Thursday, January 18, 2007

Driving up my Blog Traffic

My blog
is worth $193,072.68.
How much is your blog worth?

I came across this website by Dane Carlson.

Cool! I only wish it is really worth that much in US dollars. Anyone wants to buy my blog? hehehe.....

When I first put this on my sidebar, the value was zero. It was very upsetting but after about a week, it shows the actual value.

I work hard to drive traffic to my blog. I had only 62 hits in May 2006 & 2384 hits end September until I sign up BlogMad, BlogExplosion, BlogSoldiers, MyBlogLog . Look at my hit counter now. And lastly, putting up my photo a week ago (Did it drive some people away?:D). hahaha.... I have over 200 hits a day, 35% are unique ones.

My Technorati ranking was 242, 798 when I first linked it in end November 2006. Now my blog is ranked 6304 among the many millions of blogs in the world, with 411 blogs linked to mine. I find it an achievement. Yes, for someone who people first commented I can't write and my blog sucks! Woohoo!
I'm gonna hit 20,000 visits this weekend! ting! ting! ting! ting! ting!

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers & readers for your encouragement, feedback, wonderful comments and most important of all - your friendship.


  1. Cheers! Your efforts in maintaining and enhancing this blog have paid off.

    Your blog, if I remember correctly, when I last checked a week ago, is worth more than mine by at least $50000. No worries about me, I shall work my way there (though I don't need the traffic, I just need readers who tries to understand my way of seeing the world), and you shall be my example.

  2. Thanks PY. You write beautifully, so you should overtake me soon.

    I'm so flattered.... hehe

  3. Thank you for your friendship too. I greatly appreciate the fact that you have made the special effort to come for the chamber on 10 Jan 07.

  4. wapiangz... i checked my blog and guess how much its worth?


    dammit! hahahaha..

    you are a funny lady, and very friendly, that explains your worthiness :D

    anyways, why not i squeeze your son instead? XD

  5. simplyetel,
    wait a few days lah. Thank for the compliments huh!

    You want to squeeze my son for what? Tender lamb! You can squeeze my hubby! hahaha....

  6. Good job!
    Don't sell now lah....mayb can "en-blog" leh! Hahahha
    You stay in East Coast. Me too!
    BUt now in West Coast, US.
    I also came across ur blog quite recently, and something keeps me comin bac...dunno y. I will find out and let u know....
    (maybe, you posted Rain's pix? No lah!, of course)...i will tell u, i will tell u...

  7. tigerfish... what? what! what!... tell me leh! when u first came, there's still the'xu chun mei' pic, so cannot be becos of my beauty (pui!!!).... hmmmmm....

    stayed in East Coast of Singapore? 缘份!Fated lah!

  8. aiyo...what "xu chun mei"...difference too much lah.....i cannot see any similarity.
    i think it's becoz u very "real" loh, few pple will admit they go and 打小人...
    somemore u also got post food keeps me coming bac...:p
    which part in the East u staying ?

  9. Oh I see! I was hoping you would say "Because you're beautiful!!" :(

    I live near the beach, can walk to McDonald's East Coast Park, 10 mins' walk.

  10. Argh!


    Is there a button you don't have in your sidebar?

  11. Self-destruction button. click. BOOOOMMM !!!!hahahaha......

  12. Amazing man eastcoastlife. Its not often that a business "lao pan niang" like you can blog so much and be so savvy on the web. And some more your son already in JC.

    I think must find some way to make you a poster girl for blogging mothers of teenage kids. Don't pray pray man. BTW, does your Chris also blog?

  13. I just checked using the link that you've provided. Mine's worth (USD?) 6,209.94. Not much but still better than Simplyetel's $0.00. LOL. I have a few simple questions:

    1. How did they arrive at the figure?

    2. Is there really anyone willing to pay that amount, 'cos I really need the money!

    3. After I've sold my blog, I don't have to maintain it anymore? Hurray.

  14. Walter
    I'm not humble, I accept all compliments. Thanks.

    My Chris doesn't blog, my son does but lately he has too much homework to be blogging and his Mom is hogging the computer all the time. hahaha...

  15. Victor,
    1. I have no idea.

    2. There are people willing to pay for my blog so I don't see why US6000 cannot sell....., but then who would want to buy from an Ah Kong who blogs about his wasted years? sigh... muahahaha.......

    3. Actually you can quit lah, I notice your blog has only a few regular readers lor.

  16. Point 1. No comment.

    Point 2. Still can stand.

    Point 3. Basket.

  17. Oh gosh.

    I'm shattered.

    Self-esteem just hit an all time low.

    My blog's value is $0. I imagaine that is in any currency one might select.

    At this rate I shall never collect the cab fare to Singapore.

  18. Wahahahaha.... that's a good one Jayne... "ah kong wasted years".... ROTFLVVL-got-up-and ROTFLVVVVVL again ....

    But you also quite "hor lian" hor...

  19. Poor SA!
    Give it a bit of time, I'm sure you will garner enough dough to pay for taxi fare. hahaha.......

  20. Chris,
    You dog ah! Why always like to roll on the floor?

    Oops, did I overdo it? Please check that Victor is walking alright today, I'm afraid he would bang his little brother on his office walls. muahahahaha......

  21. You animal! My wife used to call me that... sometimes asked me to role play some more....LOL.