Sunday, July 16, 2006

Downtown East

Lorentz's left ankle was swollen this morning. He sprained it while playing badminton in school yesterday morning. His PE teacher saw & remarked,"You sprained your foot ah?" He didn't even bother to take a look at it.

Lorentz endured the pain throughout the lessons. He told me once he came back. There was no swelling, so I applied some cream on his left ankle.

I accompanied Jaymes, May & Tony to Downtown East in Pasir Ris as they wanted to swim in Wild, Wild Wet & play in Escape Theme Park. Lorentz had to rest his foot at home. Walbert offered to accompanied his younger brother.

We took a bus, which took us almost an hour to reach Pasir Ris Bus Terminal & then transfered to another shuttle bus.

Downtown East was undergoing major renovation.

I had bought 2 Funkey (cashcards) cards two years ago & there was still cash inside. I wanted to top-up the Funkey cards but was told the cards were old cards, so I had to change them to the new serialised cards. OK.

I wanted to have only one card, so I asked for a transfer of the cash to one card. Cannot. Must cash out the value, & the points accumulated will be forfeited. Ok lah! Who cares about the points!

I wanted to buy 3 tickets to Wild, Wild Wet. "Must go to Ticketing". Ticketing said since I'm a NTUC Union member, I can buy at the entrance to the water park.

At the entrance of the water park, I was told to buy tickets at Ticketing. "Make up your minds lah! Walau!" I bellowed. The young girl sheepishly did it for me. See, it can be done wad.

Jaymes wanted to go to Escape Theme Park first. So they had to get an invisible chop on their arms, so they could come back to the water park later.

I let the kids have a light meal before going to play. I ordered Char Kway Teow, Roasted Duck Rice & Hainanese Chicken Rice from the air-con food court. The kids tried everything.Tony & May like the Char Kway Teow although it was too oily.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice stall has a long queue. The chef was the famous & retrenched chef of The Chatterbox in Meritus Mandarin Hotel. The Chicken Rice set tasted ok only lah.

At the Escape Theme Park, I got a rebate for the tickets purchased when I produced my NTUC Union card. Promotional rate for NTUC Union members, entrance fees for 2 adults & 2 children - S$40 only. I bought tickets for 3 adults.

I left the kids & rushed home to bring Lorentz to the doctor's. I brought him to the doctor across the house. The clinic was closed. I went to another clinic nearby, it was also closed.

We took a cab to East Shore Hospital. The doctor wanted him to take an X-ray. There would be a surcharge as it's a Saturday. Have to pay lah, what to do? We waited for more than an hour for it to be done. There was no fracture but Lorentz has to rest his foot. The doctor prescribed an ankle guard & cream for his injury.

The bill - S$206. 54!

We brought hawker food for dinner. We let Tony & May try Chicken Satay, Hokkien Fried Noodle, Mee Goreng, Seafood Fried Rice & Oyster Omelette. They enjoyed the food, especially Sambal Chilli!

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