Monday, May 14, 2007

Bring smiles to your Mothers' faces!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Jaymes cooked dinner for me on Saturday night, eve of Mother's Day and presented me with a video presentation he made himself. I can't post it onto my blog because it contained some personal photos.

15 of my foreign students gave me carnations and we had buffet lunch at a Brazilian Churrascaria.

While I'm enjoying my Mother's Day, some mothers were griefing on theirs. They lost their children.

A Taiwanese fighter jet crashed on Friday morning (11th May 2007) during an exercise, killing its two pilots. Two visiting Singaporean military personnel were also killed, and 9 others injured.

The body of Private Fan Yao Jin - the second SAF serviceman killed in Taiwan military jet crash incident - was brought back to Singapore on Sunday. Another SAF serviceman killed in the incident was 3rd Sergeant Isz Sazli Sapari who was accorded a full military funeral on Saturday.

29-year-old Alex Lim who was in a coma after being knocked down by a taxi driver at Scotts Road last month, died at Tan Tock Seng Hospital on Mother's Day. An only son, who was getting married to his fiancee, he never woke up to see his Mom again.

It is so sad when children leave before us. I would definitely be devastated if I lost Jaymes. I have only one son and he's been my driving force all this while. I work hard to raise him and spent sleepless nights worrying over him when he is ill. He is also the precious grandson to his 2 sets of doting grandparents. Losing him now woud be tragic for my family.

I wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day and may your children bring smiles to your faces everyday!

Note :
My Blogger has been crazy since 28th April and it hasn't been able to rectify the problems I'm having. I have left a message on their Bloggers' Help Discussion Group and it was no help. Many bloggers are having these problems too. I can't open my drafts. My readers and I can't comment on certain posts. Jaymes started having these problems yesterday too.


  1. I know what you mean..ECL..!
    If anything happens to my chloe.. i donch know how i can continue living. I feel so bad .. for those who lost their children.. ! God Bless and be with them.. !

  2. mamabok,
    Just a chilly thought when I learnt about these sad mothers this morning. haiz....

  3. Happy Mother's Day, eastcoastlife!

    So sorry to hear of the mothers who lost their children on / close to this special day.

    Just a note: I wonder if Blogger problems are affecting the loading of your website too? It takes twice the time to load compared to other blogs by Blogger.

  4. Blogger seems slow in fixing the problem this time. It has been one week already.

  5. You know what's the irony? Pte Fan just celebrated his Bday the day before he was killed. What was supposed to be a celebration of his first steps in life now becomes his anniversary. What a tragic way for a person to end his life.

    Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to you too! I'm sure with Jaymes by you, every day is Mother's Day.

  6. Hello rinnah!

    Yes rinnah! Blogger is ruining my blogging life... sob... sob....

  7. dk,
    I can't comment again on your post. You ban me arh? hehehe....

    I know lah, blame it on Blogger!

  8. Hi Ed!
    Yes, I read that he celebrated his birthday, one day before his death. I feel so sad and moody on Mother's Day when I read these news. I wish all those Moms strength and may God bless them. Their children are with Him and will be well-taken care of.

    And thanks Ed for your good wishes. Lovely.


  9. Glad you had a great Mother's Day. My son made me a perfect omlette, complete with toast, fresh fruit, and two pieces of bacon. Yummy.

    My heart goes out to mothers who lose their children--I'm not sure what I would do if something happened to my son or grandchildren.

    Be well, my friend, and take care.

  10. p.s., I've not had trouble with my blogger account lately, but I had problems with your blog about 2 weeks ago--I just could not get the page to load. It's working fine right now, and has been for the last week. Cheers.

  11. Oooo Bunny Beth!
    It was a heavenly treat huh! :)

    Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad my blog's working fine.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  12. Happy Hottest Mummy Day, ECL! Hugs hugs to you, with special enchanted bits as well..

