Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's madness!

The Singapore stock market is going crazy these days! The ST Index racks up the biggest one-day gain in 5 years yesterday. The pre-Chinese New Year super bull-rally is coming!!!

First there was a news report of a corporate tax cut in next month's budget, then there were glowing reports from foreign experts about the local market. My broker told me that foreign cash is flooding into local blue chips. 'Flooding', I like that word. I would like to be flooded with cash. k-ching! k-ching! I could almost see the $ signs appearing all around me.

I have taken the opportunity to sell off some of my lousy shares which I have been keeping for years. Let's hope I could clear off the rest, so I can strategise riding this hot bull. Whew!

The most infuriating thing is after I sold my shares, the prices shot through the roof. WTF! I'm such a loser. It's like the market was waiting for me to sell so it could move.

I have the honour of sitting in David's brand new BMW this morning. This bugger had gambled on Genting International last year. He bought 500,000 shares at 30 cents each. When the bid was announced, the shares flew. He sold at S$1.16, profitting a cool S$400,000! Cash.

He told me to buy & keep but I was skeptical it would get the bid. I did buy a little but sold it before the bid was announced. He asked me to go in when it dropped to 90 cents but I thought it has shot up so much, a correction was due. The share price never turn back! David bought another 200,000 shares and is hanging onto it for dear life.

And he just told me he also bought Star Cruise share at 21 US cents. The share is top volume today at over 60 US cents. Arrghhh!

Besides banging my head on the walls and beating my chest, nothing could console me for seeing the money whiz by. And to hear some blardy pals coming into the shop to boast about their big gains in the stock market was more depressing. At this rate the stock market is going, you can blindfold your eyes and throw a dart at any share, it will rise.

David gave me a 'hot' tip. I hope it brings me a fortune. I'm pouring my money into this share. And if it doesn't move, I'm gonna bash David to a pulp! muahahaha.......


  1. wah wah lar you :P
    at least you got money to purse, dust got lar...kekekeke
    i never buy shares b4 coz never hv extra $$$ b4...hehehe

  2. People have short memories don't they? Only a few years ago, there was the craze and everyone went for technology shares and unit trusts. Then suddenly, the bubble burst and many were left holding the baby, including yours truly. The unit trusts I was left with were only worth less than 20% value of what I have invested. Today it is still at 21% of its original value. I decided to cut loss and have sold them already even though I lost more than 80% of the value.

    WTF, if my timing was right, today I would be driving around in a brand new BMW coupe as well, and not a lousy French lemon.

  3. miche dear,
    earn money, save it to invest and dun spend on digital camera lah!

  4. Victor,
    Lost 80%!!! Wah, lost so much!

    No pain, no gain mah! Must do homework. I was a punter, lost money too but now learnt my lesson.

    Very 冤枉 was the Malaysian shares, kena blackmailed. Lucky I only got one stock. There are many people who lost a lot overnight. Sell car, sell house, sell business....

    aiya, whatever you have is destined. Got French lemon also good wat, I got only small Korean mini, some more weekend car!!!

  5. The recent stock rally has been very good for some. My father in law for example made quite a few thousands in recent weeks simply by trading and going in and out. What's most interesting is that my dad is the one that helps my father-in-law do his share trading (my dad is a remisier). They probably will have a lot to talk about if they do have the chance to get together!

  6. Your Dad's a remisier? Wah! Can get tips from him leh!!! How come you never get your Dad to help you trade?

  7. Good luck in the markets. I gave up and just let my financial advisor handle things now. I just have no luck at this thing.

  8. SA,
    Thanks for your blessings!
    Althoug luck is required at this, doing one's homework is important too!

  9. hahahahaha...i get my didgital camera first, then i invest the rest, u must be my sifu lar...:D

    btw, can buy shares thru paypal meh?

  10. miche,
    I dun no if can buy shares from paypal or not, I go through my broker. Ah! internet also can!

  11. one good statement was given to me when investing in shares....... the stock market will still be there tomorrow

  12. ya Johnny, you're right. I took my profits and now waiting for the next wave..........