Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day 15 - Dinner at Friendship Hotel

I went to Shenyang on my own this morning, on a business trip.

I returned late in the afternoon & was very tired. There is a Chinese bath house, sort of like a spa, on the ground level of our hotel. Everyday I had to pass by this sign which lists the services offered by the bath house.

I was extremely amused by the 'da nai' service (whack your breasts) offered by it. I had asked Mr Yao what was that. It is actually 'a massage with a moisturising lotion'. lol..........

Anyway I went into the bath house to enquire about its bath & massage package. I was startled when the receptionist yelled at me not to enter. She curtly told me to take off my shoes before stepping on their carpet. Ok.......

When I asked her about the prices of the bath packages, she was impatient & rude. Arrrggh, forget it! I walked out of the bath house.

In the evening, Jaymes & I had dinner with a couple of friends at the local Friendship hotel. It was a grand hotel, frequented by heads of states & Chinese leaders. Ex-Premier Zhu Rongji was photographed during his stay here.

We were treated to the local dishes which frankly did not appeal to us. Jaymes didn't eat much, he was coughing badly throughout the entire dinner. I was talking too much to be eating. There was a huge amount of food left.

Jaymes had forgotten to inform the teachers he was going out for dinner. So when we came back at 10.20pm, we met Mr Tan & Mr Yao, who were worried & had come down to search for us.

I received a gift by an acquaintance. It was heavy & fragile. It was a coal sculpture. I would have to hand carry this back to Singapore. Gosh, the thought of the long return journey scares me.

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