    Sorry to hear about lives being lost. My aunt passed away very suddenly yesterday too!! Oh my! But life goes on elsewhere.

    ps: I haven't encountered any problems (touchwood) on your blog.. Smooth as a baby's butt..

  13. I have had problems too with Blogger. Are you facing this problem (See link)?

    Here's the solution offered by one of the staff from Blogger:
    "It seems that this is a problem specific to Singnet, so I encourage you all to contact them to see if you're able to provoke some changes on their end. Also, as a workaround, you can substitute the "www" in the URL where you encounter problems to "www2."

  14. soi kwai lb!

    Sorry about your aunt. At our age, we tend to hear more news of people around us going away.

  15. Hi oceanskies.
    I have the same problems those bloggers were facing. But upon contacting Singtel staff, they said it is Blogger's servers who are having problems. Hope they would look into it and not pass the buck lah! grrrr....

  16. hey hot momma! happy mother's day to u, albeit belated! ;)

    ah so sad to hear about that. and i read a news about a great momma in China who sacrificed her life in order to protect her kid. She was trapped in a fire inside her room and there was no way out. She cuddled her daughter firmly so that she will not get burnt in the fire. Alas, the mum died of burning while the daughter, though 60% of the body is burnt, has avoided death after hours of rescue in the ICU.

    aint mothers the best gift to human beings?

  17. Hello kyh.
    Thank you dear. Everyday should be Mother's Day, right? Not just yesterday. hehe....

    Moms are the best!! Yeah!

  18. I also alot of entries cannot comment leh. Sibei sian

  19. dk,
    Many Singaporean bloggers are having these problems. And all are Singnet users. Singtel got problem lah! Are they bugging us? hmmmm.....

  20. Happy Belated Mother's Day to you!

    really is sad for a parent to lose a child. it's sad to lose anyone we love. and even though it's a case of slowly slipping away and you're prepared for it, it doesn't take away the sadness and grief... *sigh*

  21. It is very sad when your child leaves this world before you do. They may have left us physically but spiritually and mentally they remain with us forever. We draw upon the love we have for them and the love they have for us to continue to walk on our journey to the time when again we will walk together again. These truly inspiring people who were with us for such a short time were are teachers. We have to take what we learned from the life we had together and apply it to the life we live now. It is difficult to get to this stage and many of us do not. For in our grief we cannot look at what we were suppose to learn.
    To all of those parents who have lost a child I offer you condolences and love. I have been there and I have felt those feelings. To those parents who have the blessing of the presence of your child. Give thanks and love to them and take time to stop and look at what you have and then be grateful.
    To all of you who are mothers Happy Mothers day.

  22. Another post which demonstrates your graciousness and kindness.
    Its nice of u for u din forget the less fotunate even when you r hving a good time.

    I m sure every child is his/her parent's precious. We shall be grateful to be able to have our family members by ourside, knowing all of them are healthy and blessful.

  23. Aiya, I keep getting "error" coming to your website, and my "create blog" page cannot open properly for me to blog. Anyway, happy mum's day.

  24. Anyway, whoever is at fault, I found it helpful try this when I encounter a number of the problems:
    "substitute the "www" in the URL where you encounter problems to "www2."

  25. I read about the taiwan crashed jet.. it's sad..

    Glad u had a good celebration! :)

  26. Happy Mother's Day and good to hear that you had a nice one. I don't have kid so it doesn't bother me. However, because Mother's Day in the UK is in Feb (can't remember the exact day), so I got confuse all the time and not really bother in the end... *sigh*

  27. Happy Belated Mothers Day ECL Glad to know you enjoyed it.

  28. You've had a super Mother's Day. A fine reminder of how important mothers are to their children.

  29. By the way, you asked me when my birthday is. It's the 14th of January.

  30. That is so sad. I would be devestated if I lost my kids.

  31. *hugs*
    dont think toooo much!! it's mother's day week! opps it's over! no la.....everyday is mother's day ma......:)

  32. Happy mother's day to all the great mothers.

  33. miche,
    Tagged again? Gosh, I owe so many people tags. hehehe.....

