Sunday, June 11, 2006

Save your daughter or my son?

Whooooaaa!!!! On the day I went to Fushun, my blog counter numbered only 72. Today when I checked, it went past 400. The students who got wind of it are checking it out too.

I made this food blog so I could communicate with food bloggers round the world, little did I expect it to turned into a mini talking point after my Fushun trip.

Friends & readers said the words I used on Mrs Er were too strong.

In the early part of the trip, the teachers kept repeating to the students that this is a learning trip not a holiday tour. Mrs Er should know better. She is supposed to be a leader. HOD.

I am an employer. I wouldn't like it if my employees bring along their kids to work. It is not professional, especially for a leader. Work quality will definitely dropped if the kids are around. How can you do your work when you have to keep an eye on your kid as well?

Furthermore, 28 children, 4000 km away from their parents - the teachers have to give their full concentration to this group, the responsibilities are tremendous. I don't know what Mrs Er was thinking when she decided to bring her young daughter. She must have tremendous confidence that she could handle 28 teenagers & a young daughter.

As a parent, you would instinctively save your own child if there is danger, right? Honest answer, ok? I am the mother of an only boy. If my son died because a teacher decided to save her own daughter who in the first place, shouldn't be there? I should not take action? I should forgive her? She may save her child, but she would feel guilty for the rest of her life. To avoid this dilemma, don't bring your child!

Ms Poh has two younger kids, she has a better excuse to bring them. She might also have this thought, there are so many older kids to take care & play with my kids, why not? Dangerous thought.

The students couldn't even take care of themselves, how could anyone expect them to take care of a 7-year old kid?

Mr Tan has two daughters. What if he decides to bring them next year?

A couple of Chinese Fushun teachers commented that the Singapore teachers were so burdened with responsibilities. They have to ask the kids EVERY DAY who was sick, who has constipation, who has sore throat, who has .......... & gave them the necessary remedy. And the greatest joke of all is that these students continued with their crispy snacks, oily food, cold beverages...... How to get well? You yourself get to suffer when you don't listen.

Mrs Er's daughter is a sweet & adorable girl. Actually, she was supposed to attend a local kindergarten in Fushun, but due to the city's regulation, she was not allowed to attend. With her young daughter by her side, can you expect Mrs Er to give 100% attention to the students? Obviously not! Shouldn't parents have the right to feel angry? I trust you with my child for 18 days & you bring your daughter. Not only does my child gets less attention from you, my child may have to take care of your daughter or play with her.

Mrs Er is putting her own daughter in danger too by letting the kids babysit her. On the boat, she was running around & playing with the kids. Do the kids know 'danger' as the adults do? All they care about is to play, to have fun.

Climbing up the slippery & steep mountain steps, how cautious could they be? As they climb, they played, they chatted, they joked, they hit at one another...... They don't know the dangers.

I admit my words are strong. I'm sure she would not make the mistake again. Thank God, everyone came back safely. I could have spoken to her. Even if I did, I would still write how I feel in my blog.

Mrs Er & the other teachers did come to know about what I said in my blog. I can sense her moodiness the past few days.

The school was informed of my blog. The teachers in Fushun were aware & they tried to keep things from me. The big-mouthed students couldn't keep their mouths shut. I don't have to snoop around for news too.

I bet the next trip, parents would be banned from joining the educational trip. ha ha ha....... Or the parents would be selected & screen to see if they write blogs.... ha ha ha ............. Typical reaction from civil servants lah!

For the students who misbehave, you owe the school, the principal & the teachers an apology. If your parents are understanding & reasonable, they would go with you to apologise to them.

For the teachers who went on the Fushun Educational Trip, I salute you, especially Ms Poh for her commitment & dedication, her abundant energy. There were minor hiccups but this trip was a success. I'm amazed how much the teachers were willing to do for the school & its students. I learnt a lot on this trip. I made many friends. It was a wonderful experience!

Mr Yao was the key man for this trip. Fushun was his hometown. Without him, we would not have such a safe & successful trip. The other Mandarin teachers took turns to come to Fushun to take care of the kids. Mr Yao was there the whole 18 days, working very hard.

