Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Off to China!

I woke up at 6am & from then on was a mad day. There was so much to do in the hours leading to the trip to China. I started having regrets about the trip. Why did I give in to Jaymes? He insisted on going inspite of the 'huge, juicy carrot' I dangled in front of him. A trip to Melbourne, Sydney & Seoul!

Then the worse had to come. Singapore shares nose-dive!!!! @#*%@

Chris sent us off to the airport at 9.30pm. Mdm Koh & Mr Lak came to send us off. After checking in our luggage, we began on our journey to the Land of the Dragon.

Chris had a long day too, he looked so tired. And as I watched his lonely & weary back from inside the Departure Lounge, my tears dropped .....

The kids were so happy. It was the first trip abroad for some of them. I suddenly felt so tired seeing these 'energetic bunnies'.

There was chaos once the kids got on the plane. They wanted to sit next to their friends so there were swapping of seats. They held up the other passengers. Mr Yao was so poor thing. He was kicked from one seat to another as the kids swapped their seats with him. Once the plane got off ground, I tried to sleep. The kids were so noisy. I managed to catch some sleep but was constantly woken up by the kids's incessant chatting.

Supper was served but I was too tired to eat. Jaymes said it was Prawn Porridge & some sandwiches.

I couldn't sleep well because it was very difficlut to sleep sitting up. Past 2 am, Han Long & Widi were still talking. Han Long was snapping pictures of his sleeping classmates & the teachers.

sigh, it's going to be a long 18 days........

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