  34. Thank you, May! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    It's never easy to lose someone, but I guess we have to deal with it because it is part of life.

  35. Teacher Dave,
    Sorry to hear of your loss. Thanks for sharing.

    I guess Time does heal the wounds but it is never easy to lose someone close. I would not be able to understand and would probably have a break down.

    I love my parents, in-laws and kids and try to spend as much time as possible with them.

  36. zeezee,
    Compared to many people, I feel very blessed. I don't take my blessings for granted. I try to help others who are less fortunate.
    We must be compassionate to them.

    Oh dear, zeezee, you have problems logging in to Blogger as well. What is happening?

  37. Hi fleck!

    Blogger's really cocked-up this time!

  38. oceanskies,
    I did that and that's why I was able to post and comment on certain pages only.

  39. pinkie,
    The Taiwan jet crash is the hot topic in Singapore now.

    Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day too! :)

  40. Hello Windy!
    So Mother's Day in UK is in February! You get to celebrate twice! Wow! hehe....

  41. Gibbs Cadiz from the Philippines!

    My long-time supporter. Long time no see. Thanks. :)

  42. Captain Picard,
    I had a wonderful Mother's Day. :)

  43. Simple American,
    For parents like us who love our kids, it would indeed be devastating if such a tragedy happens. I cherish Jaymes and spend as much time with him as I could.

  44. Dear winn!
    Thanks! I have Mother's Day everyday. Yeah!!! hehe....

  45. Henry,
    Thanks. Your turn next month - Father's Day! hehe....

  46. Happy for you.
    I know how it felt to bury the kids before us. My mom had to go thru that 3 times...and I know how it felt... especially when we have to craddle them to the grave, cos I can't bear the heart to hear their body toss and turn in the casket on the way for the burial. How small can they be...when they ....

    Oh ya..if you got problems with the SingTel..use the Telstra proxy as stated on my site.

    azrin @

  47. Hello abang azrin!
    Oh Gosh, kesian ya for your Mom and the family. That's awful.
    Give my *Hugs* to your Mom when you see her.

    I'll try the Telstra proxy and see if it works. Thanks.

  48. Eastcoastlife,

    Your post made a lot of sense to me and it is exactly how me and my wife feel about our son Ethan. There are similarities which I am already beginning to see and I know this is why you have been urging us to have another younger sibling. Unfortunately, work has been so busy and tiring for both of us that we can't fathom it. I guess when Chris and you were younger, both of you also felt that way and it is why you both pour so much love, energy and affection into Jaymes.

    I wished sometimes that I had taken a simpler route in life. Maybe if I didn't focus so much on my work, I will put more attention to family and balance. Since the first day I started work, the number of times I left my office while the Sun is still shining can be counted with two hands.

    Thanks for addressing these factors that I find too difficult to put into writing. We certainly must catch up again one day. Soon. :)

  49. Eastcoastlife, I think if you change your comments settings to a non-pop-up option, you can use the "www2 method" too when you have problems with posting comments on certain posts.

    At least I did that for mine, and it helps. Not the best way to resolve the issue, but at least I could work around it.

  50. cool insider,
    Living in Singapore, you have no choice but to slog and earn peanuts to raise your family. It's pathetic, we have no life. Can die, but cannot afford to be ill.

    I feel sad for our children and the future generation. It's a cycle that's going to go on and on and on.......

    Many have children but no time to discipline, educate and guide them. And when they are taken away from us suddenly, we realised we don't know them well enough.

    I'm glad Jaymes, although going through our flawed education system, is not a 'mass produced' product of Singapore. He has his carefree childhood. parents play an important role in their kids' lives.

    I wish you and your family happiness and great health!

  51. oceanskies,
    Thanks. I took your advice. Hope it works. :)

  52. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

    You have a wonderful son. I am sure you are really proud of him.

  53. lilMrsT,
    Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    Yes, I'm proud of my son. He's a great kid.