Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bake & Cook Day

After breakfast, went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients for my baking & cooking.

I'm having a PSG BBQ tomorrow night & I'm sponsoring cakes & kueh-kueh. I'm going to show off my baking skills. he he he.... It's going to be a surprise, so no pictures of the items until tomorrow night.

I cooked a special dinner. I'm going to host some parties at home, so I have to plan my dishes. I'm trying out some dishes. They turned out alright.

Codfish in Bearnaise sauce. Mmmmm, tastes great.

Seafood Platter. Deep fried Cod Fillet, Prawns & Prawn Cakes. Shall put them in a basket next time. Seafood in a Basket.

German Pork sausage, Bacon wrapped sausage plus crispy fries. Need to change the plate. Presentation no good.

A delighted Chris, so happy to see the dishes when he came home!

My BBM partner sent me some sauces from Arizona in April & I have been saving them for a special occasion.

I thought, why not try them tonight?

Arizona Gunslinger. Not that hot lah.

Toxic Toad! This greenish stuff. Oh my God!!! What sort of sick sauce is this? It's so hot, my tongue was on fire & tears just flow! It's hotter than wasabi! Water! Water! Fire brigade!!!!

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