Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The After-effects of freeing Willy

Twitter is powerful. From Italy to Australia to Malaysia to USA to Singapore, it created waves when I twittered for help to free a Willy yesterday. And then I receive numerous requests to add them. Oh my, but when I read the comments and remarks on my Twitter later, it made me seriously depressed.

Why did you all think it was a joke? It was a cry for help! Maybe I have been too frivolous, so no one takes me seriously. I shudder to think, the next time if I got some one's thing something stuck in the most private part of my body, everyone would be thinking I'm crying wolf - again. hehehe....

erm....., I think I should change my blogging style, be a more responsible blogger and write sombre posts. :)

Some thought I was having a rendezvous with another man. Geez.... I would be an airhead if I twittered for help! Some friends actually called my hubby! You were really dead serious on getting me into trouble huh?

Oh, cocka said I didn't do it right. I was supposed to butter, oil or lubricate the dick before freeing it. Excuse me, butter? I couldn't even keep my face straight during that memorable moment. The idea of smearing it with butter would only make me smack my lips, thinking of - Corn on the Cob!!!!

Now don't get me high on the lubricating part. The only lubricant I could use then was my saliva. And the thought of coating it directly with a few quick deep sucks is really tempting! Can you imagine that scenerio? OMG!

Many of my girlfriends are dying to be in my shoes. hahaha........

Oh, for guys who have penises of steel, Dr Chan suggested WD-40. :)


  1. You friend actually called ur husband?

    Becareful leh. If its a gal, then most likely the gal interested in him. haha

  2. soap... toilet has soap...but of course with you all laughing, the soap will get so bubbly and you won't be able to see a thing

  3. I didnt think it was a joke but it was just too funny!! I thot this would only happen on TV!

  4. dk,
    You were one of those who sabo me! You ask uncle to call me at home on shoutbox!

    OMG! You r a guy leh! Wait! Wait! Wait! I must think huh! .....

    You interested in me !!! muahahahaha.....

  5. Hi mark,
    Oh! soap!
    Ouch! It will sting.

    Actually at that time, who could think of that!

    Who's gonna give the dick a soapy bath? hehehehe....

  6. wokking mum,
    My brother kena when he was young. My hubby too. Another banker friend as well.
    It happened to quite a number of guys I know. But I only came to know after the incident yesterday.

  7. Was twitter an effective way to solve yesterday's issue?

    I suppose it can help one reach out for help from miles away. Then again, I find MSN a better method to communicate. Twitter feels rather like one-way communication to me even though I do get messages from others.

  8. oceanskies,
    Nobody could help leh!!! I find it was an effective way to disseminate news or gossips. hehehe....

    I prefer MSN too.

  9. if gerard has peed earlier on, his brudder wud stink! did u sniff smth weird and stinky when u're performing that 'tedious' task? :P

    haaa! OMG! did ur hubby's face turn dark dark black black after ur so-called frens exposed to him bout the 'affair'? :P

    geez.. i think most girls wud love to gv gerard a helping hand!

  10. kyh,
    In an emergency, nobody cares or bothers about how dirty or smelly the victim was lah! We just do what we could without thinking. After that, felt yucky lor. hahaha....

    Hubby was in a state of panic. He tried calling my mobile, office and home. I couldn't answer my HP, the office gals were busy kaypohing. Finally called my AM's HP and got the news. hehehe....

  11. I actually pity the poor chap... it was not a nice experience to have! But the way you put it is soooo funny...

  12. rinnah,
    It is definitely not a good thing to happen to a guy. I remind my son to wear his undies and to make sure 'brother' is in before zipping up. I don't want to oil his dick. :)

  13. Hahaha!! I shall be looking at the corn in a different light from now on! Luckily I'm not a corn(y?) person LOL!

    Wah liao... your "friends" dem "good" neh...

    And how is Gerard today? *grins* Did you give him any "look"? LOL... sorry, can't help the wickedness in me!

