Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Love may be forgotten but it doesn't vanish! (5/3/07)

爱情可能会被遗忘, 但不会消失.......

Mo xiao came to visit me from Beijing. She brought the famous Peking Duck from Quan Zu De Restaurant (全聚德)! And her parents also sent lots of herbal concoctions and nutritious food. Mo xiao completed her education in UK and is now helping in her father's real estate company in Tianjin.

We had a long talk. Her grandmother passed away last December. She told me this beautiful love story of her grandparents.

Her grandparents had never seen each other before their marriage. It was arranged by their parents. They met each other on their wedding night. After marriage, they did have the occasional tiffs and arguments, but they never had cold wars and the thought of divorce never crossed their minds.

Mo xiao remembered one incident when she was staying with her grandparents one summer. She loves to eat rice that is a little soggy, her grandpa loved his fluffy and that he was to be able to pick out each grain. Her grandma loved her so much, she cooked her favoured version.

When grandpa tried a mouthful of the rice, he put the bowl of rice hard on the dining table and left in a huff to his study room. Grandma just smiled and said to Mo xiao,"Don't mind him. I'll cook him another pot of rice and let him eat until he die!" (别管他! 待会儿我再煮一锅饭, 吃死他!) hehehe.....

Mo xiao's grandparents showed their love for each other in a quiet way. There were no flowers, gifts or dinner celebrations on their anniversaries or Valentine's Day. Grandma took care of grandpa's every day needs and cooked his favourite food. Grandpa would accompany grandma on her frequent medical visits and made sure she took her medication.

Every morning at 5 am, they would go to the nearby park for Taichi and to meet their friends. Then together they would go marketing. In the day, grandpa would read his books or practise his calligraphy while grandma would tend to the garden and knit sweaters for her grandchildren.

Then one day, disaster struck.

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  1. Aiyoooo.... took me a week to do the last tag and now another one! I din tag you for mine wor! But it would eventually come your way.

    Akan datang. hehehe....

  2. tigerfish,
    yalor... very cute couple.

    Two strangers come together and then spent most part of their lives together. They shared the happy times, sad times and funny times. sigh.........

  3. Sometimes love can be such an easy thing to show, but somehow in our modern world we complicate love with so many other factors that it seems almost inexistent.

    These days, people give up too easily over the slightest thing.

  4. hi there? like the post. Love is powerful. love conquers everything. When someone loves you, you've been empowered and you'll be stronger than ever.

  5. You're right, Ed.

    Loving someone is a simple thing to do, it's supposed to be unconditional. But because of the modern society we live in, there exists a measuring mug.

    You give me 50ml, I'll return 50ml, sometimes I may only give 25ml. And you cannot give to your other family members, not even your parents. Then problems start to surface.......

    At times, we need to take a few steps back and take deep breathes.

    There are examples to prove that Love can be developed. So it is not necessary to search high and low for someone whom you have to fall in love with.

    We must first condition ourselves for love before we look for someone to love. There is no magic formulae. Every person is different and wants to be treated differently. You have to make one yourself and place it in your heart.

    The above are particularly targeted at my single friends who are still searching for love....... After so many years, still looking? Need to review your list.

    Hey, my son is finishing secondary school liao!

  6. yo papajoneh,
    Nobody can speak about LOVE better than you! You rock, brudder!!!

  7. I first tasted 全聚德 in shanghai and till now I 全部都记得!!! Sinful but heavenly!

    But my family members (the elder ones) fell sick for a week after that :(

  8. wah miss loi!
    Food poisoning arh? I think too oily la! Or eat too much?

    全聚德北京烤鸭is awesome ya!haha... *slurp....slurp....*

  9. I think it's becoz too oily.

    OT a bit, I quite intrigued by your Mapstats board at the side showing where your 25 latest visitors are from.

    I think it says I'm currently reading your blog from 'Kampong Pengkalan Petai, Singapore'.

    Where the hell is that????? lol

  10. yalor, funny names they have! I dunno there's such a place in Singapore.

    oi, you having tuition or not? can read blog wan meh?

  11. how sweet.. i wonder if our ancestors knew something we didn't.. haiz, when you see how some of these arranged marriages work so well, it seems choosing your own partner isn't always a foolproof route to happiness, huh? :)

  12. shilpa,

    I think my matchmaking agency should offer 'arranged marriages'. Oh ya, I own a Matchmaking Agency!!!

    I should dress up as a matchmaker 媒人婆 and arrange marriages. ha!

    I can also arrange balloting marriages.

    My selling point :
    Dun choose by yourself, I choose for you. Very 'zhun'!

  13. Hahaha, balloting marriages?! What the heck is that man? Wah, you really entrepreneur to the last drop, got matchmaking business oso! Admire, man!

  14. hahaha... business secrets! Tell you when you come back to Singapore. But you not eligible huh!

  15. Wei! Wei!!!

    You didn't finish the story lor? Come back tomorrow. :P

  16. Great post! I like some of the wry sentences in them.

  17. Captain Picard,
    My English language is not that good. And for the sake of my readers too :

    wry - A wry remark or a piece of writing refers to a bad situation or a change in a situation in an amusing way.