Thursday, February 22, 2007


What's the right thing to do in the blogosphere?

Do you respond to each comment you receive?

Do you come back and read if I respond to your comment with my comment?

If I don't post a comment to your comment, is that considered rude?

Should we respond to anonymous comments?

Should we moderate comments?

Give me your views.


  1. Hi, nice blog. About your post, those are good questions. Blogging can be seen as a community, for blog friends, who all post stuff, then come visit each other and comment back and fourth about what each other comments.

    While I do have those I consider blog friends, my blog is designed to not really be in one community but more as a nexis for communities to meet and share ideas.

    I only usually comment on posts that I actually can relate to, some comment as you said to recieve comments.

    Other people comment on peoples blogs in hopes of getting more hits to their blog.

    I would say, don't feel bad if you do not feel like commenting, if everyone commented just to get comments, then the comments.. they gave were not really heart felt, and so wasted - in my opinion.

    If you have a LOT of blogs on your blogroll, then it could take you all day to comment on each. lol :)

  2. I have a blog-friend who will respond to every comment she receives. I think Simple American does so too.

    For myself, I don't necessary respond to every comment that I receive.

    I find it a chore to moderate comments, so I haven't started doing so. And I like having to view my comments almost immediately after putting it up, so I reckon others may like it this way too. But then again, those who bother to comment on my blog have been very nice folks. Only 5% or less are junk comments.

    If I know someone has a habit to reply comments, and especially if I have asked a question on my comments, I would come back to check if there's any response.

    I don't think it is rude if no one responds to my comments. I may just feel a little disappointed if I was expecting a reply, but no harm done. :)

    Hey Eastcoastlife, I like the quotation, and I realised I like to put up walls a lot.

  3. Hi,
    The right thing to do in blogosphear is completely left to you. I feel, reading/commenting is the best thing, posting is the next.
    I do respond each comment I receive, religiously.
    I comeback and read what was his/her response when I comment. I usually subscribe to the comments also wherever I comment (and I was offered with comments feed)
    It is not rude if you don’t reply to a comment, but it is the way to make your reader to a “regular” reader.
    Should we respond to anonymous comments? Why not? And you need not moderate comment. If he is a spam your filter can block him (also …you can always delete them) later

  4. yeah right, it's a chore to moderate comments, worse if I do not know how to do so... urrgghh... so I gave up moderating ;)

    I take it tat the blog is my own space, while I may deem rude not responding to comments, I'm sure those who know me will not hold it against me. For myself, when I post a comment at other's blog, I dun expect a reply actually, so I dun look back. Not sure if this is good or bad eh...

  5. A warm welcome to all the first-timers - Matt, bachodi and pinkie!
    Thanks for your input.

  6. PY,
    I respond to every comment too.

    So I have managed to break a wall of yours huh! hahaha.......

  7. ....please don't rejoice too easily. There are more walls you haven't seen. But congratulations for breaking the first hurdle. *winks*

    well, I try to take some walls down myself, but maybe I have been needing too much personal space myself, there are walls that are meant to protect some of my sanity. I guess I lose some, I gain some.

  8. U post,I comment, U post back...bila mau game lah?
    I advise my kawan to just summarise the responses and then close it. Finito!

    A blog is your PERSONAL MIND WANDERING ABOUT, so I read, U happy, I happy, not happy, don't read, don't reply...kasi sakit hati only!

    My POV, otherwise, you can comment on full public at the MyBlogLog, that is what eric set it up.

    Me salah, hantam me lah...
    hee hee hee

    (speaking in an ah-beng way!)

  9. The right thing to do in your blogosphere is to be yourself and enjoy yourself and those you meet.

    I try to respond to all of my comments. For me comments are the currency of posting. I feel obliged to acknowledge that the commenter took the time to make a comment, no matter how big or small. But there are times that I do not comment, but usually it is because of time constraints or I if I am too emotional to be coherent.

    I read every comment. That is an obligation I have given myself. But wordpress makes it easy to achieve this. It provides a page with all comments in the order that they are made.

    How you respond to comments is your business. Part of the freedom of speech all bloggers appreciate. You should blog in the way that enjoy, otherwise why bother. I recognize other bloggers do things their way. Would not have it any other way.

