Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Decision of my life time

I changed a few jobs after resigning from civil service. There were another two civil service posts and then I went into the private sector. The civil service was really a place not for humans. I think nothing has changed much.

Imagine losers making decisions for the citizens. Oh, I have a ton of complaints against civil servants over the years. And if you think it is a transparent and fair organisation, you must be living on another planet.

I fell in love at age 21 with a man almost a decade older than me. It was over in a year when he chose to marry a wealthy girl over me. I was devastated and bitter for a month. Then one day, I made up my mind to build my own wealth.

I boldly applied for a trainer post in an MNC even when I didn't have the required qualifications. Imagine my surprise when I was called up for an interview with the boss herself. Yes. A lady boss. She wanted to see this 'bold-girl who doesn't know her limits'.

She was so impressed with me that she asked me to start work the next day! I received a good salary and great benefits!

I worked really hard for my boss. I took on many responsibilities and was putting in long hours. My pay did a triple-jump. I was promoted to Training Manager within a year. A post offered only to graduates. I received many gifts from Boss and her high-value clients. I got to know many wealthy people.

Twice I could have a life of luxury if I had nodded my head. The post of Mistress didn't sit well with me. And my parents didn't teach me to take short-cuts. They worked hard to bring us up. They may not be very articulate when it comes to professing their love, but they show with their actions daily. Good things don't drop on your lap.

I met many guys in my course of work. Chris was one of them. Actually I met him earlier but he didn't make his move until 2 years later when I got this job. He didn't know I had a steady boyfriend before. haha.... now he knows liao.

There were many suitors but I didn't have the time to go dating. I was only interested in my work. I realised this wasn't what I want. It would take me years to be rich. So I signed up for a course and had to study full-time for 6 months. I quit my job to do it and my boss was furious. She felt that I was ungrateful and had left her in a lurch. But we made up later when I brought my 3-month old baby son to see her.

During the 6 months of study, Chris would often send me to school. He would also buy me breakfast or lunch. We would watch a movie once a week. It wasn't anything like the romantic type of love I was expecting. sigh..........

Upon graduating from my course, Chris and I were seeing each other more often. My parents and Grandma like him very much. Especially my Mom, she practically shoved me to him. She was the one who convinced me that he was the right one for me. He was gentle and loving, easily manipulated. hahaha...........

I was not about to play any more love-chasing games. It was like, better get it over and done with and concentrate on the more important thing, so I married Chris. So romantic huh.

Not long after, I got pregnant and had to rest for almost a year because I was having severe morning-sickness. When Jaymes was one-month old, I went into teaching and went back to giving tuition again.

The break came when I had many foreign students who came to me for tuition through word-of-mouth. I then became an agent for foreign students. My business in education begun in September 1992.


  1. What a go getter! No one can say you don't have energy and spunk. Shoot! Well done.

    Interesting series of events to lead you to your business. :)

  2. What a great story. More! More!

  3. A loyal companion who buys you breakfast or lunch and sends you frequently to school.

    Such practical and direct demonstrations of love can be romantic in its own way.

    Hey, you know, my dear double bass husband can never do all those that your lovely husband would do leh. *winks*

    I sense that your husband has a mind of his own and can't be easily manipulated leh. I think he is simply expressing his love for you, right?

  4. Such are the temptations of quick cash, all at an intagible price to pay in return.

    Truly enjoyed reading this blog again and again. The learning just doesn't stop.

  5. SA,
    I met many people on my career journey. Some helped me, some tripped me and there were some who kicked me even when I'm down. I do not cower from such incidence. I'm always prepared to fight. And fight like Hell I will.

  6. Hi Bunny Beth!
    Glad you enjoy my life story. There are more coming right up! hehe........

  7. oceanskies,
    Time to find a man to love lor! Huggng your double-bass and a man is very different leh!

    My hubby is a righteous and simple man. The problem is : I know him inside out, so very easy to manipulate him. hahaha.....

    I'll teach you the skill when you have a boyfriend. *wink*

  8. endoh taiki,
    Thanks for your support. I truly appreciate your friendship.

  9. Good to hear a story of integrity and hard-work.

    PErhaps I'm jsut kaypoh.. but this inspires. Thanks.

  10. Are you back in Singapore? Whatever it is, wish you good health. You have to work for good health yourself too, then my wish for you will come true. could I find a man who will be willing to accept that the double bass will be my topmost priority?

    Oh, I have a boyfriend if you were to read my blog. It is the double bass that I play at the orchestra. You saw him before on 10 Jan 2007 when you went for the concert. He is awfully huggable.

  11. Dr Chan,
    Hi! Nice to 'see' you again! And thanks for being kaypoh, hehehe....

  12. oceanskies arh!
    I'm back in Singapore!!!!

    A Man and a double bass where got compare wan? Get a man. My advice orh!

  13. Welcome back. Hmmmm, how to find man of very good substance in Singapore?

    My expectations are high: He must make a point to attend all the concerts that I play in, he should be willing to go to museums with me, he needs to give me lots of space, be kind and compassionate, and sensitive to my feelings, etc....

  14. Anyway, I hope you won't mind me linking to a number of your recent posts. I think these posts are insightful to be shared.

  15. oceanskies,
    wah, your man quite difficult to find leh! But I'll keep a look out for one.

    I'm glad my posts are good enough to be shared with your readers. Thanks.

  16. Oh, then I have to thank you first for helping me keep a look out. I am sorry that my heart and mind is so focused in mastering the double bass that I seem to have only eyes for the double bass now. *winks*

    I shall find a time to treat you to some chocolates at Esplanade after I am done with the upcoming concert. I've checked out the beef kway tiao at Purvis St and I think you might prefer the Max Brenner at Esplanade.

    Thanks for allowing me to link to your posts. I think my readers will enjoy learning from you. At least I do. :)

  17. Ah PY,
    That's very kind of you, to invite me for some chocolates. I shall be happy to take up your offer. hehe....

    I'm just a small fry among the sharks. I'm happy to share my experiences with you.

  18. I just saw the photo. wow, so pretty.

    I love listening. There are a lot to learn from others.

  19. ya, just found these photos while rummaging through the pile for the photos of my villians.

    I had a good laugh because I looked so goofy. hahaha....