Saturday, September 02, 2006

Comex 2006

Went with Jaymes to Comex 2006 at Singapore Expo to get a Chinese software programme. After seeing the demo on the Penpower voicewriter(S$180), I bought one.

It has very interesting features. It should be useful for Jaymes as well.

The exhibition halls were packed with people. You can't walk anywhere without bumping into someone. Wonder if most of them have skipped work to come to this fair. ke ke ke.......

Jaymes wants to buy a laptop for his Computer Study, so he's checking out almost all the branded laptops.

World's smallest PC from Sony. Not for me, cannot see the letters clearly plus keypads too small.
This Taiwan-made viewcam costs S$238 plus a 2-year warranty.

Computer gaming peripherals, Jaymes didn't even bother to look at any because he knows I won't buy them.

I bought a cheap MP3 player(S$29) for Jaymes. And cheap foldable mini speakers(S$12.90) for Chris.

It was getting more crowded after lunchtime, Jaymes' face was turning blacker as he was in a hurry to go home to download songs into his MP3.

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