Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Jaymes has grown up

Oh gosh, when I uploaded the photos to my computer this morning, I was mildly shocked to see how my son has grown. 15 years old! It was just like only yesterday when I was feeding him his porridge and changing his diapers.

It seems the years passed so fast after I turned 30. Where did all those years go to? Very soon, he would be going for his National Service, and then further studies, and then get married. Gosh! I would be a mother-in-law and then a grandmother. Jeezzz.........

How do you stop time from moving forward? My hair is turning white and my precious assets are beginning to sag. I could dye my hair and go for plastic surgery, but underneath all this artificial masking is still the over-40 woman.

Many years ago, a middle-aged female colleague was lamenting to me about her age-spots and wrinkles and I was rolling my eyes all the time. I was young then, so what she said didn't register with me. Now that I'm reaching the dreaded years, I'm beginning to worry.

Heck, I'm still a woman who gets admiring glances when I'm in public places, and if you say you don't care, probably nobody's looking at you. muahahahaha...........

sigh, I'm so shallow.


  1. Woa... a perfect family. Going by what I've read of Jaymes so far, he seems to be a sensible young man. You and Chris (Tan not Sim) did a great job.

    Woh.. slow down will ya? Why think so far ahead? Take time to savour the moment and smell the roses, Lady. One day, the kids will leave the nest.... come what may. That's why we must have our hobbies and our own circle of friends, right? *wink wink*

  2. it seems to be a universal mindset that when one is eighteen, forty seems "old," but when one hits forty (or some other "milestone" age) that number doesn seem so large...

    your pics with your son are very nice and remind me of pcitures with my stepson who is only 12 but is nearly as tall as I am!

    congratulations on successfully raising a fine young man... the toughest gig there is!

    take care.

  3. Cheers that Jaymes has grown to be a gentleman.

    You still look beautiful and most importantly, you are beautiful deep at heart. Inner beauty beats everything at the end of the day because that can radiate from within, right?

    Now, a technical question, what did you use to get that slide up? So nice.

  4. I came across your site on blogexplosion. You look like you could be your son's sister!
    I wouldn't worry about aging too much, you look great!

  5. Chris dear,
    Being a man, you have nothing much to fear la! The difference between you and I is : You can go Geylang ____, I cannot! hahaha......

    If my son leaves me, I will be so lonely.

  6. Castaway,
    You're right, about the raising kid part! haha....

    Oh, your son is a handsome young guy! And he's only 12? Pretty tall for his age.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    * Hugs *

  7. oceanskies,
    You're always praising me, I'm beginning to get a little dizzy. hahaha...... Praise is better than woman-bashing.

    You can get the slide at www.slide.com

  8. Oh Jelly!
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.


  9. Geeez, you look more like his sister NOT his Mom! Wow, I would never have guessed woman. I also love the way you spell his name, that rocks! Have a great week!

  10. Hey woman!
    This is 'Serene', the girl who can see spirits! Thanks for not using my real name.

    You really dare not have dinner with me? Why didn't you turn up for the CNY gathering this afternoon?

    You should have guessed by now who gave me your blog. I spent the whole evening reading it and man, I haven't laughed so hard for so long now! You are dead funny!

    Nobody would have guessed this is you. The class nerd. You are not wearing thick glasses anymore. Is that the reason you married an Optometrist? Geez.... You should have married an eye surgeon.

    The ugly duckling turned beautiful swan! Those guys in school must have banged their heads against the walls now! hahaha. You look so fabulous!

    I'm so happy for you. You have a beautiful family. I'm still single and I don't look as good as you.

    I'll be leaving next Sunday, so please, let's meet up for a meal. Let me torture you one more time! hahaha! You know where to find me.

    Hey, here's the deal. Have dinner with me and I'll give you great true stories for your blog. You can bring your family. Would really love to see you again!


  11. Hey..ECL,
    Jaymes is a really fine young man.. you did good.. :) i only wished i can do half as good as you did .. when it comes to Chloe.
    You are 40 and Jaymes is already 15.. i'm 42 and chloe is only 3 .. .hahhahaha!! now i should be the one getting worried no..??
    you look absolutely gorgeous lor..!! so no worries ya..for a long time..!

  12. oh holy *beep beep beep*!!! You have come! hahaha.....

