Monday, July 17, 2006

Little India

We brought Tony & May to Komala's for breakfast.

I ordered a Bhatura set for them. Jaymes wanted a Kids' Cone set. Chris and I shared a Dosai set.

May was stunned at the Bhatura.

The kids enjoyed the meal. Tony & May were so different from the other Chinese kids. They were adventurous, more willing to try new things. And one very important reason - they can eat spicy stuff!

Chris had to rush off for his Sunday Walkabout with the Advisor to Mountbatten GRO. So after our meal, I brought the kids on our own little walkabout in Little India. We went to Little India Arcade. May & I bought some bangles. Tony couldn't stand the strong smell of the incense, he had to wait for us by the roadside.

I brought them through the various lanes of Little India. Tony & Jaymes were sweating profusely. May was very fascinated with the sights & sounds of Little India. Tony was not.

We came to Sri VeeramakaliammanTemple. The kids didn't want to enter. We had to take off our shoes.

The kids were sweaty, sticky & thirsty, I had to look for a coffee shop. I discover Chander Road. A whole street of Indian & Nepalese restaurants! Cool!

I ordered Iced Teh Tariks for Tony & May. We told jokes & posed for pictures while we waited for Chris to pick us up. Later Chris sent them to Marina Square as they were meeting Ying Zhi for a movie.

Supper at MacPherson Kopitiam
I wanted to eat at Zhong Zhong Wu Xiang. So I brought Tony & May along too. Jaymes, who was watching The Mummy Returns, was forced to go with us. he he he......

Tony wanted Bak Kut Teh, despite having half a pot of it during dinner. I cooked it for him. Tony loves Bak Kut Teh! Besides Jaymes, he's the other kid I know, who loves Bak Kut Teh! I've always thought Jaymes is an Ah Pek, Tony is more Ah Pek! ha ha ha.....

I ordered Bo Bo Cha Cha for May. She tried some & didn't particularly liked it. Tony doesn't like anything that has coconut or yam in it. They liked the wu xiang, though.

Chris ordered pork porridge. The kids had finished their food, they went to check out the shops nearby. Then Chris asked Jaymes to get him Xin Ming newspapers. When they returned, the porridge was not here yet. It finally arrived, 45 minutes after Chris had ordered. So laku ah!!!

But this porridge is so delicious! We shared with the kids. In the end, Chris only had 3 tablespoons of his porridge..........

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