He had the toughest time. He had to answer to the schools & parents & be responsible for the kids. He gets bullied most of the time.

I was not the one who notified the media. My blog is not interesting, I agree. I write what I see.

Before I left for Fushun, my blog was read by only 6 people. And they are foreigners, not residing in Singapore. 4 people (Singaporean) were given my blog address before I left. They were 3 PSG members - Cecilia D'Mellos, Cynthia and Kelly & Mr Shamsul, all related to the school.

I had wanted to give an update of the trip in Fushun. I saw that the teachers were not able to handle some of the kids, they were practically 'shitting on the teachers' heads'. Am I supposed to paint a rosy picture? Am I supposed to keep quiet?

Many teachers are suffering in silence. Kids nowadays are so wild & uncontrollable. They answer back, they even dare to hit you! I'm sure these teachers, when they go back, are going to present a good report, minus the kids' behaviour. And let history repeat itself again next year?

I alone am responsible for my blog. Say whatever you want about me. People are leaving nasty messages & calling names. I have people leaving comments, threatening to beat up my son or do him harm. This is a serious matter. What has my son got to do with my blog?

I have remove my tag-board. Yes, it's not for bitches & bastards to shoot their mouths off. Go shoot in your mothers' mouths. I have told my friends to stop defending me on my blog. Some of those who seemed to speak up for me were not from people I know. You just want to have fun.

If I am wrong or I lied, I am willing to be punished.

I don't intend to hide in tiny Singapore. My family & I have been exposed to the world. You can come & hit me. People purposely hide behind false names to make personal attacks. It's not hard to guess who they are. Add more oil into the fire, I want to see how far it can spread.

Those students who are writing blogs on me. Good try. You want revenge. You are entitled to your own views.

You think you are damn smart. Calling your boyfriends, choir members, Chinese orchestra members, classmates & gang to make personal attacks & threats! Feeling so great, right? Students of Bedok South Secondary School?

Laugh all you want. I will have the last laugh. You forget there are many witnesses.


  1. hi jayne,
    i believe that what u write are true, and i believe, many will vouch for you... ...

  2. Aunty,
    Although you got write a bit abt me hor, I'm a good person, I will be fair to you & stand by you.
    Dun care wat de horrible ppl say, they never see wat!

  3. Aunty,
    It's the 3A & 3D boys. Let Jaymes come back to school, we will protect him.

  4. Kids,
    Aunty knows you are all good kids. I don't need your help. I can handle it. Concentrate on your studies.
    Remember what I said. Don't make any more comment in case they come after you. After all you still have to go back to that school.
    We'll chat on msn.

  5. Aunty
    i com here becos si hui send out emails abt ur blog to ppl in BDSS to flame u. in the class, she very kpkb, some ppl cannot tahan her. teacher scold aso no use. very sua to be in de same class as her lor.

  6. lol.i am alvin lim frm 3d.i juz wanna laugh after reading all the comments.haha!!!!!!!!aunty u are nice.i will vouch for u.i am there mah.but the beer incident make me a person with no trust .haiz....i regret buy the stupid beer.dam if time k go back i wouldnt hav bought them.make me so remorseful to face my parents.

  7. hey.the trip whr got 3a boys.don anyhow say le.

  8. Vivienne aso another bitch.u tink she got nothing to do wif tis. 3A so wat? worse ah lian i ever see. the teachers blind, the principal more blind..... ha ha ha

  9. vivienne & si hui r oredi chao ah lians in sch. dey behave lyk tat in other ppl country is expected, dey dun noe wat is li, yi, lian, chi, no shame! de ppl who go wif them r aso lyk tat lah, no brain & no shame. i read deir blog, walao, wat type of blog is tat? u call tat blog ah? pleeeeeese lah! ha ha ha ha ha ha.......

    Auntie, i give u more info to write abt them. ha ha ha ha ha...

    super lan ppl! deir mothers dun noe f*** wif who give birth to them. ha ha ha ha ha.....