Thursday, February 01, 2007

Why I can't sleep early....

One of my Indonesian friends' daughter Yan called me on my cellphone at 5pm. She's studying in Singapore and lives in a hostel. She said she has a toothache and wants me to bring her to the dentist. She has been having this pain for the past two days.

So at 8pm, after our work, Chris and I dropped by her hostel. When I saw her, her right cheek was all swollen. She didn't take her dinner and she was so miserable. I examined her and discovered it wasn't a toothache. Then I bundled her into the car and brought her to see my doctor.

Then Jaymes called to say he needs to talk to me regarding school. So I asked him to meet me at the doctor's which is ten minutes bus ride from our house.

There were many patients queuing to see the doctor. And while we were waiting for Yan's turn, I saw to Jaymes' problems. It's been like this these few days. He has to leave me notes to tell me things or he would meet me somewhere. He sleeps at 10pm so by the time I get back, he's already asleep.

The doctor said that Yan has sinusitis. If someone has sinusitis, the layer of flesh inside your sinuses is swollen and painful, which can cause headaches and a blocked nose. So he prescribed antibiotics and medicine to relieve the pain.

Next we brought her to have her dinner. It was already 11.30pm and seeing that she was staying alone at the hostel, I brought her home to care for her. We went back to her hostel to pack and then came home. I gave her the medicine and by the time I got back to my room, it was 1.25 am.

Read & reply my emails, did this quick post, bathe and sat down to clear my paperwork again. I won't be able to sleep before 4 am...........


  1. hello hot stuff! i fall in love with you more and more each day!!!

    how caring of you, i hope she recuperates real soon

    been meaning to ask you and maybe you wrote about it before but sorry i'm being lazy...your english is incredible, are you an anglo living there?

    oh and i adore your pic, every time i see it i SMILE!


  2. hahaha Tisha baby,
    Thanks for the compliments, you make my day!

    Yan's fine now, the swelling subsided this morning. Although she was given 2 days' medical leave, she went to school but came back earlier.

    My Dad & I are born in Singapore. My grandparents came from China, so I'm a Chinese Singaporean.

    English is our first language in school, there are many
    Singaporeans whose English is better than I.

    I'm glad my pic makes you smile, and not make you puke. hahaha.......

  3. a fren in need is a fren indeed!
    beware of panda eyes thou!

  4. 过奖! 过奖! 举手之劳.
    Thanks for your concern.

  5. You sleep at 4 am (or later) every day and not only on that day, right? Hmm... looks like someone should bring you to see the doctor too - about your chronic insomnia.

  6. Hi,
    The "next blog' button brings me to you.... and amazingly i read all your posts. I was in singapore last month for an assignment , and loved every bit of my stay in that "beautiful' red dot .. superb place with ppl who are proud of their country. .. cheers to that.

    come, lets meet up at my place :

    warm wishes


  7. You are a good friend to have. When must you awaken?

  8. No wonder you said I am very the 空闲, because you are simply boh engg leh!
    Sometimes, things just happened at one go...
    You hv frens all ard the world hor?
    出外靠朋友 , you are indeed one fren your frens can depend on! :D
    Take care and dun get 黑眼圈 ok?

  9. Victor,
    I do not have insomnia and this is happening only until CNY. I'm trying to clear my work due to the new school term.

  10. Hi Chandra,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Really glad you like my country. See you around.

  11. tigerfish,
    I envy you having the time to prepare nutritious & delicious meals. I shall make time for that. I'll show off my cooking skills during CNY. hehe....

    sigh... I hope I dun look like a panda during CNY.

  12. oceanskies,
    Oooh, what reward are you giving me?

  13. I believe you are one of the few Singaporeans out there who are so well connected globally - both online and offline. Its incredible how you manage to find time to do this in spite of helping in your hubby's business, having your own job and being a mother of a teenager to boot. Perhaps you should go and join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a diplomat? ;)

  14. Right. How come never got voted for the Sinagporean of the Year?

    I have been an unofficial ambassador of Singapore for the past 20 years. Like Philip Yeo of EDB, I bring in foreigners who spend, invest or park their money in Singapore. My contribution to the Singapore economy is tremendous. blah.... hahaha....

    Time to reveal my job ... in the next post. hehe.....

  15. eastcoastlife, no need to envy lah! I don't have the luxury of having cheap and good food at my doorstep, tt's why! Sg so convenient!
    没办法 , eating out is TOO EXPENSIVE in California! 会破产!

    Lucky no panda in the 十二生肖 !LOL!
    No one can beat me in 黑眼圈, man!
    Thx to the schools(oops, you teacher hor?), and work (what else?)

  16. tigerfish
    tats true hor! Eating out is so ex there. But lucky still can find the ingredients arh.

    You can really cook well. For a moment I thought you were a chef. hehe....

    haha... panda eyes..... I would be able to recognise you instantly if we were to meet up, right?

  17. you and your husband are such good people, take care and get some rest--this is your mother speaking :)

  18. You'll be truly blessed, hot mama! (did someone juz call you that?) And Chris (Tan not Sim), too!

    Hmmm... I'm begining to see you in a different light. One with multiple colours... like the rainbow. Mind if I call you Rainbow? Jayne is unique. But Rainbow is truly special... can?

  19. Eastcoastlife, there's some last minutes changes by my friend for tomorrow. I have emailed you. Hope you can get it.

    Ah, the reward is an award, in name.

    Eastcoastlife: A good friend to have.

  20. Wonder woman super mama, now u intend to join PAP starting from grass-root izzit? =P

  21. Yes! Right away, Mam.
    Bunny Beth you're a sweetie!

  22. Paddy ah!
    Now then you know. You are also a very good person. Never meet me before also help me to get 'a great gift'.

  23. Waaahhhh! Chris!
    Why the sudden change of attitude? Hot Mama?! Rainbow? mai la! too nice liao.
    Call chamelon la.

  24. oceanskies,
    Thank you. You are a very special girl and I want you to always remember it.
    Love and hugs.

  25. zeezee,
    Wonder woman no need to join PAP wan. But PAP need wonder woman. See if they come a-calling.

    The people of Singapore not only needs wonder women, but super men too.

    My husband is a grassroot leader in PAP. So cannot put all our eggs in one basket. I should go to the Opposition party. hahah....

  26. Thank you for your compliments. Do you see me blushing?

  27. oceanskies,
    Can imagine that. hahaha...
    * more hugs *

  28. eastcoastlife, just a photo of Kym Ng nothing special lah :)

    Maybe next time any interviews coming up on my company with celebrities I pop a mail to you, see if you want any personalised photos. hahaha!

  29. ang mo kio,
    You too humble la! Where got people dun know me and want to help me get her picture wan? 睬你都傻!

    ya, ya, ya .... do that and I sponsor your spectacles frames. Make you look more cool.