Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ngee Ann City - Gift fair

Had planned a whole day of photo-taking with the 'prince' but he threw a tantrum right in the middle of Orchard Road! Early morning some more, almost slapped him! He reluctantly 'allowed' me to take 2 pictures of him.

Stomped into Ngee Ann City to cool off & discover - A Gift Bazaar!

Spend more than an hour happily browsing through the stalls & bought some punches for paper craft. Refused to buy anything for the black-faced 'prince'. Who asked him to sabo me?

Later we had lunch at Takashimaya Food Village. First time I tried the Omu rice set(S$7.50). Wow!
Savoury rice wrapped in an omelette. Then it was topped with 2 beef patties & had beef stew poured over it. There were pieces of too dry deep fried chicken & scallops. I like the cold pasta salad though. Sweet & sour taste.

Jaymes had the Japanese Curry Chicken set (S$6.90) from Udon-Bo. Quite spicy.

I bought lunch for Chris. We went to The Adelphi shop after lunch.

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