Wednesday, July 12, 2006

VIP Premier Screening of Pirates of the Caribbean

It was raining when I sent Tony & May to school. May was having a bad tummy ache last night. I stayed in McDonald's again as I waited for them.

They came down during their break, so I bought French Fries & hot drinks for them. May was feeling slightly better. I asked if she wanted to go home, she assured me that she was fine.

For lunch, we went to Banquet Food Court in Parkway Parade. Tony wanted to try the Spicy Hot Plate Chicken (S$5) & May wanted the Beef Hor Fun (S$4). I asked for Grilled Saba Fish (S$6.50) which came with an awesome chilli sauce! I also ordered a bowl of Seafood Soup (S$4) which was very tasty. The kids enjoyed the meal very much.

During the meal, May was quiet & moody. She was still having the tummy ache. So I asked her to go home to rest. Tony felt lonely in class as he has not made any friends yet, so I brought him home too.

When Jaymes & the boys came back from school, they brought Tony swimming. May tagged along.

I left the house at 6pm for Lido Cinema. Chris & I had been invited to the premier screening of the much publicished Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. I just watched its Part 1 on Sunday night on TV.

We received a gift pack containing some movie premiums. We were treated to a buffet of snacks. There was spring rolls, fishballs, chicken wings, curry puffs & Bo Bo Cha Cha. Each VIP also gets a tub of popcorn, a regular Coke & a Hot Dog.

The movie was very entertaining, lots of action. Some parts were very hilarious. The movie was long, I started to get tired towards the end. And I was clueless about the chest. The worst part was, it ended abruptly. There was a Part 3. Anyway, go watch it!

Johnny Depp looked so old & yucky. He was funny though, & a great actor. I liked him in the TV series, Twin Peaks. He was younger & so handsome! Orlando Bloom is the man to watch now! Phewww .... so hot!

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