    I respond to anonymous comments. Unless they are obviously spam. And I try to limit my moderation to spam. However, if I feel someone is making a comment with the idea of just inciting hatred I will delete that comment. I have only done that once in 20 months.

    The important thing ECL. Is enjoy yourself and maintain your personality. Otherwise it is not blogging so much as it is a job.

  10. HEY you stole my post! OR maybe you and I have telepathic powers HOT MAMA!

    There is no right and wrong BUT I find that:

    Do you respond to each comment you receive? Yes, I love the interaction!

    Do you come back and read if I respond to your comment with my comment? Yes especially YOU!

    If I don't post a comment to your comment, is that considered rude? NO, we're all so freakin busy!

    Should we respond to anonymous comments? I do and try to get them to reveal themselves LOL

    Should we moderate comments? I prefer not to but sometimes I have a stalker or two and must!

    love ya!

  11. PY,
    I have my walls too. But they could come down easily! haha......

    We need to manitain some sanity and private moments to ourselves sometimes.

    This blogging thing is exposing too much of my life!

  12. azrin sayang,
    betul ya! haha....

    yo, selamat datang!

    yang penting, kita mesti senang, jangan sakit hati. Di-dalam blogoland, tidak ada betul atau salah, ini fantasi saja. siapa mau hantam kamu? itu orang tidak sporting la!

    haha, my bahasa Melayu - boleh?

  13. SA,
    PY and I notice you reply to all comments. And you are very witty when it comes to that! I enjoy reading your comment section.

  14. Hey Tisha babe!
    Great minds think alike! hahaha....

    aawwww, thanks for responding to my comments.

    You have many readers commenting on your every post. And the chemistry between you and them is awesome! I just love reading your comment section.

  15. Hey, I see blogging and giving comments just like in offline real-life interaction between friends and strangers.

    If someone bother to leave a comment, it deserves a second look to see what is it about and who the person is. :)

  16. ang mo kio,
    So that's how you came to my blog! I'll always remember you for the kind gesture! *winks*

  17. I try to respond to every comment on my blog, even the anonymous ones. And I don't always check back to see if you have answered my comment. I think that moderating comments should be done if you have problems. I don't right now. There have been comments I have not responded to, not many, because they were sarcastic, rude, or just kind of weird. Great questions!

  18. Do you respond to each comment you receive? I usually do, unless I really have nothing to talk about.

    Do you come back and read if I respond to your comment with my comment?Yes, that is IF I REMEMBER. Sometimes I leave random comments everywhere and then I forget where I left them. Damn my memory.

    If I don't post a comment to your comment, is that considered rude?
    Not really lah.. But I guess for your case, if you moderate your comments, approve or disapprove that comment, yet never post a comment, its a little weird. And if you disapprove that comment, it might be a little rude? That's why I never turn on the moderating comments option.

    Should we respond to anonymous comments?I do, if that person make sense.

  19. What's the right thing to do in the blogosphere?

    Do you respond to each comment you receive?
    Yes I try to respond to all comments.

    Do you come back and read if I respond to your comment with my comment?
    Yes I do.

    If I don't post a comment to your comment, is that considered rude?
    No. It is a free country. Sometimes you have things to say and sometimes you dont. It is not an obligation.

    Should we respond to anonymous comments?
    I do respond to anonymous comments.

    Should we moderate comments?
    If you dont like what they have written, you can delete their comments. It is your space.

  20. Hi Bunny Beth!
    Hope everyone's fine at home.

    Thanks for answering my questions.

  21. haha.... Elaine! I'm also getting forgetful nowadays. Forgetting what I comment on, to whom and where the hell-is-that comment?

  22. ammoontie,
    hmmmm..... your comments get me thinking.

  23. I don't necessarily respond to each one individually, but if someone asks me a direct question, I'll post a follow up below in the same comments section.

  24. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for coming and giving me a comment. hehe.........

