Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Foreign guests in town

Tony & May got up at 6 am this morning. They wanted to have breakfast with the boys. Their lesson would start at 9.30 am. So I asked them to go back to sleep again after breakfast.

These two children were well-mannered & disciplined. Tony's 14 & May's 13. They wash their own underwear after their baths. They wash their own cups & plates after meals. They make their own beds. They addressed Chris & I whenever they see us. They would ask for our permission if they want to use our things. They would clean up & put the things back to their respective places without me telling them. Their parents have taught them well!

When we arrive at their school, they had to take an English test. Both were then given the Pre-intermediate class after their results were out. They didn't do too badly in the test. Their class was on the 12th storey.

I waited for them in McDonald's. They have a break at 11 am but they didn't come down for a drink or a snack.

At 1pm, the kids came down for lunch. I brought them to Ajisen Ramen. Tony ordered a Spicy Miso Ramen & May had a Spicy Cha Shu Ramen. The restaurant was having a weekday lunch promotion. We got to order two side dishes for $0.10 each. I ordered Mayonnaise Prawns & Deep Fried Silver Fish.

When we were having lunch, I received a call from Pichi & Sue. They are from Bangkok. They got to know me through an American magazine. It did a write-up about me some time ago. Pichi contacted me a month ago & we have been corresponding since.

He had emailed last Friday that he & his wife are coming to Singapore today. We arranged to meet at 10 am in Parkway Parade but they didn't turned up, so I thought they were not coming. Apparently they had taken the wrong bus & ended up in People's Park!

I invited them to join us for lunch. Pichi ordered a Spicy Miso Ramen too. And Sue had a Chicken Teriyaki Ramen. All four of them love the ramen!

I sent the kids to their afternoon class & then brought the Thai guests home. We talked business & later, I sent them to Ngee Ann City for shopping. They would be going home the next morning. They had flown here specially to see me.

At 6pm, I brought them for dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen. I ordered Crispy Cuttle fish(S$7), Marinated Crunchy Fish Skin (S$5), Pork Chop with Tomato Sauce (S$12.80), Roasted Duck (S$11) & Stew Beancurd & Seafood (S$21). Both of them enjoyed the dishes very much. Pichi had another bowl of rice! They find the crunchy fish skin a unique dish. I love this dish too. It is a must-order every time I go to the restaurant.

They felt very full after the meal but I insisted they try the desserts. Sue wanted a Red Bean Cream (S$3), I ordered a Chinese Herbal Jelly (S$4.50) for Pichi & a Honey Dew Sago (S$3.50)for myself. I let them try my dessert & Sue loves it so much, she wanted to learn how to make it. Pichi looked so comical when he ate the Herbal Jelly, the taste was too odd for him & it was bitter. The waitress who was serving us, couldn't help laughing.

After dinner, I made them walk to Robinsons. Fearing that I would 'torture' them further, they made me go home. he he he .......

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