Saturday, September 09, 2006

Raffles Place

Chris & I went to NTUC Centre at 1 Marina Boulevard to collect our complimentary movie tickets. We won them! I entered our names in several movie contests & won tickets to Love Wrecked & Pretty Persuasion. Pretty lucky huh?

I'm looking forward to going to the movies. I don't spend money on movie tickets because I find them so expensive. I'm so cheapskate lah! I prefer to buy or rent or borrow DVDs so the whole family can watch. It's great that I have a mini theater at home too.We walked over to Raffles Place for breakfast. From NTUC Centre, there's the underpass to Raffles Place. Wow! Cool! So lucky, the people working in NTUC Centre! No need to walk in the hot sun or in the rain.

I found an interesting food court in the basement of Republic Plaza. It was early & most of the food stalls were not opened for business. Must come back another day.

The basement of OUB building has changed a lot too. I used to have lunch with some of my colleagues here. I worked in Robinson Road 18 years ago. I was the Training Manager for one of the largest foreign insurance companies. siao siao, last time high-flyer ok!

Birthday cakes for the office staff were bought from this Mirana Cakeshop. Also cakes for tea or our meetings were from this cake shop too. Their Mango Mousse cake is great.

Breakfast at Cafe Leo, Chris had a Double Smoked Ham with Roma Tomato & Cheese sandwich (S$6.50). Its name is so long, yet its taste is so ordinary. The panini bread is very nice though.

I had Mushroom & Asparagus Fritatta (S$5).

Female magazine published that its coffee is the best in town. We find it so-so leh! Boss is a caucasian. Many caucasian men come here for coffee.

Cafe Leo 1 Raffles Place #B1-03D OUB Centre

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