Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Savouring every moment ....

My son Jaymes is getting a little sticky to me nowadays, and more expressive in his actions. I'm not complaining, in fact, I'm loving it!

He isn't the clingy type since young. He doesn't cry for things and if you say no, ok, that's it. He would walk away. Much to my chagrin. This guy takes rejections in his stride.

I would much prefer him to beg and plead and be a little persuasive. But no, just like his Dad. His attitude is : If you give me, I'll take it, if not, that's ok with me. Any wonder he doesn't have much possesions. He doesn't have a cellphone nor an ipod nor an Xbox nor a gameboy..... it's ok, he survives.

He's not much of a handful since he was young. He would play quietly by himself with his Legos bricks, or he would watch his cartoons. He's not naughty, nor the active type. A gentle and mild-mannered guy. He's very good with younger kids and the elderly. He's very patient. And he is now into community work like his Dad, visiting old folks' home every weekend to cheer them up.

After returning from his trip to Japan, he has become more responsive. He would hug and kiss me suddenly, it doesn't bother him even if they are strangers around us. Yesterday at a public food court, he kissed me several times on the lips while we were having dinner and a good banter. To the amusement and envy of the ladies around us!

Sometimes when I walked pass him, he would pull me to sit on his lap playfully. And he would come up to my room to snuggle up beside me when I'm watching the news. Chris is getting jealous and mad. hahaha ......

Well, I'm enjoying it, as long as it lasts ..........


  1. i also want a son like dat. :D
    how old is your son?

  2. See what a forced walk through a street of Geylang can do.

  3. Jaymes sounds like a great son to have. You are a lucky mother. Ah, maybe you have your husband to thank too.

  4. Savour and enjoy it eastcoastlife while it still lasts I guess. My wife and in laws sometimes wonder why I still try to carry my toddler son everywhere even though he is nearing 15kg and fully capable of walking everywhere. My answer is that this is the chance for me to hug him closely and shower him with my love while he still cherishes it.

    The years will pass very quickly and before I know it, he will be entering NS or the workforce. Time travels very fast and in the blink of an eye, you suddenly realise that things have changed so much from what you were used to.

    BTW, I am in the midst of making a major decision in my life. You guys will definitely hear about it. :)

  5. oceanskies,
    sigh....., it's not good for a guy to be gentle, he won't survive in this tough environment. I dun wan my son to be like his Dad, being controlled by a woman... hahaha... double standards!

  6. Walter,
    I agree with what you said about hugging and carrying your child more. I was told by my elders not to carry my son too much, now as he gets older, he doesn't allow me to hug him or hold his hand.

    I'm surprised that he wants to snuggle up to me now.

    Major decision, not getting another wife ba? Why is everyone so easily influenced by me?

    It's called the eastcoastlife-wave or E-wave for short. hahaha...........

  7. isn't that sweet HOT MAMA! can't wait to have the privilege of a little one clinging onto me :)

    btw YOU are a HUGE SOB!!!

  8. wow, a 15year-old without a cellphone and xbox? here in the u.s. the school would proabably call the police on you! in the school i teach at (a middle school--7th and 8th grades) the students generally have (minimally) a cell phone, a PSP, a flat screen in there bedroom, a computer and one new generation game system (xbox, playstation)... of course many, especially boys, dislike reading... it sounds like your son, however, is finding a much more fulfilling path...

  9. Oh Tisha,
    That's so kind of you! I wish I could achieve that SOB status!

  10. Castaway,
    hahaha.... ya, right!

    oh oh, I discover my son doesn't have any of those that you mentioned. None. And I don't think he is missing out on a lot of things.

    I would like my son to have more activities like what you did with your son. It would be real fun!

  11. Confirm leow Jayne. My boys have more fun than yours. They have PS2, gameboy, PSP and each a laptop, every god damned thing they asked for. And yet, they are not obedient. Juz spoilt brats! Especially the big boy who's 15 (same age as Jaymes?)

    Jaymes sounds like a sensible boy. Wanna trade son or not? Juz like how my kids always trade their cards. Hahaha...

    Seriously, I find it really difficult to bring up kids these days. I think our parents had it easier with us kids of the 60s or 70s. Children nowadays cannot say them one. Say them only, they will march to their room and slam the door shut.

  12. Chris,
    Wow! Jaymes will definitely envy your boys!

    You dun mean the trade kids part la, trade the Moms. hahaha...

    I do agree with you that our parents have it easier with us when we were kids. Like I said, I have no problem with my son becos I'm very strict.

    And I really trash him if he were to disobey me. When he answers back, he gets slapped. So he dare not be rude. Slam the door? He can try that.

  13. You have a very close-knitted family :D In my home, my dad and mum treat us, including my elder bros like kids and no "friend-friend" relationship. So Daddy is Father, Mummy is Mother, no kiss and hugz in my family :O

  14. Oh my tigerfish,
    I used to be that stern too, now that Jaymes is growing older, I am giving him his 'rights'.

    I can give you kisses & hugs! :)

  15. your son sounds like such a sweetheart. I agree, take the hugs and kisses while you can.

  16. Hi Bunny Beth!
    You are such a sweetheart too. Hugs & kisses for you!

  17. That is nice. I found a lot of Chinese have a hard time being huggy huggy. I have trained my in-laws and even got MIL trained correcly now. You should see my FIL when I hug him. hehe

  18. SA,
    Good job! I can imagine what could be your FIL's expression when you hug him. hahaha........

    My conservative Dad would very likely freak out if he gets hugged by another burly fellow. hahaha....