  14. walao... someone actually called your hubby? o.O

  15. I know who I will be thinking of the next time I am about to bite into a corn on the cob!
    How's Gerard now? Does he know we know? LOL!

  16. Sorry for making you seriously depressed over Twitter! *grin* But at that very moment, all I could think of was that scene from 'There's Something About Mary', but they didn't exactly show how to Extract A Dick From A Zipper. So I wasn't experienced enough in that department to offer any constructive suggestions on how to free willy.. But despite it all, it was still funny!

  17. Well, I'm sorry to say that I'm not suprise if people think that is a joke etc. I mean, like wokking mum, I do believe the story. However, it would happen a lot on TV instead. So don't feel sad, I'm sure there are a lot of people believe you, or the best, had seen the incident themselves (D&*$, I'm not one of them :P)!

  18. love that corn-on-the-cob representation, lol! hope Gerard's feeling better now.

    sorry if all that Twittering bothered you, it was really quite funny at that time... ;-)

  19. angel,
    Cocka suggested the butter lor!

    ya, my 'friends' are wicked! muahahahaha.....

    Gerard is fine. No lah! I treat all my staff like my children, I don't have any evil thoughts on them lah. :)

  20. chen,
    Yes. 5 'friends'! hehehe....

    They were concerned lah! They thought hubby was the one caught. hehehe....

  21. king's wife,
    er.... you will be thinking of Cocka or me? hahaha.....

    Gerard's fine. He and the whole office read my blog. Some of his clients also read my blog. :)

  22. oh lb,
    Don't feel bad. I wasn't referring to your group. :) It's my very own group of girlfriends!!! Actually they were teasing me lah! Do I sound depressed! :)

  23. windy,
    :) thanks.

    I don't care what others think lah! They are just jealous that they can't write so well;
    I'm getting all this attention and the dick. muahahahaha.....

    Don't wish to see such an accident orh! :)

  24. May,
    Thanks for the concern. Gerard's fine.

    oh May, I wasn't referring to the Twittering by your group. It was my group of girlfriends. They made some absurb comments which were meant to be jokes actually. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  25. Too funny. I laughed so hard reading that post that my stomach muscles are still sore.

    Butter? OMG, here I go again.

  26. ECL, don't be a sombre blogger. We love you just the way you are!

  27. WHO COMPLAIN YOU???????????? TELL ME!!

    I'll gun his brains out and feed it to the sharks and his meat to the starving Somalians.

    But the zipper guy in the previous post damn lucky to have you. OOOOOPS!!!!!

    To have your help that is... =X

  28. Bunny Beth,
    I find it odd to use butter! Seems like you agree with me too! :)

  29. Ed!!!
    So glad to see you. You tend to disappear every now and then. Busy with work or busy with chicks? hehehe.....

    Hey, going to the Geek Terminal Launch tonight? Want to meet you leh! :)

  30. Hi firehorse!
    You're finally back from your vacation.

  31. Agree with king's wife, now corn on the cob will remind me of this incident, and won't be the same innocent thing anymore. :)

    Frankly, I'm a little doubtful of the news. Maybe because, I didn't think guys would be so doh-doh to zip their very own.

  32. earthember,
    hehehe.... my next speciality in my restaurant would Corn on the Cob!

  33. luckily i am not on twitter.

    the poor chap in your workplace must be the most malu person now on the planet! the whole world knows about it. hahaha..

    next time pple ask, where you work before, he says for ECL, then pple will ask, oh.. the one that got stuck ah? LOL....

  34. keropok man,
    Ya... hahaha...

    Now my male staff den paiseh to say who their Boss is. Because they will be asked the inevitable questions on the Zipper Accident. hahaha.....

    Lucky din show their faces and my company premise. hehehe....

  35. OMG! Dr Chan suggested WD40?? Wakakakakak!!! was his dick rusty or what?

  36. cocka,
    Dr Chan said WD-40 is for the man who has a penis of steel! hehehe.....

    Rusty? I thought use sandpaper. :)