Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eastcoastlife and Jaymes on Hi! tech

awwww...... what a wonderful Mother's Day present! Thanks to Kevin who uploaded this video onto YouTube. It is the TV programme Hi! Tech which Jaymes and I made guest appearances on in April. And Kevin is the person who got us the part in this TV programme. A very special thanks to dk too for recommending us to Kevin.

Thanks to the TV crew from Film Formations Pte Ltd.

I have been busy lately and yet have so many posts waiting to be published. I know I owe many bloggers your memes. I will try to clear my 'debts' if I could. Thanks so much for the support from everyone.


  1. WOW!!! You were so good in that! Such a natural! And Jaymes too.. Wheee... Autograph, please!

  2. Wow.. wow.. wow.. after much anticipating, we finally got to see this clip!!

    Hehe.. think i can recognise u on the street now. =)

    Happy mother's day to u, hottest mummy blogger!

  3. Wow..!! so famous..!!! Happy Mother's Day ya..!!

  4. Natural!

    p/s That is the (avatar) dress wor. Is it taken on the same day?

  5. It is so neat for me to hear your voices. That is the one thing as a blogger. I create voices for people that I hear in my head as I write. Now I can make the voice closer to what you do sound like. :)

    And what a SUPER Mothers Day present. Happy Mothers Day to you ECL. :D

  6. u are on TV!!!!

    of coz u are hot!
    thanks for sharing!

  7. alamak, you sound so 规矩 on national TV! different from how you write!

  8. Yup, I can finally comment on this post. But to do so, I need to know that I have to change "www" to "www2". Then press enter before I can get to a page to comment.

    Wishing you a belated Happy Mother's Day.

    Jaymes was pretty natural. I think you would do even better the next time you appear on TV, because you would have more experience by then.

  9. Hi Eastcoastlife: I think Blogger is back in order. If you prefer, I think you can try switching back to pop-up comments option.

    I am now able to post comments on this post now, even though I previously had the problem if I don't use the "www2" method.

  10. Err...about Blogger's being back to normal...I may have to take my words back.

    A few sites are still giving problems. But I think there has been quite an improvement already from the last few days.