Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wanted : Native Speakers of English

MOE has done it!!!!! They say it, they did it!

What is going to happen to our Singaporean teachers? Expect them to eat grass?

The Singaporean Chinese language teachers get replaced by native speakers of Chinese. Now the Singaporean English language teachers are going to be replaced by native speakers of English! So what if English is your 1st language? So what if you have a degree in both English & Literature?

I have many ex-colleagues & teacher friends who have been teaching in local schools for years, are getting worried. For the English Language teachers, many of them speak very good Queen's English.

Look at the benefits offered to the FT.

One by one, Singapore jobs are going to be given to foreign talents. Isn't it scary?

The ad in The Guardian's classifieds:


Location: Asia & Australasia


Date posted: 15 May 2006
Closing date: 15 Jun 2006

Ministry of Education Moulding the Future of Our Nation

Be Different.Teach in Singapore.

The Ministry of Education (Singapore) is looking for experienced, qualified native speakers of English to teach English as a first language, English Literature, Geography, History, Knowledge and Inquiry

We are looking for teachers who:
- Hold a relevant degree in English Language or Humanities (e.g. English Literature, Geography, History, etc.)

- Have a recognised Teaching Certificate in teaching English (e.g. PGCE, TESOL, TEFL, etc.) or relevant teaching subject (e.g. Geography, History, etc.)

Newly qualified teachers are encouraged to apply but they MUST have completed the induction year.

You can look forward to:-
- An attractive remuneration package (including medical and dental benefits, and bonus upon successful completion of contract), depending on qualifications and verifiable working experience

- Relocation allowance (one-time baggage and lodging allowance, free economy air passage for candidate, spouse and 2 children below the age of 18 to Singapore on first appointment)

- Return air passage upon successful completion of contract

- Interest-free settling-in loan

You can view the video recording of our online career seminar held on 23 April 2006 on the website.

All terms and conditions are subject to review and change from time to time without prior notification. The Ministry of Education (Singapore) reserves the right to decide on the terms and conditions to be offered. No reasons will be provided for selection and non-selection of candidates.

This ad was also placed in newspapers in US, Australia & New Zealand (!?).


  1. Singapore teacher eat grass then you as an educator eat shit ???

  2. sigh... Amateurs cannot do the job so have to call in the professionals.

  3. Hi Jayne,
    To think that with a degree & more than 10 years on the job, I am considered less capable to the white skins. My pay is peanuts. You're smart to leave then. My next 15 years ??????......

  4. 一个国家的富裕和强大是和这个国家的开放程度息息相关的,而在一个国家的开放中,人才市场的开放是最重要的。一个能广纳天下英才的国家必定是一个伟大的国家。

  5. like hello... if Singaporean's are so terrific do you still reckon we need help by employing native English and Chinese teachers?? I wonder if you ever studied lor, from Social Studies.. if it wasn't for the foreign talents, MNCs investments u think Singapore is gonna be what it is today? it is always learn from someone knows it who is better than u or at least when he/she has the foundation right? dun be so mo shou cheng gui lar... be more flexible can? what's wrong with being humble and getting help from someone whom we KNOW is gonna be better than us? the teachers then will have to work harder for their jobs or at least there are plenty other subjects to teach besides eng...

  6. I wan Engrish tutor with big breasts & blonde hair, macam Pamela Anderson

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  8. Plenty of other subjects to teach? English teachers go teach Biology! good for your children lah! oh ya hor, ppl like u how to hv children in Science class?
    English teachers go teach D&T, but the English may be too cheem for your children leh!

  9. be humble & learn from the ang-mohs ah? this one is very ready to kow-tow to the ang-mohs. he must be from the British commonwealth time. jian gu tou.... we despise you!