Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday Brunch

Brought the kids for an early lunch. Had wanted to go to Seoul Gardens but it had tables available only after 2pm. So we went to Yuki Yaki (DIY Ice-cream, Teppanyaki & Steamboat) Buffet Restaurant in Marina Square.

We were the first customers. We got two tables. The kids went straight to the food counters to select their food. They enjoyed cooking their own meals.

There were also Sushi , DIY Dipping sauce & Salad counters. At the Dipping sauce counter, there were many ingredients which you can mix & match to make your own preferred sauce. There were several types of chilli.

The meats were well marinated & tasty. Service was great. The chubby Restaurant Manager was a former staff of Seoul Gardens. Nice chap.

We didn't have the DIY ice-cream because we were so full after the meal. The boys wanted to go bowling, so May came with us.

We brought her to Merlion Park for some photos.

We got this nice Security uncle to pose for us.

Then she requested to go Little Indian to buy some more gifts for her family.

We went to Little India Arcade to buy more Indian costume jewellery. As we passed by an Indian photo studio, May wanted to take a picture of her in a Sari. So we went up to this first floor shop.

There was an old man who attended to us, later we learnt he was the boss & photographer. His wife helped May to make-up & get dressed. We spent 4 hours there!

Chris & I were late for our function at Orchard Parade Hotel (former Ming Court Hotel). It is Singapore Optometry Association's 28th Anniversay Dinner.

Guest-of-honour was Ms Halimah bte Yacob.

Entertainers were Kuo Pao & Superstar Idol finalist Silver. Kuo Pao looked so cool playing the saxophone.

The food really sucks. The waiter was in such a hurry to go home, he cleared every dish before we could finish the food.

Before we left, Daniel from Mandarin Opto-medic told Chris, "Next time wedding don't come here."

I turned round & asked,"Next time wedding??? Do you know something that I don't?"

Wow! Daniel's face turned green. And his colleague tried to salvage the situation. ha ha ha...... the whole table laughed when they realised I was teasing him.

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