Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Er... your fly

I was online when a fellow blogger msn, to ask me regarding placing a button on his blog. He's a Malaysian working in Sudan. I agreed.

me : ok, but one live goat.
j : the de-skinned one?
me : no, LIVE goat.
j : hahaha

The blur one took more than half an hour, finally got the button up and running. I almost vomit blood.

me : dun forget the live goat, I need fresh blood!
j : ok, thanks, I buy you a meal when I go to Singapore. I have many relatives there.
me : too bad, I have no relatives in Sudan.
Eat yourself.
j : hahaha, I will bring my fly with me.
me : fly?
j : hahaha
me : u mean u go everywhere without your fly?
j : no.
me : I dun wan to go eat wif u.
me : dun no where to put my eyes.
j : hahaha...... I thought u know. fly is short for family.
me : says hu?
j : many ppl, it's used in general , dun u know?

Well, I didn't know and it is sometimes so frustrating to read letters containing such words. My son used to send me emails which I don't understand. He and some of my students are using some of these words in their essays. And their spelling is atrocious. Jeez. They sound like from another different planet. And to them, I'm from another era.

And don't sms me, I absolutely don't get the message. Also I don't know how to text, I cannot reply smses. So antique huh!

Anyway, I picked up some of these computer language because my son says we have 'generation gap'. But some of these words are still confusing me. I am learning new things everyday.

me : I thought of the flying pest too
j : there are lots of flying flies here.
me : sure, but I don't think u can bring in one fly to Singapore. Our immigration is so strict, u wld need a license.
j : ha!


  1. Hey there, I'm updating my feeds and I can't find the rss for your blog. Are you hiding it somewhere?

  2. Walau eh... I tot u v happening one. Must keep up with the young mah. But we should take heart that at least the kids are communicating more.

    And guess what? The authorities in New Zealand was even contemplating allowing "Text Speak" (SMS) in school, so long as the answers "clearly show the required understanding". Crazy but true.

  3. You know there are certain things that I won't do.... I hate it when the young ppl keep texting at the dinner table. They can't even stop for a while to take a proper dinner.

    Certain things need to be preserved. My son doesn't have a mobile phone, I want him to learn his manners and develop his communication skills. He is required to speak to his Dad & I on all matters. No text speak allowed.

  4. Talking about language that people can't understand, what does 'Sun lao hou' in your side panel mean? (It is a link to my blog.)

    However, I fully understand what 'The A** one' means - it certainly doesn't mean that the blog owner got A++ in his exam grades, wahahaha.

  5. Looks like I will be in deep trouble if we ever meet as I am addicted to SMS-ing. I can do it very quickly. The saving grace though is that I don't use short forms but spell out every word in full. Being in comms, I just can't bring myself to texting in broken English.

    BTW, noticed that you now have a very flattering photo of yourself on your blog. Cool.....

  6. I feel so much better. Finally meet someone else that cannot SMS. Some of my Malaysian and Thai friends have made so much fun of me, as I could not respond to them.

    And these modern abbreviations are confusing. My kids do that in correspondence to me and I'll ask them what happened to the English they learned at school?

  7. Hi SA,
    I feel that not being able to sms is nothing to be ashamed of nor apologetic.
    I'm just not comfortable with texting, it's not good manners to just sms someone, especially if the other party is elder or your superior.
    There is an appropriate time to use abbreviations, not in school nor at work.