Monday, March 26, 2007

God, not now!

I noticed some mosquito bites on both my arms and legs. The hot weather has caused the mosquitoes to breed fast. I got a bad feeling about this. Yeah, I'm probably paranoid but I have been very careful in taking precautions at home. And I avoided going to mosquito-infested places. How did this happen?

On Friday, I found some bruises on both my arms. They just appeared out of nowhere. They didn't look like bruises from knocks. I showed Chris, he advised me to see a doctor.

By Sunday morning, I was feeling giddy. I couldn't meet my student who was in town visiting. Chris & Jaymes went on my behalf. I slept in most of the day.

I attended the Peranakan Night with Chris and when I reached home, at 10.25pm, I was having a fever, 38.3 degree Celsius. I took 2 Panadols. I couldn't sleep so I updated my blog posts. Before I went to bed at 3.35 am, my fever was 39 degrees. I took another 2 Panadols.

I was awokened by a sharp pain in my stomach at 7 am. Before I could rush to the bathroom, I threw out. It was bad, real bad. Chris and Tun helped me to clean up. I was shocked to see ugly, red marks all over my body. My body temperature was 39.4. Chris decided that I have to go to the hospital.........

Oh God, not now, give me a little more time.


My Mom was warded this morning for observation. We are awaiting her blood test results. I'll be updating her blog on her behalf.


  1. Don't worry too much Jaymes. Your mom is strong and will be fine and back to her sprightly self in no time!

    P.S. It's extremely sweet of you to help your mom update her blog.

  2. Oh s**t, how did that happen! Thanks for updating her blog for her, Jaymes! I hope she gets well soon! This sounds scary!

  3. Oh my..!! i hope your mom is alright..!! she is in my thoughts and prayer. Please send my regards to her.. and tell her i said.. speedy recovery.

  4. Hi Jaymes... Sorry to hear that your mom has to go thru a rough time .. Hope she gets well very soon..

  5. Thanks Jaymes for the update. Hope your mom recovers soon. She is in my prayers.

  6. Oh dear, what has happened?? Hope she gets well soon!

  7. ECL,
    I'll pray for your fast recovery.

    You're doing a cool job updating your mum's readers. She will be just fine.

  8. Sounds like dengue. But the worst is probably over. Hope you get well soon!

  9. Thanks for the update, Jaymes. Please do update us via your mom's blog. I hope she gets well soon.

    hugs and warm wishes

  10. Jaymes, I wish your mom a speedy recovery.

  11. Jaymes, please tell her that "Bunny Beth" is keeping good thoughts for her. She's a strong lady! I hope you and Chris are getting some rest.

  12. darn but I hate skeeters. I found 2 dead crows by the bird feeder today. So soon after the snow melts. Usually it means west nile virus is active. will be a bad season this year.

    The red area looks bad. Hope your mom gets better soon.

  13. Get well soon, ECL.

    I will be praying for your recovery.

  14. Thanks to all for your prayers and good-wishes, my Mom will be happy to hear these. I hope she would read them by herself soon.

    From the bottom of our hearts, my Dad and I thank you.

    My Mom wanted to shut down her blog but Dad and I feel we have to keep on publishing her stories. She has over 50 posts in drafts.

    Mom spends a lot of time writing these days. And she puts in effort & spends a lot of time on this blog. When she does something, she always want to do her best. And she never leaves things half-done.

    I am Jaymes, I'm proud to be the son of eastcoastlife.

  15. EastCoastLife,
    I had been away during the weekend, and just saw this post.
    I really hope that u r recovering by now. I am still waiting eagerly for your next party. Get well soon and i volunteer to help out in preparing those pohpiah can??
    I might not know u in person, but I can sense ur strong determination and ur goodwill thru all ur writings n stories shared.
    I trust God will lead u thru this. Update us on ur situation soonest, k??

    wif luv,

  16. You should be proud Jaymes. Thanks for helping your mom out. She is a wonderful woman.

  17. Hi Jaymes, hope your mum recovers fast. Do send mine and Paddy's regards to her and update us when you have more information, okie?

    Take great care!

    Paddy and Izel

  18. hope she gets well soon! Do update us... thanks...

  19. Jaymes: Thank you for updating your mom's blog on her behalf.

    Eastcoastlife: May you get well soon.

  20. My prayers are with your mum. Wishing her a speedy recovery. She must be very proud to have a son like you.