Friday, February 23, 2007

I was jilted! HA HA HA... 再见初恋情人

My father wanted to close his joint account with me and transfer the money into a Fixed Deposit Account. So I brought him to the bank which has extended banking hours. Jaymes tagged along as he was bored at home.

The bank was quite packed after so many days of Chinese New Year holidays. Jaymes managed to find a seat for his grandpa while we waited to be served. My name was called and I went to the counter to collect some forms which have to be filled up.

As I was instructing Jaymes on how to fill up the forms, some one called me.

I looked up and was stunned to recognise a familiar face. I couldn't utter a word. It took almost an eternity before I could managed a feeble 'Hi!' He smiled awkwardly and addressed my Dad who ignored him with a loud 'hng'. Jaymes suddenly greeted him,"Uncle!"

His face showed disbelief, then looked at me and asked,"Your son?"

"Yup!" I replied empathically, a wicked smile formed on my face. I was triumphant.

"I didn't expect your son to be so grown up. How are you?" He tried to hide his uneasiness.

"Can eat, can shit, can sleep - never been better!" Without giving him any chance to ask any more questions, I turned and walked towards the Enquiry counter.

Suddenly I was overcome with emotions. I felt an ache in my heart which started spreading to my jaws. I clenched them tight. My eyes were moist. I tried very hard to keep the tears from tumbling out. I thought I had gotten over the heartache ages ago. But the pain remained. A teller noticed and asked if I'm alright.

"I have a pain in my chest." She quickly brought me to rest in the Bank Manager's office. And asked if I needed a doctor. I told her I needed a rest and asked her to get Jaymes who rushed in. He was clearly concerned and fussed over me.

To cut a long story short, that man was my first love. He wooed me, made me crazy over him and then dumped me to marry a rich, fat girl! The girl's father provided him with capital to start his own business which is doing well today.

I have met his wife at one dinner function. She doesn't know me. He deserved the sow. And his 4 daughters. He must have regrets, seeing me now and my wonderful son. HA HA HA........ yes, I'm wicked. Nothing feels better than to know that you have what the person wanted.

In the evening, Jaymes came up to ask,"Who's that man?"

I was tempted to cook up a his-your-real-Dad tragedy to shock him. But decided against it because if he believed, I would be asking for trouble. So I told him the story.

" What!? 你眼睛帖stamps 啊! (You're blind!) "

I rolled my eyes. Suddenly I hate all monkeys.


  1. Wow, that was a very tough experience. I know the feeling of having your emotions being played over unexpectedly. You deserve a medal to hold up under such an episode. It shows maturity on your part. You are in control of what is happening inside you. I am sure that the hurt and pain and yes, the pleasure that you experieced all at once was something that you do not want to happen again soon. Yet, you learned the lessons that this moment was suppose to teach you. You know, again how blessed you are and what you have to do to avoid causing turmoil in Jaymes life. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh guru Dave,
    The past came rushing back. It hurts so much to see him again.

    I'm just glad I didn't show my weakness in front of that man.

    I so love my son!

  3. hi eastcoastlife,
    You are lucky to be rid of him. A guy who married for money or status is not worth it. I have met jerks of the same character too. It still hurts. But we move on and count our blessings and enjoy what we have for now.

  4. You will have to explain to me some day why it is better to have one son than to have 4 daughters.

  5. Ahhh.. "that" man..! his lost for sure..! we all have "that" man.. that we hope.. will regret.. when we next meet. As for me.. i hope .. "he" is nothing but a miserable .. husband and father.
    Afterall.. he treated me so badly.. cheated on me.. and made used of me.

  6. Oh, I know how you felt. Too bad for him. You're better off without him anyways if he's only looking for money.

  7. brilliant sweetie! you have such a way with words and are just a tad bad every once in a while, love that! Oh and I adore the banner at the end, awesome! mwah mwah mwah!!!

  8. I tot u r gonna talk abotu money... turned to be your chapters on love, as usual. Sigh.... money and relations... there's no hope for the human race. But Jayne, you're holding it well. The jerk doesn't deserve a spunky woman like you lor.

  9. Thanks ammoontie for your consolation. This does make me a stronger person.

  10. To anonymous,
    For the Chinese, they still believe that they need a son to carry on the family name. I know him too well.

    He has 4 daughters, which show that he was hoping for a son. But I believe he has one or two, from his mistresses. hahaha..... that guy is a scum!

