Thursday, February 01, 2007

My dirty mind

Poor Jaymes is miserable these few days. His classmates and friends call him 'The Porn King'. They read my blog. sigh ......... the sick bastards. I told Jaymes to ignore them. If he is the Porn King, then .......... I'm the Porn Dowager!!! hahaha..........

Some of their parents are probably worse. They might be perverts, paedophilles, nymphomaniacs, sex maniacs......... And I told Jaymes to fight back the next time they call him that.

"Your parents don't do porn stuff, where do you come from? Your grandparents don't do porn stuff, where do your parents come from?"

Once we were bantering over lunch with his school friends when one of them remarked,"Aiyo, Aunty! You so dirty!"

"Your mother more dirty! Because your mother got 3 kids and I have only one!" I defended myself.

The boy was stunned for a moment, then he replied, "Oh ya! My mother is so dirty. 3 times of you! OMG!" That boy is so cute! hahaha......

Your Mind is NC-17 Rated

Your mind is so filthy... you should be washing every part of you out with soap.

If your thoughts can go dirty, and they do, almost everything is NC-17 to you!

hahahaha ........ I expected this!


  1. Poor Jaymes..! why his classmates so small minded one leh..??

  2. comparing the sizes of our brains to fruits, if my brain is the size of a soursop, so his classmates' brains are like plums.

    (For my reply, I actually measured my brain with my hands and was trying to find a fruit the size of it. I have a watermelon, but if my brain is so big, it must have a tumour in it.
    Chris asked me what was I doing. He offered a suggestion,"coconut!" I rolled my eyes.

    He thinks I have a coconut brain, full of coconut water and the kernel making sounds whenever the coconut is shaken!)

  3. Sorry .. Jaymes.. i think i better post my reply here too.. just in case.. you decided not to approve of my comments.. hhaha!!

    Hey.. Jaymes,
    You have a wonderful.. and unconventional mom.. ;) i am not saying this.. because i'm a friend of your mom.. i'm saying this.. because when i was your age.. i never had a mom who could talk to me about everything.. and anything.. or a mom who does things with me. My mom was nothing like your mom. My mom only knows how to scream at me... or wasn't at all encouraging like yours. We never go out to eat.. and my mom said.. she was never wrong because she is my mom. And she had no sins.. hahhahaha!! yup.. that is my mom for you.
    Jaymes.. why care about what your friends in school said..?? Does it really matter..?? should you even be bothered..?? i think i would be real proud of my mom.. if i were you.. ;) someone who is there for you .. all the time.. and funny.. and dare to try things.. and is constantly there for you. You have it good.. and i hope you see it.. because not many ppl have a mom like yours. If i could turn the clock back.. i would want your mom . .as my mom. Nothing beats having a unconventional.. and an open mom..!! Trust me.. Mama BoK is 42 years old this year... and if i had listened to all those around me.. saying things.. and telling me. .what i should and should not do.. then i would be useless.. and be like a cow with a ring on its nose. Be a leader .. Jaymes..! do not be a follower.. !! some ppl are leaders.. and some ppl are just followers.. which one do you wanna be..??
    I think you are a leader..!!

  4. Waaahhhhh!!! so touched.... sniff, sniff....

    Thanks mamabok. No words can describe my feelings now.

  5. Ops...i think here is not for under 18 read!^^ haha...just kidding, nice blog, love to read something more "dirty" stuff! Hahaha....keep it up jaymes!

  6. Neither was I surprised by your results of the test. Tsk, tsk, tsk. You are just beyond redemption. Even bleach also cannot wash clean, haha.

    But I dare not take the test myself. Erm... teacher, I got a question - is NC-17 the worst rating one can ever get? :p

  7. Darn. I am only PG-13. Must try harder. Got any good porno links. :P

    Poor guy. I wonder if my kids get any problem because of my blog.

  8. Loui$$,
    Waahh! Dollar signs all over. You love money huh.
    Thanks for the encouragement for Jaymes.

  9. Victor,
    So disappointed you didn't take the test. There is a worse rating which you are capable of acheiving.

  10. SA,
    Only PG-13?

    Your blog is family-oriented, so I'm sure your kids will not have any problems.

  11. What? PG-13? Impossible! Doing porn stuff resulted in two kids how can be PG-13 one? What kind of stoopid test is this ah?

    Victor sure jialat one lah if he takes the test... 69 all the way... wahahahaha..

  12. At the end of the day, what others say may affect you, but what others say won't count as much as the gifts that you have given to your children.

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  14. Chris,
    real or not? PG-13? Victor dare not reveal his. hahaha.....

  15. oceanskies,
    I really dun care what others say about me, it's my life and I myself will answer for the decisions I make. It only bothers me when those close to me gets hurt.

    And I swear to Hell I would get those who try to hurt any one of my family. They can try and I promise them a ride through Hell.

  16. hoho dashing Marine Gene,
    I'm surprised you took the test? And I'm surprised at the result!!!

  17. Somehow, this came to my mind: "Yuan1 Yuan1 Xiang1 Bao4 He2 Shi2 liao" (sorry, I don't know how to type Chinese fonts on this PC).

    Some people's words could hurt. The least we could do to make the world less hurtful is by not joining that gang.

    I wish I could invent some heart-soothing cream to sooth the souls that have been hurt, but I don't have such gift yet. Hopefully, life would make your loved ones stronger to shield themselves from the hurts.

  18. Lis darling!
    PG-13 is a good score. Trust me. hahaha......

  19. Thanks oceanskies for the comfy words.

    Sometimes people dun give me a choice, I'm a very tolerating person and if I get back, it must have really pissed me off. And at that time, no amount of sorrys are gonna stop me.