Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day 16 - Homestay

I went to school at 2pm to check on Jaymes. I made sure he took his cough syrup.

The girls were rehearsing their dance steps so I stayed to watch. They were doing very well. I'm so happy that they have achieved the aim of learning a Chinese traditional dance. I was very touched watching them perform the dance.

The kids were going for to their homestay this evening. The Chinese parents picked them up at 5.30pm. Jaymes & Widi went home with their homestay mate & mother.

The Singaporean teachers & I went back to the hotel before we go out for dinner with a few Chinese teachers.

Vice principal Xuan brought us to the Mini Steamboat restaurant. Teachers Zhang Wei, Ms Tang & Mr Guan came along. They ordered a lot of food. According to the Chinese's custom, liquor & beer were served to the guests. Everyone has to drink, I didn't as I don't drink liquor. I could be seen as rude but I really couldn't drink & I was let off.

At 7.30pm, Mr Zhang, Ms Tang & Mr Guan started calling up all the homestay parents to ask about the kids. Some of the parents brought the kids out for dinner, a couple was wrapping dumplings at home with their charges, some kids were having dinner at their guardians' homes .......

We ended our dinner at 9 pm. Vice Principal Xuan sent us back to the hotel.....

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