Monday, March 26, 2007

A Peranakan Night at Katong Community Centre

Chris and I attended the Peranakan Night function organised by Mountbatten CCMC at Katong Community Centre. It was to introduce some Peranakan culture into our constituency. At the same time, they are also hoping to associate Mountbatten as a place of Peranakan heritage.

Mr Andy Gan made a special guest appearance with his wife. MP Lim Biow Chuan, dressed in a striking blue Batik shirt (heard he just bought it hours before the event :D), arrived with his missus.

The guest-of-honour took a tour through the stalls. Kim Choo Ba Chang took a stall selling Nonya dumplings and snacks. There was a staff to show us how to tie the dumplings. There are stalls selling the traditional Peranakan outfits, beaded slippers and Peranakan souvenirs.

The party kicked off with an introduction to the Peranakan culture & tradition. There was a Perankan skit from The Main Wayang Group. And then a 20-minute marathon of Nonya songs & dance. Many people sang to the songs. It was greatly enjoyed by all present. Guests were invited to dance the Peranankan dance. Chris was invited to the dance floor and even got a hug from the Nonya lady at the end! Hey!

Some popular Nonya dishes were served. There was Fish Maw & Chicken Balls soup, Otak, Laksa, Ayam Buah Keluak (Chicken with Indonesian Candle Nuts) and Assam Fish. Nonya desserts include colourful cakes and sweet, sticky delicacies.

We were seated with Professor Patrick Loh, Michael, Lily and Ronnie. These are the Chairmen of various Grassroot & Residents Committees. We have a lovely time. Apologies for the rukus we caused. :)

MP Lim stopped by our table to say hello and the first thing he said when he saw me was," Why aren't you dressed?"

In mock horror, I covered my chest with both hands. I wasn't so bold as to go nude, ok. For readers' information, I was dressed, in a simple embroidered blouse and white pants. Luckily I wasn't dressed in Peranakan attire or else I would be voted 'The Best Dressed Nonya'. Must give face to the organising committee ma!

MP Lim gabra liao. Every time he sees me, he's at a loss for words. hahaha.... and he's a lawyer. I would like to believe that I'm too dazzling. hahaha.... actually too cheeky for him! Joking ha..... don't sue me! hahaha..........


My Mom wrote this last night but didn't post it because she wanted to check up some information first before she did. ----Jaymes


  1. I followed your links, but still not sure what Peranakan means. Is it term used to describe the early Chinese community in Singapore or is it borough or ward in the city?

    And is Nonya another term for Chinese? I have seen term this pop up now and again.

  2. You should have replied him... I ain't dressed because you're too hot! wahahaha!

    But is Mountbatten really the old holding ground for Peranakans? Or is it just an identity they want for Mountbatten?