Tuesday, March 06, 2007

B****** civil servants

My first job was in a government statutory board. I was the few females working in the department and the youngest, aged 19 . Our Head of Department was a 50-year-old bald bachelor. Everybody was frightened of him because he liked to scold them over small matters. But he was seldom mad at me. Also because I was just a small fry and wasn't assigned important tasks.

In order to save money, I packed my own lunch to work. It was just some simple vegetables and an egg. It went on for a few months until one day Baldie saw my lunch. Then he started to buy me packed lunch occasionally. And he started to speak to me often.

Because he seldom threw his temper at me, the other colleagues would make me go to his office often to hand in their reports or sign the documents. That gave Baldie a lot of chances to speak to me. I became less frightened of him and began to joke with him sometimes.

One afternoon, after lunch, he called me to his office and asked me to accompany him to another site office after work to bring some stuff back. He would pick me up at 6pm, at a building quite some distance away from ours. Not suspecting anything, I agreed.

We went to this office in Queenstown and everyone in that office had left. There were only the two of us. I followed him into his office and once inside, he suddenly turned and hugged me. I nearly jumped out of my skin and struggled to push him away. I was very frightened because the whole place was deserted and the doors were locked.

Baldie told me not to be afraid and if I obeyed him, I would be assured of a promotion and higher pay. It was an 'abnormal' thing to me. Although young and ignorant at that time, I knew it was wrong. I started to cry (How you know I pretended? So smart.) and he got panicked. So he let me off with a warning not to tell anyone.

In the following days and weeks, I was on tenderhooks every time I had to go to his room. He pretended nothing happened and continued to speak and joke with me. I became more wary of him. Then he started to 'move hand move leg' (touch me 动手动脚).

And there was this married colleague in his 40's who was trying to persuade me to lose my virginity. (Idiot!) He would come sit next to me in the afternoons and boast about his sexual adventures. Then he would try to entice me to sleep with him. I just imagined a pig grunting to me. I kept silent and did my work.

These people thought that a low-ranked staff can be easily bullied or manipulated. Nowadays if any man dare to harass me with his sexual details, I'll crushed his balls and tie his dick into a knot. (spoken with much vehemence)

I didn't dare tell anyone and I was afraid nobody would believe me. I was only a poor and low-ranked staff. In the end, I handed in my resignation.

After 20 years, I saw Baldie at an event again last November. He looked so old now. I hope he is not able to piss standing. As for that married colleague, he got a divorce and was battling with sexual diseases. Stupid cs.


  1. Your life was certainly full of twists and turns - better than any MediaCorp Drama Series! Well, I don't think all public officers are like that and there are certainly many nice ones too.

    At least those early days have toughened you up and made you the woman you are today.

  2. Woa....hang on... A rotten apple does not the whole barrel make .... There are no more leacherous "hamsup loh" in the civil sector then there are in the private sector ... You juz haven't met them yet lor .... or maybe you've missed the boat? wahahah.... Not all CS are stupid one... or hamsup.

    Who asked you to be so beautiful? *wink*

  3. Ah, I see where your prejudices against CS came from. But please, that was 20 years ago. Jisuz.

    Just ask Chris - nowadays if we do that to a colleague and she complains, we will be sacked for sexual harassment. That's for sure.

    So 19 + 20 = 39. Told you my maths is still good, hehe.

  4. Looks like everyone got what they deserved in the end. Glad you escaped with your virginity and your desire to live.

  5. I have heard about similar stories from a few of my clients.

    Good that your street-smart skills help you get away. Aiya, such skills are skills I need to polish up on.

  6. Wow! You have had your share of A**holes in your life. You have learned and are stronger for it. You are admired by all of us who read your posts.

  7. You go where also see "big bag coloured wolf" hor? I've been packing lunch since I started working. You've got better food than me. I only have peanut butter with loti leh ;p

  8. Free Flings = Free Sex = Free STDs

    I just wondered why some smart alex sitting up on the board actually failed to realise the last part of the equation. Maybe they weren't taught in school... *oops*

  9. I thot CS's only have the KS-syndrome. Didn't know they also had the HS (humsup) syndrome ... but wait a minute, isn't Victor a CS? (My apologies to the non-Singaporeans for the confusing lingo.)

  10. I like de idea of crushing balls and tying dick into a knot :) maybe deep fry them even better.

  11. cool insider!
    I believe I should sell my life story to MediaCorp. hahaha....

    I know there are many nice civil servants out there too. I have met some personally. I just hope that as civil servants, they should know that they not only serve the citizens but are representing the government of our country. To want Singapore to stay afloat and progress should not just be their priority, they should have a human side in their dealings with the ordinary folks.

  12. hahaha Chris....
    No need to get so worked up la! Human nature for guys to be humsup, right? Now, for me, I can handle all the 'humsup lohs' anytime!

    Being beautiful is a stupid reason to be sexually harassed but for the lecherous guys, any woman with a hole is a sex target!

  13. VICTOR!!!!!
    You bloody insensitive idiot! Don't you know a woman's age is a secret and highly sensitive! Basket. Is my age so important? Even if you guess it correct, it won't get you into my pants! Jeezus.

    My prejudices against civil servants come from many encounters I have with them. Be patient, more stories are coming up.

  14. SA,
    yeah! So scary when I think about it! My sympathies are with those girls who didn't manage to escape from such sexual harrassment.

  15. oceanskies dear,
    We hear of such stories every now and then. It is really horrible when you become a victim of such atrocities.

    I think I'm 'experienced' enough to give talks on this topic, huh? hahaha.....

  16. haha teacher Dave!
    It seems I'm like a magnet for such assholes! My Fengshui Master says it is my destiny. sigh.

  17. tigerfish arh,
    so suay to meet such people, you think I like wan meh? But if the guy is good-looking like Kwon Sang Woo, I don't mind. wahahaha.....

    Why you only bring loti with peanut butter for lunch huh? I dun rememeber eating peanut butter when I was young. Wah, is this a new trend for comparing how poor we were when we were young? hahaha...

  18. endoh taiki,
    Not all guys are as conscientious and matured as you. I'm sure you do get frustrated with some of them in the course of your life. hahaha.....

  19. Mr Lam,
    You are not a woman, so that's why you will never encounter a humsup loh in your lifetime lor!

    Victor IS a CS..... OMG!!!!

  20. pinkie!!!
    You are more vicious than me arh? hahahaha.......

  21. And that makes you an insensitive monkey too, haha.

  22. Victor,
    sorry hor! Your Maths is not good leh! I'm over 40 oredi la! How can I be a monkey? yucks.

  23. Here in the USA, we have a newt who needs his dick tied into a knot. When are you coming to the US?


  24. What is hamsup? what is cs?

    Civil servant or c*cksucker?

  25. Hi ECL, first time commenting here (always see you on tigerfish's blog), but I found this so funny cannot don't comment lah!

    I am ashamed to admit that I served a short sentence in the civil service, too - in my very first job out of school, in the Supreme Court. You're right, what a bunch of losers!!!! I only lasted 8 months, can die, right? I was lucky not to have a lecherous boss like your Baldie, but mine was a bloody fossil whose dentures kept sloshing around in his mouth when he talked, gross!

    Haha, like anonymous above, at first I also thought "cs" was for "c*** sucker", haha!

  26. hahaha.... shilpa,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    oh my gosh! I must not use abbreviations or else readers would think I'm so crude.

    ahem.... actually I am crude and the c*** sucker sounds better! muahahaha.....

  27. Haha, ECL, sometimes it's necessary to be crude! Anyway, how to tie his dick into a knot if it's the size of bait?! mwhahahaha x 2