  25. Heee... yeah almost all the time I will visit whoever dropped by my blogs, curious in nature I guess!

    I also visit all those that drop by your blog too. It just go on and on and on. :)

  26. great prompt--you seem to always post stuff that generates comments! I usually like to respond to comments on my blog, sometimes individually and occassionally in a general way. I usually try to find somehting to like about most blogs i visit, too, and leave a breif comment. i think much of how one feels may depend on how much traffic they are tryng to generate for their own site.
    i hope all is well!

    castaway @ My Runner's Feet

  27. Hi castaway!
    How's your feet? I'm keeping well. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Wow, you have so many comments. Anyway, at the end of the day, it is what you find useful and appropriate that matters. Your choices will be respected. :)

    I am cautious about what I least I don't blog about confidential things that I get involved with due to my work.

    By the way, would you, your husband and your childdren be free and keen to listen to my orchestra's concert? My compliments. Just for you ok?

  29. I think it's diff to generalize becos there are different types of blog/topics. Many of my topics are like 'for info only' so I don't expect much comments. Once I blogged on the touchy subject of National Service and got more than 50 comments. Mostly young people who disagree with my view. Very 'educational' for me, that one.

  30. I don't think you shd moderate (are you listening Victor?). I am impatient to see my comments - in case have error can correct straightaway. And of course hope others can see or respond quickly; where applicable.

  31. Hi Mr Lam!
    Got NS post meh? Must take a look and give my two cents' worth.

    I cannot tahan liao! 我忍无可忍!Mr Lam, I show you what the monkey wrote, then you comment whether I can moderate or not. Another time I accidentally click the delete button. Before I could respond, the attacks came like an avalanche.

    I keep quiet doesn't mean I am in the wrong. I just dun want to waste my time on such 无聊人!

  32. I landed here via MyBlogLog (dang this thing does wonders!).

    Very interesting questions you've got, and I can see where they're coming from. I have once pondered over them too.

    I've gone through some of the earlier comments posted here, and I would like to concur with etel.

    I do checkback if I remember where I've left a comment before :)

  33. I used to moderate but found it so tedious and time-consuming. Then I switched to "no-need-to-approve" mode. So far it's ok. If received those rubbish (spam) comments, can always delete it.

  34. U r never rude :-) And you are very "different" from other bloggers that you do respond to everybody (not like me...)

    Having a dialup I find it very convenient to have all messages together like in mybloglog, in stead of going back to each and every post I commented on (as if I remeber where I went when just surfing around).

    But me always return to the best blogger of Singapore: you! :-)

  35. Hi Jayne,
    I guess it's all about cyber etiquette. You comment on my blog, so it's only basic courtesy that I comment on yours. However, sometimes, it all depends on what the issue is about in the post. If it's something that I cannot "connect" or relate to, then I shouldn't force myself to comment. And if I'm a regular reader of your blog and commented regularly, you will wonder if I've gone MIA, ya?

    Personally, I won't feel offended if you don't comment on my blog. All of us have 101 things to do in 24 hours. Sometimes, we juz can't afford the time....

    But the interaction among us mere mortals in the blogging community is definitely a good thing, and this interaction is due largly to the comments we leave in each other's posts. Why, some of us have even become friends. And who knows? Business opportunities might arise? I've had lunch with Mr Lam not too long ago. So, yeah, this is a good thing. Right Chun See? When u gonna buy us lunch, Mr Lam? LOL.

  36. Hi narrowband!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    I do agree. MyBlogLog is awesome!

  37. tigerfish,
    Aaaahhh, you have many regular readers too. So I can understand how time consuming it is to moderate.

    Now must be enjoying the new year goodies as you blog.

  38. preety,
    You see me too high up liao la!haha....

    I have to thank all my readers for their support.

  39. Hi Chris!
    I found a good friend like you through the blog too! Thanks for your encouragement and support.

    Mr Lam, when are you gonna buy us lunch? hehe.....

  40. Altho I no long civil servant, I still retain one of the KS's - kiam siap. haha.

  41. hahaha.... Mr Lam also can joke!

    Never mind, I buy lunch. Give me a date and time, I'll make the arrangement.

  42. hmm i used to respond to every comment posted, but after a while, i lost count which one replied and not. so i dun reply all. but they are all very appreciated.

    sometimes, u just see something and u must reply, then reply lor!

  43. oh I see. I do enjoy reading your posts and seeing the beautifully taken pics!