Saturday, March 31, 2007

ieat-weMeet-weEat Makan session

I came to know of ieat only less than a month ago. I linked it & read it daily. I enjoy looking at the lovely photos of the food and reading the reviews. I read about the makan session two weeks ago & sent an email to Dr Leslie Tay, who promptly registered me for it. Actually I wanted to go alone but Chris decided to tag along because he buah pang sim (was worried). He actually has to forgo mingling with SM Goh for this!

Dinner was to start at 7.30pm sharp but we were slightly late. My apologies. Dinner was at Zi Yean Restaurant at Block 56, Lengkok Bahru. We sat with Dr Tay and his lovely wife who's nick is Amagada. Unique hor. We got to hear his many funny encounters with certain eateries and behind-the-scenes tales. hahaha....

There were games before dinner to get to know one another. We had to identify the food from the photos in ieat's blog. And we had to identify each stall that sells the food. We won the table prize which is sponsored by 'SCS Butter'. hehehe.... pen name of one of Dr Tay's fans.

It was a fabulous dinner because I got to meet many interesting foodies and tasted some great dishes. Good food, good company. Best of all, was meeting Dr Tay himself - very nice chap, funny and good-looking. hahaha.... I bet the next makan session would be so laku (popular) that people have to ballot for a place.

It was a 9-course dinner. Each person paid S$30 for it. Personally, I would go back for its Jingdu Pork Ribs, Specially Homemade Tofu, Thai-sauce Fish and Dog Stew Duck. Oh, don't scream murder! There was no dog meat in that dish. It's just a name.

Mr Chia of Butcher House was the special guest. He rushed to the restaurant after work to treat us to his specially made Wagyu beef sausages (not on sale yet). And gave every one a pair of his popular sausages. Dr Tay and some foodies raved so much about Butcher House that I have to go get myself some sausages soon...........


  1. Wow..!! so envy..!! i read Dr Tay's blog too.. ;) When i come home for holiday.. i was gonna make it a point to meet up with him too... to makan lah.. not anything else. Oh.. but also to have him check chloe up... ;) You know lah.. the doctors here.. so .. Uhhhh.. lazy one.. chloe didn't get very much attention from her family doctor. .and then he left for Toronto. The new one.. aiyoh..!! say my chloe very stubborn.. just after meeting her for 2mins.. and because she started crying.. because he is a stranger..! so can die or not..??

  2. wah! 7 early 8 early got customer liao. Dr Tay must give me commission for advertising for him. hehehe.....

    So you see, eastcoastlife blog brings you business and traffic. Anyone else needs markerting?

  3. hye there... just visiting ut blog... nice indeed!! :D.. btw, im from Kuala Lumpur..

  4. Aiyo, u just recovered can eat until like this meh???

  5. miss loi ah,
    Dun worry, I din eat much la! Anyway, not enuf to go around too becos of big-eaters... hahaha....

  6. Hi Captain Picard
    Thanks for visiting on a weekend too! :)

  7. This is so happening! The food looks good too.

    Chris cares about you so I think he thinks that it is worth his time tagging along with you.

    Afterall, if he doesn't mingle with SM Goh, SM Goh may not even recall so ten years later. But I am sure Eastcoastlife will remember for quite a long time (or forever) that Chris cares to find time to go with you to the makan session.

    How Chris' talk today at the library? But I suppose if you could, you would be there cheering for him this afternoon?

  8. Waaaaa... caught my eye at Dog stew duck.... Dunno why.. Guess the name's pretty eye-catching!

  9. oceanskies,
    hehehe.... you will make a better wife than I.

    My post on the NeuroVision Talk is up. I was there! :)

  10. right hor, LB!
    Soooo sedap! Heard that it actually has dog meat in it, but in Singapore dog meat is banned, so changed to duck.

  11. I just read your post on the NeuroVision Talk. Thanks.

    ???How did you end up talking about me making a better wife, out of nowhere??

    Anyway, sending you get-well messages. Heal well.

  12. oceanskies,
    You are so kind as to make excuses for the guy. pssst.... Chris is actually spying on me la. He is getting paranoid over my blogging frenz and the stories he has been reading on my blog. hehehe..... you think he so guai?

  13. Aiya, if you know that he is spying on you, Eastcoastlife, why would you even be bold enough to write all that you have written? *Wink*

  14. oceanskies,
    This is to let him know - I know what's up his sleeves mah!



  15. Wow, can't believe you actually got the report up on the night itself!! Thanks for coming and I am glad you enjoyed it! So you are a trekkie too? I have watched all the episodes of TOS, Next Gen, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise plus all the movies at least twice.

  16. heh heh.... hiong leh!

    This type of event must be fast ma! Hot off the net. It's all about traffic, man!

    Great event la! Organise another one.

  17. Hungry leh! Join the makan club must pay money or not? Got criteria or not? Maybe I can join when I am bac in Sg...hee hee...

  18. tigerfish,
    ok.... criteria for joining:

    must be good-looking,
    age not over 40,
    own a top-ranking blog
    pay for eastcoastlife's makan....

    Well.... if you grease my palm, can overlook those listed.... hahaha....

  19. Woah, the food looked good. Now I'm kicking myself for now going argh!!!

  20. hahaha....hi yummie dummies,
    the food not only looked good, it tasted good! Most important was the company - with great company, the food tastes better!

    Hope to see you next round!

  21. sounds so interesting.
    next time you register for such things, let us know in advance!!

  22. keropokman
    want to follow me? or spy me? My hubby send you ah? hahaha...

    ok, I'll announce anything tat I participate in....k?

  23. Are you sure about the dog? ;) What a funny name? Wonder what the history behind that one is?

  24. hahaha... SA,
    It's definitely not dog meat!

    Will check it up for you. I want to know the history too.

  25. hmmmm your hubby has been asking pple to spy on you ah? LOL...