Friday, September 01, 2006

Lunch at Jack's Place (Parkway Parade)

Mrs Yang brought me for a Teacher's Day lunch at Jack's Place in Parkway Parade. Her daughter, Jing Jing came to meet us after school.

I had Grilled Boneless Chicken.

Mrs Yang ordered a Grilled Dory Fish set. Jing Jing had a Roasted Lamb Chop.

We also ordered a Wardolf salad.

This restaurant still packs in the crowds after so many years in business. I remember when I first started work many years ago, at the end of the month, my colleagues & I would go to Jack's Place for its set lunches. That is also the day we had our salary credited into our POSB accounts.
I can't believe I have lost touch with so many friends after all these years. I'm really getting old. I'm starting to remember the old days.

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