Sunday, March 25, 2007

My cup runneth over (28/2/07)

It was still Lunar New Year. Many of my China students' parents were informed of my arrival. A few flew in from Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai and Chongqing to visit me. And a couple drove 5 hours from their town just to buy me dinner, then they have to drive back on that very night. They wanted to thank me for what I did for their child. I was so touched.

I was given many local products from their home towns but was still pleasantly surprised to receive big angpows from them. The biggest angpow contained 10,000 renminbi(S$2000)! Shocked & shiok! hahaha....

Many of these parents I was meeting them for the first time. They are so warm. They have heard about me from their children. Because I took care of their kids in Singapore, now they are repaying my kindness. Gee, I didn't expect such 'tremendous volume' of kindness!

I was treated to dinners of sharksfin, abalone and bird's nest which can cost 3000 renminbi(S$600) a table for 4! A couple of parents insisted I have to go back with them and proceeded to call their secretaries to book airtickets for me. I have to turn them down because I have business to conduct in Shenzhen.

For the next few days & nights, my business associates have to compete with these parents for my attention. I have visitors every hour of the day and my room door was left open most of the time. It was quite noisy but it pays to be staying on the Executive Level. And other Chinese guests staying on the same level came to know about me and brought in some more business. :)

And I have these parents to thank for when something horrible happened to me a few days later......


  1. OMG, I can only wait until tomorrow to find out what horrible thing, but wah, not bad, huh, getting such huge angpows?! Or were there ulterior motives behind such gifts? Hmmm...

  2. They have no ulterior motives la! Read too much of my TVB drama... hahaha... These are very good people. Same as in Singapore, there are very good people and the shitty people!

  3. Shocked and Shiok huh? Wahahaha!

    Looks like you've had a good trip and I don't know what I can comment. I just can't wait to read more.

  4. Must learn your trade too ah....
    I remember when I had to take care of 200 students from China to Canterbury years ago...and well, it's hectic, but worth the trouble, cos the locals and police hated us.

    Lucky I got some 'powers'


  5. There you go disturbing my sleep again. And every waking moment for that matter. As I so want to know what could mar the wonderful trip you have written about.

  6. They feed you too much lah! No wonder you keep saying you need to 减肥!
    What is the most memorable local product you ever received?
    Not a real hen/chicken (I watched too much TVB dramas!), I a brown paper bag...hahahha

    The shekou ferry terminal look like S'pore's The Oriental hotel hor?

  7. You were a TVB script writer before izit? Always the episode ends just before the revelation :)

  8. I sense that those parents are very appreciative of the effort and care that you have put in for their children.

    I am sure no matter how they show their appreciation, you feel deeply satisfied at the end of the day to have contributed to the development of those children.