Friday, July 21, 2006

Civil Servant Mentality

An email sent to Jaymes' principal on 19th July 2006.

Dear Mdm XXX ,

This is the 5th time in 2 years! Jaymes rushed home all the way from school yesterday. Why?
He had a bad tummy ache, and there is NO toilet paper in the boys' toilets. He had brought his own toilet paper but he gave to his friends who were in need & when he had an emergency yesterday, he ran out of it.

According to Jaymes, the school stopped supplying toilet paper because some mischievous boys played with it, causing some problems?

I think this is not right. Aren't the school supposed to provide toilet paper? And to think the school penalised all the boys for that small group of pranksters? Isn't the school supposed to teach its students what is acceptable & what is not?

This is not a small matter. Jaymes almost shit in his pants in the few occasions. His classmates can vouch for that. D shitted in his pants once & Jaymes had to call his Dad down to bring him for a change.

How can you stop a bad tummy upset? Especially when you had the runs.

Please discuss with your staff how to solve this problem.



The reply on 21st July 2006 at 7.16 am.

Hi Mrs Tan,

There is really no need for Jaymes to rush home to use the toilets. There are provision for toilet paper so long as there are request. General Office do issue toilet paper. Book shop sells tissues. Staff and students also have with them extra packets of tissue and would be most willing to give them to Jaymes under such emergencies.


Immediately after the email to me, Jaymes was chided this morning for 'being immature of you to go home to use the toilet'.

'You post me a big problem, why can't you buy a packet of tissue from the bookshop?'

'You give me a solution for this big problem,' she told Jaymes. Jaymes said to put toilet paper in the Boys' toilet.

'Once a roll of toilet paper goes in, it's going to be a big mess.'

She bought him two packets of tissue paper at the bookshop.


Right. (smacks my forehead.) I forget that if the peasants were to criticise the civil servants, we must provide solution.

Anyone ever tried wiping your ass with filmsy tissue paper? Oh, I forgot to mention the school toilets have energy saving lights. If you stay too long in the toilets, the light automatically switches off. Leaving you in darkness, to try to clean your ass.

I asked Jaymes why didn't he tell the principal he had no more money left for tissue paper? He said he wasn't supposed to answer because if he did, he would be accused of talking back.

Jaymes is not aware of the 'provision of toilet paper so long as there are request' in the school. A few quick phone calls to several of his classmates also confirm, none of them is aware of this. hmmmm....

To call Jaymes immature for rushing home to shit. Jaymes is expected to shit in the bushes & wiped his ass with leaves? I told Jaymes, the next time you discover you have no toilet paper, tear your textbooks up & use them to wipe your ass. You have my permission. And I also put a torchlight in his school bag.

Isn't the school supposed to teach the kids about vandalism? Two bloddy years & they haven't found a solution! I have kept silent for more than 2 years & tolerated the shit in this school. This is a small matter? The boys have no time to shit so early in the morning. And they wouldn't want to do it in school because there is the inconvenience of toilet paper not being easily available. Storing the waste in their body, isn't it harmful to health?

If the boys have to do their 'big business', too bad. Save it for home or the shopping malls.

I suggest the staff of the school have their toilet paper removed from their staff toilets for the next two years & then they can really be in the shoes of the boys.

NEA does spot checks on the public toilets. This is what I found in their legislation & regulations.




Public toilet

16A. Every owner or occupier of a building shall ensure that the toilets therein to which the public has access are at all times provided with adequate toilet paper, soap or liquid detergent, litter bins, and clean towels or hand dryers.


30. Any person who contravenes any provision of these Regulations shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction -

(a) for a first offence, to a fine not exceeding $1,000 and to a further fine not exceeding $100 for every day or part thereof during which the offence continues after conviction;

(b) for a second offence, to a fine not exceeding $2,000 and to a further fine not exceeding $200 for every day or part thereof during which the offence continues after conviction; and

(c) for a third or subsequent offence, to a fine not exceeding $5,000 and to a further fine not exceeding $500 for every day or part thereof during which the offence continues after conviction.

And oh, the China students on an exchange programme will be here from 21st July to 10th August. I hope the school has reminded the boys to bring their own toilet paper to school. It would be embarrassing if the guests were to shit in their pants.

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