    I couldn't attend the gathering because I was having a CNY Open House. Swear! Cross my heart.

    See, char bo, I am a miracle!

    Come on la, I'm joking only! I'll call you tomorrow morning. OK? Now pls dun make any more comments on my blog. Please! All my secrets will be out and I have an image to maintain.

  13. Hi mamabok,

    hahaha.... I'm so vain.

    Chloe will grow up to be a fine lady too! You have more life experience ma!

    I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but thank God, Jaymes didn't turn out too bad!

  14. hi eastcoast,
    Dont worry...you look great...age is just a number..! You have a lovely family and that is the greatest gift.

  15. ammoontie,
    You're right.... the family part! hahaha.....
    Thanks for the lovely visit.

  16. I like the last sentence in your blog, because if you are really shallow, you wouldnt have said that at all.

    Happy Lunar New Year to you again, darling. :)

  17. Oui Elaine,
    Good morning. Still up at this hour?

    So... I'm deep.

  18. aloha and thanks for visiting my hawaii blog...my recent visitors from mybloglog showed your face. i guess otherwise i would not have found your blog. great job, nice family and most of all, you got a great community of admirers (see these post comments)!
    any good advice for the 7-month blogger to get the comments flowing in?! mahalo, pua

  19. I think he favors you ECL. Good looking lad. Wau! He is the same age as my daughter. Why kids grow so quick?

    I agree. I see no people of grandparent age. Especially not in the mirror.

  20. You've aged gracefully, LOL! In these photos you really don't look any older than your son.

  21. Hi pua!
    Thanks for stopping by. Hawaii is a great place on earth! Would love to visit it one day.

    The people who commented on my blog own great blogs too. Please do visit them and when you leave a comment on their posts, they would read yours and leave comments too.

  22. SA,
    I think Jaymes resembles me more too.

    I wonder how I will look when I'm a grandma?

  23. Look like the father lah, no look like you leh!

  24. Hey tigerfish,
    Eyes look like mine! Body look like father! :)

  25. first visit here :)

    'was laughing so hard while reading this post! so you don't want to be called grandma yet..reminds me so much of my parents! anyway, you can have your grandchildren call you "mom" if you want to--just like my nephews and nieces, they call my mom/da, Mom/Dad, too!

    by the way, your son looks like just one of your brothers. you look fabulous! :)

  26. Oh, they grow so fast, don't they? What a handsome boy you have!

  27. Hi dangkin,
    Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

    Do I look like I'm ready to be called 'grandma'? lol.

    awww......(blush) thanks for the compliments.

  28. Hi attila the mom!
    yes, children sure do grow fast and we grow old :(

    Thanks for visiting.

  29. Congratulations for your son. He is really beautiful.
    PS: Maybe check about my latest post... :-)

  30. Thank you Tanguy for stopping by. My son is good-looking, I wouldn't like him to be beautiful. hahaha....

    Thanks for the mention.

  31. my first visit here...

    you sure dun look like a over-40 woman! ;)

  32. hey !! gong hey fatt choy ! :) First time to your bloggie..wow !! I did not know you've such a grown up son and you looked awesome, vibrant and young !! *applause* Your boy is handsome leh, how many standing in line seeking your approval ? hehe, hey, thx for dropping by my blog, see you around, cheers ! :)

  33. interesting!
    i have finally found someone that uses slide.com like me! your son is actually as big as me! it's just that i am a year older than him! wow wow wow, he looks like you! nice family! cheers

  34. melting wok,
    son nin fei lok!

    oh, thanks for your kind comments.
    At the moment, my son has someone he likes and a few girlfriends. haha.....不要出事就好!

  35. wendysung,
    Thanks for stopping by!

    slide.com is a great tool!

    awww... so nice of you! See you around.

  36. Handsome boy. My two daughters are adults now and I have two granddaughters (one was born just last month!).

    I feel like the same guy I've always been, but when I look in the mirror I see a much older man. Hopefully, others will judge us by who we are inside and what we do and say.

  37. Hi Pandabonium,
    Glad to see you back again!

    Wow! two granddaughters huh!

    I agree with you. We look older physically but inside, we are still the same person.

  38. There are so many comments! wow! I can never get as many comments as you! But anyway...Happy Chinese New Year again!

  39. Wendy dear!
    I'm sure you can overtake me some day! Aunty is old. hahaha.......