Saturday, March 24, 2007

From Singapore to Hong Kong to Shenzhen(27/2/07)

Chris sent me to the airport early in the morning. I took Cathay Pacific Airlines to Hong Kong. I like their seats. And they serve ice-cream with the meals. Cool.

I took the ferry from Hong Kong Airport to Shekou (蛇口). Yes! Direct from Hong Kong Airport. So many travellers can bypass HK to Shenzhen liao. I used to go to Shenzhen through Luohu. It is so crowded and chaotic there. And you have to drag your luggage along an overhead bridge teeming with day-trippers from Hong Kong and China. Yucks.

It costs HK$200 (S$40) a ticket. You can also go to Macau and Zhuhai from the airport. And the beautiful thing is, you don't have to collect your luggage and check it in again.

They take care of that, but that day the computer broke down, so we had to wait for them to manually check and load the luggage for transfer to the ferry. We waited more than an hour to board the bus to the terminal. Many passengers got fed-up with the waiting and scolded the staff. I arrived at Shekou Ferry terminal but my luggage was delayed 2 hours! It took me 10 hours from Singapore to finally check-in my hotel in Shenzhen. I was so tired. but had to quickly wash up and meet my business associates for dinner.

Oh, a special mention of Shekou. I discovered many Americans, Europeans, Indians, Taiwanese, Koreans, Japanese....etc at the ferry terminal. I was told there are many foreign companies in Shekou so there is a huge population of foreigners. As I passed through the town, I saw many foreigners, beautiful high-rise apartments and great amenities. There's an International school too. hmmm.......


  1. I was there in Shenzhen a couple of years ago... It's a very special place to me..

  2. That sounds cool. But international school or no, me missus is dead set on the kids finishing school here. So I have five years to wait before I can consider an Asian move. :S

  3. mamabok,
    The trip was made a few weeks ago.... :)

  4. aahhh LB,
    You have a story to tell? Why is it special to you? Involves a girl?

  5. SA,
    Right, the kids' education is more important! Asia is a very exciting place. It's a good place to travel & retire.

  6. I've never been to Shenzhen or any part of China. But in the 80s, I made a trip to HK. I wasn't impressed. The people were downright rude. But I head HK has undergone a tremedous transformation. The Hongkongers have apparently wised up to the importance of having a world-class service standard to attract the tourist money. I heard they are very courteous, putting us Singaporeans to shame. Is it true, Jayne?

  7. My first trip to HK was in 1993. They were so rude. If you walked in to take a look or even dare to finger their goods without buying, before you stepped out of their shop, they would say,"No money don't try to shop la! Touch and don't buy, so miser!"

    Since 2000, the situation has improved ...just a little. There are still some rude service staff in restaurants and retail outlets, but overall I have a good experience. I don't know if there is a difference in service between the types of shops. I shop in high-end shops (with clients, so cannot go cheap outlets :( )

    But I notice they are more courteous to the mainland tourists who HongKongers look down upon as the poor hillbillies. My mainland clients carry large stash of cash and pay thousands of US dollars for designer goods without batting an eyelash! Singapore needs them!!!

  8. Sounds like I shd make a trip to HK soon :D ...not much impression of HK...except for food (yummilicious roasted pigeon/quail...and noodles)...went there when I was like 10yrs-old(forgot when liow!). Have not been to ShenZhen..only know they sell as good as real imitation goods(bags and watches).

    How come Shekou so many foreigners? Go there and 吃蛇 arh? Kekekekek....

  9. wah, when you 10 yrs ago.... so loooong ago leh! Must make another trip la! Food is good but China is better & cheap!

    Imitation handbags look like the real thing, but for what? Cannot bring to Europe. Either you don't buy or buy the real thing.

    They go there to 叫鸡, 喝二奶汤, 放生小鸟!hahaha.....

  10. When I'm bac in Sg, then I go visit HK, China etc...nearer mah!
    I dunno abt those imitation bags leh...I juz heard tt from many pple abt Shenzhen especially.

    Not 叫鸭 meh?

  11. cool trip hot mama! bummer that the computers broke down sheesh technology can't live with it or without it!

    much love!

  12. I have been to Shenzhen a few years ago, and I agree totally with you that it was chaotic and crowded at Luohu.

    In the end, I decided to take a bus from Shenzhen's main city to Hong Kong's airport instead of going through Luohu. Even then, I was not spared from having to collect my luggage and checking in again. But at least, I had less crowd to deal with.

  13. Take care please. And hope your hand is healing well.

  14. Hi jean-luc picard,
    The trip was half happiness and half suffering! Read on.

  15. Hi hot Tisha!
    Glad you are back! Yup, totally agree with you that I can't live without technology now!hehe.....

  16. oceanskies,
    Whether you take the bus or go through Luohu, it is just as troublesome. The ferry was without fault. I'll try flying direct to Shenzhen next.

    Hand's healing too slow. arrrgghh....

  17. Take good care of yourself. Do you have an assistant to go with you and help you with the carrying of your luggage for your upcoming trip?