Friday, March 23, 2007

PowerVision by NeuroVision

Our shop is the authorised treatment centre for NeuroVision's products.

So far, we have seen quite a number of success cases with our patients. Today our patient, Daniel Tan, who has the greatest improvement,

from Right Eye -4.75 and Left Eye -5.50,
to Right Eye -3.75 and Left Eye -4.50

is asked to make a testimony on tape. I was there to watch the filming. His vision was under corrected by 1.00 Diopter (100 degrees) after 10 sessions of Mid-Myopia Treatments by 28th October 2006. He enrolled for the program on 30th September 2006. On 23rd November 2006, he had to change his spectacles. Prescription was undercorrected by -0.75 Diopters.

On 15th December 2006, after 2.5 months of treatments, with the same pair of new spectacles (under corrected by 0.75 Diopters), Daniel has a Visual Activity of 6/4.8-2 (better than a normal person's visual activity of 6/6).

Daniel is 25 years old and a Private Banker with a Big-four Bank in Singapore. He searched the internet for information on his Myopia problem and found Neurovision in August 2006. He just wanted to have his myopia kept below -5.00 (500 degrees) and he achieved it with the help of NeuroVision and Christopher.

Daniel is very happy with the progress and this has made the whole NeuroVision team and Christopher very excited and raring to go.
Christopher will be giving a talk on 'How to improve vision for the Young & Old' at Woodlands Regional Library on 1st April 2007 at 2pm.

In case you want to consult Christopher Tan on this NeuroVision program, please call
Tel : 6337 3470 for an appointment or email

Fan Mei Yeen Optometrist Pte Ltd
1 Coleman Street #02-35 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803

Note : Christopher will answer queries on this post too.


  1. Man. I could use something like that. No surgery?

  2. oceanskies,
    Thanks. It would help Chris very much.

  3. SA,
    No surgery. It's amazing! I'm going to use it after my return from another China trip. Yes, going away again.

  4. I wonder if its one of the following?

    1) This black plastic spectacles with lots of tiny little holes that you are supposed to wear that will train your eye sight to be better?

    2) A series of exercises like palming, focusing on an eyechart and imagining that the words get clearer, and training your eye to see better?

  5. 1) No.

    2) No.

    Stop by our shop and let Chris show you.

    This program is designed by a scientist who's now in Singapore. Now his research is funded by our Government. Dun play play!

  6. I am one serious myopic, reading your post leh! Left eye and right eye both more than 800deg, each eye! How?

  7. Eh Jayne, I thought you said Chris will answer? You overruled again ah? Hahaha.

    But seriously, my 2 sons have high myopia. Both boys have close to 10 dioptres in both eyes plus astig. (Too bad lor, Vivian B said daddy passed them bad genes what.) They got their specs and RGP contacts from the Vice-president of the Singapore Optometrists Asscociation (you should know who). At one time he was promoting the Ortho-K (but my sons were "too powerful" already). Wonder what happened to that treatment?

  8. Dear Tigerfish

    Your px is only considered mid- myopia, As long as it does not progress, no problem. To retard any myopia progression, use Rigid Gas Permeable (Hard) contact lens. Reduce near work or provide breaks (every 20 mins)in between.

    Neurovision can help you to adapt to a px lower by 100 degree, also help in retarding progression.

    Christopher Tan
    Fan Mei Yeen Optometrist

  9. Dear Victor
    Yr children are actually under the good hands of Dr Vivien B.

    Yr younger boy if he is over
    -10.00 Diopter each eye, and still progressing, and using RGP lens still not retarding it, I advice, the next visit to Dr Vivien B, ask him about Atropine Treatment, he is one of the believer.

    Personally, I do not agree in Ortho-K lens, and even the Guru of Ortho-K, during one of the international conference, when asked by one local ophthalmologist, mentioned that he does not fit it on children.

    Christopher Tan
    Fan Mei Yeen Optometrist

  10. (Typical Singaporean question)
    Expensive or not?

    I'm 4.25 each eye, no astig

  11. Chris, thank you for your answer. My elder son 15, has been wearing RGP for about 3-4 years now and his myopia progression is well-controlled, hence RGP is effective for him. When he was in primary school, he was on atropine treatment before for 1-2 years. He was consulting the late Prof Chew and then Dr Yvonne Ling of SNEC then. Atropine seemed to be effective for him too but my wife was quite sceptical of the side-effects of the drug (dilated pupils and possible psychological effects). Hence we discontinued with the treatment and put him on RGP lenses.

    Dr Vivian saw my younger son (now 10) only once or twice some 8 years ago for possible ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) because he was born quite premature (at slightly over 27 weeks). Thank God that he turned out quite okay, except for the high myopia.

    My younger son was also on RGP at the beginning of last year but he stopped wearing it after one or 2 months, more because of laziness. At the end of last year, we discovered that his power increased by a scary -0.15 dioptre. So now he is back on RGP again. However, we have to keep motivating him to wear it. Still don't know whether RGP is effective in controlling his myopia progression or not.

  12. Hi fida
    You may not need any treatment from Neurovision, except you may need to control near work to retard any myopia progression.

    For readers of eastcoastlife's blog, special discount will be given, you may email me or phone me at my practice.

    Christopher Tan

  13. Hi Victor

    Kudos for taking good care of your children's eyesight.

    Yes, Atropine Binocular Therapy is very effective, but due to some side effects, we reserve it for the serious myopic cases, those who are not responding to RGP.

    From my personal records, RGP is very effective, provided they must be regularly on it, like six days a week.

    I have one particular patient, who after wearing RGP for one year, has zero progression, but he lay off wearing them for 3 mths, to prepare for 'O' Level exam. Afterwhich, his px increased by 1.00D.

