybe when Jaymes got a hp, I should also pass him my number.... just in case you lost my number again. :P

    Eh, I discovered yesterday that Veron was at Essential brews the same evening too leh.

  17. dk,
    I really dunno how your number was erased. Jaymes was playing with my new phone those two days.

    wah... your number so important de meh? Must give my whole family! muahahaha....

    I didn't see Veron wor. I was upstairs, seated near to the window. I was probably too engrossed in my food to notice anything.:)

  18. Aiyo. Though I just had my lunch, I still feel like eating liao.
    (Originally, want to call you sui por for this. But your birthday hor) --> change to --> Wah. Thanks for showing the photo ^-^

  19. hehehe... yenjai,
    IF you come to Singapore, I'll treat you to yummy food too! :)

    What's sui por? 寿婆? #%&@, 没那么老吧!

  20. yes... keropok man,
    Looking forward to the Nasi Padang meal wif you n shilpa! :)

  21. U never met veron before, even if she sitting next to you, you also won't know lah. But she also holding THAT LG phone. So if you see a pretty gal with that LG phone, that might be her. :P

    See lah.... if you never lost my hp number, I will be there n saw her. Then can intro u 2. :P

    I think you saved my phone number in your old phone instead of SIM card lah.

    Oh ya.... need to give your maid my HP number too. Just in case. :P

  22. Happy Belated birthday..ECL..! I actually wished you thru' Jaymes's blog.. i hope he told you .. ;)
    Did he get you a rose too..??
    Anyhow.. i'm glad you are surrounded by so many love ones.. and good friends..!
    I wish you good health.. and to stay forever beautiful ya..!

  23. dk,
    I think I can recognise Veron through her photo lah! I'll check my old handphone.

    walau! My maid also need to have your handphone?

  24. Mamabok,
    Thank you so much. Yes, Jaymes showed me your comment. And he gave me a prsent and a kiss. hehe....


  25. Her real person look quite diff from her profile pic. :P

  26. reaaly arh? ok, recognise her by her LG Shine Handphone loh!

  27. HUH!!!!


  28. Hot Mummy,

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    Stay pretty :)

    I think you good in white (pictures in the pigsters at Far East Plaza...)

  29. u r hot mama leh... i thot u had some HOTTER treats other than eatinther than good food.

  30. Thank you for giving me the chance to celebrate your birthday. Judging from your having one whole week of celebrations, you are a very popular friend. :)

    Actually, there are other ways to celebrate birthday other than eating. For example, tour Singapore. Another thing I like to do is to simply find a spot to sit down, sketch and reflect, while watching the rest of the world go by.

    Have a good week. And please keep safe.

  31. Hi pink hippo!
    Thanks. White is my fengshui colour! :)

  32. shhhh... zeezee,
    of course got something else lah! ahem... This is a family blog mah! hehehe.....

  33. Hi oceanskies!
    The chocolate bar was good! I enjoy myself very much. Chris wants to bring me there again. :)

    I have too many friends who want to celebrate my bd with me. And I can't put all of them together becos they come from different backgrounds. That explains the week long celebrations. Actually it's almost 2 weeks oredi! gosh!

    I'll try to celebrate it in a different way next year. hehe...

  34. happy belated birthday!!! just 2 days after my Belle. :D i will remember that. :D

  35. So sorry to be so tardy. Happy Birthday dear eastcoastlife. I feel so remiss.

    Fortunately, your family and friends were not so inclined. :)

    All of the food looks yummy. Thanks to your new phone camera.

  36. Hello Miche!
    Oh! I will remember Belle's birthday too!:)

    Thanks for your wishes.

  37. Thank you simple american!
    Don't feel bad about it, I don't tell people my birth date usually. But those who know would 'spread the message'. hehe...

    And I'm so lucky that many people remember my birthday every year and the number of people gets more each year. I'm so blessed! :)

  38. firehorse,
    It's the thought that counts. Thanks. :)

  39. ohhh... yummy yummy!! i am glad i can finally eat some meat!

  40. Loooks soooooooo goooood!!! Happy Birthday!

  41. yummy dinner..
    happy birthday once again..
    can wish many times wan, right? :P

  42. Many sweet happy returns to you, yea ?:) hm..michael angelos o o, what happens to the date with erm.. what's his name ? hehe j/k !

  43. Thank you meltingwok!

    Kwon Sang Woo! hehehe.... didn't manage to get him. haiz....