Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My pig

This was the pig I drew. hehe.... and my son is hopping mad because I drew it on his enlistment letter. That was the only paper (right in front of my nose) on my desk that day wat! hahaha .... he's complaining to his Dad that I am behaving weirdly these days.

ok, my anal list, oops analysis.

I'm positive and optimistic. I'm direct, so that's why I pissed off a lot of people and who cares. You want an honest opinion I give it to you. Too bad people can't take the truth.

I enjoy playing devil's advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussions.

I'm emotional and naive, really? Ok, my friends say so.

I care little for details and are a risk taker.

I'm insecure and living through a period of major change. There's a major decision to make and I'm still undecided.

I'm not a good listener, this is not true! I just ticked off people who can't stop whinning and I get impatient if the conversation gets longer than 20 minutes..

Nobody should question my sex life, just look at the tail. hahahahaha.........


  1. Still shorter than mine - both the tail and the post, hahaha. And mine's thicker. I mean the tail not my 'post', haha. What were you thinking? That one got no way to compare with you what.

    Hmm... weird, I am still trying to figure out how someone can mix up 'anal list' and 'analyst'.)

  2. I did not draw as I had no A4 paper. Just thought of it visually knowing me. And still no tail. Haiz...

  3. Ah, if you need a listening ear, that is something I could do quite alright.

  4. Damn! Now I know what this Pig test is all about and I won't be able to do one that's a true reflection of me! Err... do you have one on Dragon? Hee!