Sunday, April 01, 2007

NeuroVision Talk

Chris & I went up to Woodlands in the late morning as he has a talk on Myopia later at the Woodlands Regional Library. We had brunch at Soup Restaurant in Causeway Point Shopping Mall. Their Steam Sansui Chicken is delicious but we didn't order that. I had a Wintermelon Soup (S$4.50), Dried Shrimps & Raddish Spicy Tofu (S$8, 虾米菜脯豆腐) and a Salad Prawn (S$12). I love their soup, it's so flavourful.

The talk was scheduled at 1pm, at an odd time. We waited for the participants and commenced at 1.30pm. Ms Christina Lau, Senior Application Specialist of NeuroVision was on hand to explain and answer questions on NeuroVision's methods of treatment.

After the talk, participants have their eyes tested for free and try the NeuroVision demo program on the laptops available. They were also treated to a spread of Hi-tea. And they get to take home a goodie bag.

Although I was not hungry, I tried the snacks because they looked delicious. The people were helping themselves to several servings of food, piled up high. The kids love the crunchy fried chicken drumlets and Tempura prawns. The samosas, chocolate eclairs and mini Apple Strudel was yummy! There was even a Mango Fruit Salad! Awww, all my favourites. hehe.....


  1. A pity I was at my niece's birthday party, else could have pop by to see you! :)

  2. awww.... thanks pinkie! There will be another time. I'll be happy to meet you too!

  3. Hehe.. having a talk at lunch time means they have to provide lunch. Sounds like you got a good deal!

  4. hehe simcooks,
    You're right! Singaporeans love a free deal! Free talk, free eye tests, free gifts, free makan!!!!

  5. I guess the picture at the left (red one with a spoon) is Spicy Tofu? It looks really tasty. Mmm... making me feel hungry now.

  6. Hi Windy,
    Yes, it is! Super spicy! And my oh my, so delicious! The tofu is so smooth and soft!!!

  7. I LOVE .. the soup restaurant..!! i eat there at least a few times a week. .when i was in singapore.. ;) we almost always order the chicken.. because it's so good tasting.. and soft. And i go for the daily soup.. and then a vegie.. ;)
    And dessert of course.. !! i usually have the snow fungus thingie.. ;)
    Or the gui ling guo.. ;)

  8. orrrhhhh mamabok,
    The chicken is great, right? yummylicious! *lick my mouth & fingers!*

    Great minds think alike! Hi-5!!!

  9. At first, I thought see the food pictures is part of Neurovision. Kekekek...
    You can eat prawns liow arh?
    I like Soup Restaurant too! Dunno their different locations have food quality consistency or not.

  10. tigerfish,
    Dun care la, I got a list of food cannot eat but then eat wat?

    Any time also can die leh.... I may be cautious with my food but step out of the house, kena langgar, then? Be a beautiful hungry ghost! pulak.

    So far, try Soup Restaurants at 3 different locations, food quality is consistent.

  11. Haha. Looking at the food, it makes one wonder:

    Whether the food, or the talk, is the attraction ^-^

  12. The truth huh?

    Of course the food lah! My own hubby, but I cannot side him when it comes to the truth.

    Yesterday he kena lut oredi for his poor performance.... at the talk la! Dun tink crooked.

  13. tofu?


    prefer hairball soup with moochi dim sum.


  14. Hey sauerkraut,
    Tofu's good for you. Come to Singapore, let me treat you to some delicious tofu!

  15. The food looks so good. Makes waiting for the talk enjoyable ahr?

  16. haha... SA,
    Right. The food was delicious!

    There was a mother with her two toddlers. She waited an hour, with her screaming daughter, just for the food.

    I wanted to tell her to leave because her daughter was screaming and crying. And she allowed the daughter to play with the phone in the library and she was banging it hard on the table, causing much disruption. Chris stopped me.