Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bright Hill Temple

Early this morning, Chris had to go Bright Temple to pray, I tagged along.

Chris prayed while I explored the temple grounds. Surprisingly, there were many young people.

I love the architecture of the temple buildings. The ceilings, columns & roofs were so intricately carved and a lot of attention was paid to the details.

If I had a huge plot of land, I would build my house like a temple. High ceilings & spacious halls.

I saw a vegetable patch, the temple plant some of their own vegetables. There were brinjals & chillies . There is another place where they plant orchids. So beautiful. The whole place is so tranquil. It is breezy & you can hear the birds chirping away.

The kids went bowling, so we had lunch by ourselves. We went to Novena & saw Peach Garden Restaurant. I have read about the good reviews about their food, so we chose it.

They were only serving Chinese New Year dishes. Expensive. During Chinese New Year, restaurants go for your throats.

We didn't make a reservation, it was packed, so we had to sit outside. We ordered the Aparagus with crab roe, Pan-fried Venison, Roast Chicken in Chinese Wine & Fried Glutinous Rice Cake. I only like the Venison. The rest were just so-so. I suspect they add monosodium glutamate in their dishes, for the rest of the day, Chris & I felt so thirsty. We drank lots of water but it didn't go away until the night. I do not like the parched feeling in my mouth & throat.

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