Monday, May 22, 2006

Shop & Dine Day

Chris & I went to Takashimaya Departmental Store to shop for my black pants. I managed to find one in Madame Butterfly, another boutique by Chomel. The shop has many beautiful Chinese blouses. If I can't get any better ones in China, I will come back to Madame Butterfly.

We had brunch at Pasta Cafe by Pokka. It was only 11.15am. We were the first two customers.

I ordered a Sambal Seafood Marinara Pasta (S$15.90). The sambal chilli was not too spicy. There were prawns, a crayfish, mussels & squids in it. It was a huge portion.

Chris ordered a Grilled Honey Chicken (S$17.90). I tried some of the chicken. It was hard, tasteless & dry. I suspect they served us food from last night. They heat it up in the microwave when we ordered. I told the waitress about it when she came to collect the dishes. She didn't even look at me & said,"I'll tell the chef."

None of the staff bothered about my complaint. I will never come back here again.

We went to St Leaven Bakery on the basement level & bought some pastries for tea. They are selling 5 mini pastries for S$2.40. I bought 15 pastries, there were apple cinnamon roll, chocolate danish, pizza bread, brownies, doughnut, apple tarts, coffee rolls, ham& cheese sandwich. I bought a packet of Sushi Bread Roll (S$3.80), which was delicious. Tuna or hard boiled egg was rolled in bread & seaweed. Chris bought some chicken yakitori (S$0.90) from Tori-Q.

We brought the kids to Bedok Central NTUC Coffee Shop for dinner.

We ordered Yellow Wine Chicken Soup (S$5), Salad Prawn (S$6), Eggplant with salted fish & minced pork (S$5), Pork Loin Soup and Mixed Vegetables with Tofu (S$5).

Chris bought a plate of Indian Rojak (S$7.80.)

eggplant with salted fish & minced pork

After dinner, we went to the supermarket to shop for some groceries. I had to shop fast because the kids were rushing me. Singapore Idol premiers at 8pm tonight.

Jaymes & I are almost done with our packing. Gosh, there's so much to bring for a 3-week stay. I think I might have more luggage when I come back. I must remind myself not to make any more purchases as there is simply no more space in the house for them. We'll see......

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