Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back to Singapore

Jaymes was very tired & fell asleep almost immediately we board the plane. I tried to get some sleep.

Past 12 midnight, the crew served supper. Jaymes was asleep, I was too full to have any more food.

I was awakened at 2.05am by some turbulence. I tried to get back to sleep. It was so uncomfortable sleeping in an upright position. The flight was full so there was no way I could get to lie down.

I twisted & turned my body, every possible angle was tried. It was also cold in the cabin. Arrgh, my back is killing me.....

I was again awakened at 4.12 am. Most of the passengers was alseep. Jaymes was awake. Like me, he couldn't sleep well.

At 5am, as I looked out the window, I saw numerous tiny orange lights from below. I knew I was getting closer to home. Shortly, there was an announcement that the plane would land in 15 minutes' time.

When the plane landed, I couldn't wait to get my luggage & run out. I called Chris who was already at the waiting area. Alvin approached me & asked how I was going home. I said Jaymes' Dad is fetching us & offered him a lift which he accepted.

Jaymes told me Alvin was afraid to face his parents. I'm sure they would forgive him. He knows he made a mistake & he is ready to face the principal. Alvin is not shy nor afraid to admit his mistakes & apologise. That's a true man. Alvin is very likeable & adorable. Many people who come into contact with him, like him. I grew to like him over these two weeks & I would encourage Jaymes to learn from him.

As we came out of the arrival lounge, Cynthia came over to greet me. Alvin came over to say his parents were here to pick him up. I nodded to his mother in acknowledgement. Alvin looked so much like his Dad.

I was so glad to see Chris. I jumped onto him. He almost buckled under my weight. Weak knees?! hmmmm..... either I had grown fatter or he had been naughty in my absence. ha ha ha....

We reached home & I started to unpack some of the luggage. Jaymes went straight to bed. I took a bath before going to bed.

When I woke up at 10am, Chris had gone to work. I slept like a log, I didn't even know when he left. He had even filled up my water bottle & brought out my keys.

I watched the repeat of Superband while Jaymes went to buy brunch. I had Pork porridge while he bought Mee Rebus. I enjoyed my cup of teh si while catching up on the news.

When I went into my office, there were 2 huge piles of mail & documents waiting for me. sigh......time to get down to work

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