Saturday, January 27, 2007

Toy Boys

When I met Ching for breakfast the next morning, I had 'panda eyes'. Ching, as usual, looked great. She cheekily commented that I looked exhausted and must have had an unforgettable night. I almost cried.

She looked incredulous when I told her I sent Mark home. "I paid him already!"

I felt like strangling her. That was not only a cruel joke but a torture.

For men like Mark, who chose to serve women and help them live out their sexual fantasies, their services are well sought after. Not only the wealthy, lonely middle-aged ladies love them, the successful career women and single office girls seek their services too.

All the men in that gigolo bar are carefully selected & professionally trained. They have to be young, look presentable and strong. They have to undergo grooming classes and special training on how to serve the women. Guys like Mark, who looks like a film star, commands good money.

An average guy could earn S$10,000 a month. Hot guys like Mark earns much more and would often receive expensive gifts. That explains his flashy BMW, branded watch and designer wear. He could be more selective and prefers to be hired on a monthly basis or longer. (Damn! I missed a good deal!)

The guys knows all the tricks of their profession. And they are often asked to role-play. (Wah! hmmm.... what role do I want to be in?) All these sound so exciting.

Good news!!! There are toy boys in Singapore. I do not need their services yet but may, one day when I grow old and weak .... hehehe.....

Hey, I'm only human, I have my lusts and my sins too. I don't have the guts to go all the way yet. I'm still bounded by moral values.... damn.

This is not an inducement for female readers to seek out these guys. And please do not email me for the location of the gigolo bars. I have high moral standards .......... but if you are willing to pay for the info, I can make it an exception. muahahaha................


  1. Hey, when did you sneak this post in? Hmm... no comments yet? Seems like nobody else noticed it except the observant Sun Lao Hou, hehe.

    You are going to wait till you are old and weak before seeking the gigolos' services? I am afraid that by then, you mind may be willing but your body weak, haha.

  2. sshhhh ...... why you always sneaking around huh?

    Just lie there and get laid, not easy meh?