    My youngest RGP patient is a 5 year old girl.

    Christopher Tan

  14. From one Chris to another,

    I din know our vision can be undercorrected. Both my eyes are about 525deg each. Used to wear montly disposable lens for many years. Stopped when my eyes started to get dry. These days, I sometimes wear daily disposable but not often because I never get enough sleep and the eyes would turn red and dry. Would u recommend lasik? Having to wear glasses is such a handicap....

    Ooops sorry.... did I sidetrack from the main topic of NeuroVision? But it never hurts to hear from the professional, right Chris? Hehehe. Thanks a billion!

  15. Hi Chris, are you sure mine is mid-myopic? I'm almost 800-900deg per eye, and I thot 1000deg is considered clinically blindess? And I forgot to add, my astig is very serious...almost 200deg. I tried hard(RGP) lenses before and could not take it. It's SO uncomfortable and painful(dry). I have limited choice for normal contact lenses too, because of astig. :(

  16. Interesting article, thanks. I've been trying to comment on your blog all week, and I have had problems getting it to load. So I have not been ignoring you :)

  17. Chris back to Chris

    With Neurovision,the px can be undercorrected as in the case of Daniel.

    Dry eyes is a great challenge to us, but with Omega3 & 6 supplements, it helps to relieve dry eyes. Systane Eye Drop also helps to relieve the symptoms.

    LASIK, is no no. the same answer to my spouse. How many ophthalmologist/ optometrist or their families, undergo LASIK?

    No problem, you look as handsome if not more than this Chris, with or without glasses. :)

    Christopher Tan

  18. Hi tigerfish

    Yes, we term mid-myopia, even up to -11.00D, as we use to see px like -14.00D or my record -24.00D.

    It is a disadvantage to you that your eyes are too dry to take RGP lens, because it helps to tackle a lot of problems.

    Yes, with astig. of -2.00D, not many lens are available to you. Actually, if you are able to wear soft lens, yr eyes should be able to take RGP, perhaps it's a problem with adapting or fitting.

    For Dry eyes solutions, please refer to my answers to handsome Chris.

    Christopher Tan

  19. Handsome Chris? Yeah... I remember what you said... all Chrises look very good one ... hahaha...

    Omega 3? Fish... I need to eat more fish. But that monkey in our midst takes alot of fish. But his eye-sight is really bad leh. I guess his problem is inborn. Heheh.

    Chris, thanks a lot for your information. I sure know where to look up if I ever want my eyesight undercorrected.

  20. Hi Chris (Tan), not sure if my eyes are dry to take those hard lenses...but I always feel there's something in my eye when I put on hard lenses (unlike soft nothing in the eye)...I tried it for some time (the hard lenses) but could never get use to it. So, in the end, I gave up. Most of the times in glasses now (which I find the most comfortable), then contact lenses just for emergency cases...:D

    I thought LASIK is so common nowadays. But I never consider doing it because I'm just skeptical of some operation that will go on in my eye. A mistake, then I will become blind. I may be just paranoid but Only the paranoid survive.

    Funny, when I visited an optometrist(rather, just a person behind the counter?) in Parkway Parade to prescribe my glasses, he actually asked why I don't do LASIK. Because prescribing my glasses can be so expensive (with the degree, and astig, I need those super thin specially-made glasses)...he said doing LASIK more worth than prescribing my glasses (which sometimes cost more than $500!)

    Thanks for your advice, anyway. Appreciate it.

  21. Hi tigerfish

    There are tests that can be conducted to check for dry eyes. Two classification of dry eyes: the quantity & the amount of tears; and the other common one, the quality or the tears has poor vercosity.

    Only when you see eastcoastlife go for LASIK, then you can follow. I have attended to many patients who have many problems after having done LASIK.

    Let me take a look, I will try to resolve your problem.

    Christopher Tan

  22. Hmm am i getting old? My degrees have gone down .5 I think the last time I checked my eyes.

    I did not do anything, but I read in some Bates book that to sleep in total darkness helps eyes relax. So I started doing that.

    Is this true? This topic is so interesting that I usually do not leave comments here, but I am doing now. :-)

  23. Hi keropok man

    Thanks for your visits. William Bates has written his books a few decades ago, I have conducted some research with a college lecturer many years back, but doesn't get any result.

    As for the theory of sleeping in darkness for the eyes to have complete relaxation, I am not sure if this would help to reduce our px.

    I have not come across any studies or research by our profession on that, with positive result.

    When we reached certain age, there are traces of hyperopic shift, that is people gets less myopic or more hyperopic.

    Christopher Tan

  24. Hi friends

    NeuroVision has different therapy for different conditions of the eyes.

    They are:
    i)for anyone who has Rx of -1.50D and below; to train their eyes to be able to see distant objects without glasses.
    ii)for amblyopic px; it helps to reactivate their "lazy eyes", it even work for adults
    iii)presbyopic px in early stage; it helps to delay the need to use reading glasses.
    iv)post LASIK px; to improve their loss in contrast sensitivity,especially night vision, and help to see better for low myopic residue.
    v)for mid myopia; to able to see distant objects with lower px, it helps in reading and reduces accommodation.

    Currently, research are still ongoing, in extending therapy to other eyes conditions, like macular degeneration

    Christopher Tan

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  26. Wow, this is amazing. Something I would definitely try but how long before improvement is noticeable?
    The downside is I am in UK. :(


  27. Hi Judy

    As in Daniel Tan's case, after 10 sessions, we saw very significant improvement.

    Maybe, you could email me your location or address in UK, I will check with NeuroVision HQ, if there is a practice in UK which you may consult.

    Christopher Tan