  11. mamabok,
    seems like we girls tend to fall for the wrong guy every so often. Most of my girlfriends have one or two stories to share when it comes to 'that' man.

    Of course the guys do have their bad stories about 'that' girl too. Hope they can share their experiences.

  12. ang mo kio,
    You cannot imagine a MAN to do that, right? Well, there are such men and they sure are not embarrassed about it.

    Like they say, 娶个富婆,少奋斗十年!(If a man marries a rich girl, he will struggle less by 10 years!)

  13. Hi jean-luc picard,
    ya, I agree that it was the worst 'investment' he made.

  14. Dear avcr8teur,
    Thanks. I work hard for my own happiness. And I want others who are crying over their lost loves to know that, you can get over the bastards and find happiness for yourselves.

  15. Hi Tisha babe,
    awwww, I'm not all sugar and spice. Sometimes the world needs a badie like me to balance it. haha...
    love you.....

  16. oh Chris,
    I was going to talk about money! But this jerk just turned up! So I have to talk about him to get it off my chest!

  17. Hi Surgeon Chan,
    Nice to 'meet' you! hahaha.... you're humourous.

  18. My bio ain't too good. But I thot sex of child is determined by the father's chromosomes (sigh .. married to bio teacher some more).

    So if this guy hadn't left you (I hate the word 'dump') where you gonna have a 'Jaymes'?


  19. Guess what, yday i also feel the same.. long story.. got time then tell grandma story.. haha

    i understand how u feel.. because yday i cried and felt the heartache..

  20. After seeing you, beautiful as ever, I'm sure sleep evades him till now. I bet the poor guy is bothered and full of regrets. Haha. Cheers!

  21. Mr Lam,
    You are getting more witty by the day!

    I am all the more happier that his Y chromosomes is weaker and he not's ever gonna have a son! muahahaha.....

  22. Oh Elaine!
    Hope you are better. Your bf now is a better guy wat!

  23. Hi Abaniko,
    Thanks for dropping in!

    And yes, I hope he's experiencing all that! :)

  24. Woa... if that's the case, then I must be a "lucky bastard" three times over today! *wink wink* Hee!

  25. Wow, what a day that must have been. But I love the graphic at the end. You go girl, I bet he left that bank thinking of the great woman he stupidly dumped and missed out on! In fact, I bet he dreamed about you that night.

  26. Dariana,
    hahaha.... I'd rather not appear in his dreams.

  27. haha.. sorry, can't help laughing at the last part... Jaymes is so right mannn... and u hate all monkeys suddenly... haha...

    We show them that we can live better without them ya.. tat's the 'revenge'! :)

  28. 失去的不一定是最好的 !
    So treasure what you have.
    You must tell your son stamps too small, cannot cover eyes lah! LOL!

  29. oh btw got something to ask darling - i read ur son's blog, both of u play maple? ME TOO HAHAHAHA which world u guys play in?

    - I left a comment on his blog, he nv reply ley

  30. Hi elaine
    I dunno how to play la, but he's playing in 'delpihiness'. Sorry huh. he din reply becos he cannot use the computer. hahaha.........ruling party monopolies!

  31. aiyo tigerfish,
    dunno why hor, I reply your comment or place comment on your blog recently, not all appear wan eh! So eerie! choi choi.....

    My eyes too small la, dun put stamps also blind lor!

    失去的不一定是最好的 !
    有一点模棱两可嘞!失去我 还是 失去他?

    我失去他时 - 失去的不一定是最好的 !
    他失去我时 - 失去的一定是最好的 !

    哈哈哈 double standard, right?

  32. the evil me will say..."hahahaha, padan muka dia!"

  33. pandanbonium,
    I'm over it now, although I would still need some cheering up. hehe...

  34. wah. you sound so angry in the post. but well said!

  35. hi keropok man,
    Finally get to see you here!


  36. Your son's response is so funny. Amazing the affect an old flame can have on a person. When I was writing one of my 25 Years Ago posts I felt as you. Never knew writing could be physically painful. After writing that I have no desire to look up the girls I knew in Korea. Or anywhere else for that matter.

  37. hahaha.... SA.
    My son couldn't understand what I saw in my ex-boyfriend because he was not good-looking. And now that he looks old :) .....

    I'm experiencing pain every time I write about a painful past. I just feel like quitting but after publishing the posts, it is such a relief! I realised I have these pent-up emotions that need to be released somehow.

    It's quite embarassing to talk about such personal matters. But I felt peace.