Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Temple Tree @ Bon Ton, Langkawi

After checking out from Cinta Sayang Resort, together with another 4 group members, we set off for Kuala Kedah Ferry Terminal to board the 2 pm ferry to Langkawi. One adult ticket costs RM23.

The ferry ride took about 1 and 1/2 hours. We watched a movie onboard to pass our time. A staff from Temple Tree Resort came to fetch us at Jetty Point Langkawi. His name is Amir. He gave us a tour of Langkawi island before sending us to the resort.

We had a brief stop at Tanjung Rhu Beach to take some photos. It was such a lovely beach. Glad that there was no tourist crowds.

When the car turned into a gravel road and stopped in front of a wooden house, I was taken aback when I found out where I was going to spend the night. We were ushered into a room which is the bar and were served their signature welcome drink, the delicious pineapple tea with mint.

Amir allocated the houses for our night's stay. He told us to go wash up and gathered at the reception area by 7.30 pm, so we could go to the night market for dinner.

I was almost fainting from hunger because I didn't dare to eat my lunch. My good friend Criz frightened me with his warning of seasickness and vomiting during the ferry ride. Ish,

I ordered the Indian bread with dips (RM 16) while hubby had a plate of fried rice (RM 36). There is a limited choice of food on the menu and it is expensive.

After our meal, we were led to our "house". My jaws dropped when I was brought to Chinese 1. I couldn't believe my eyes! This magnificent two-storey Chinese house is more than 100 years old. It is built of wood without using any nails. It was relocated from Batu Pahat, Johor. Originally a farmhouse, it has large verandahs on 3 sides.  

Here's a short video of the interior

The creaking wooden doors gave me the creeps. hahaha..... 

Chinese 1 has a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed with mosquito netting, its own bar room, plus a separate bedroom with two single beds. Love the Chinese colours of red and black which contrasts with the simple wooden walls.

I couldn't find the stairs to the upper floor which is Chinese 2. It has a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a private Mahjong room and Chinese library which can add in an extra bed.

Walking into the spacious bath room ......

this familiar shower room transport me back to the past...., my childhood days when I was living in a village.


Isn't it awesome!? There were bath salts and a moisturising massage cream too. 

Despite it being 1 am in the wee hours of the morning, we had a good soak in the wooden tub after our night market visit and a heavy supper. LOL

While getting ready for bed, I was worried when I saw the gaping holes in the mosquito netting. I am terrified of getting mosquito bites after contracting dengue fever several years ago. To play safe, I put on a long sleeve tee and long pants, but it became too warm to sleep in them.

The resort has included a local made balm for mosquito bites and there is insect repellent inside the bathroom. There are sarongs (a wrap around cloth) in the closet.

I woke up at 6.15 am,  trying to capture a sunrise shot. I opened the wooden window to a pitch black sky and a white cat perched on the verandah railings.

I shut the window and went back to bed. When I opened the window at 6.48 am, the white cat was still waiting for me on the railing in the dark.

Finally at 7.05 am, I could see a little sunlight. I put on a sarong and grabbing my camera, ran out to catch the early morning sun.

Hubby woke up and joined me, we had fun posing for pictures in our sarong.

The resort had placed our breakfast in the fridge the night before, so I brought it out to have breakfast on the verandah. It was a simple and light meal.

We went for a swim after breakfast, then took a shower and got ready to check out at 10.15 am. Amir was bringing us on a tour of Bon Ton resort.

从吉打港口码头坐船去马来西亚浮罗交怡旅游, 抵达我的旅店, 让我吓了一跳! 怎么会是住甘榜呢 !? 开什么玩笑? 要我喂蚊子吗? 哈哈 。。。

树下神龛度假村(Temple Tree )是一个蛮特别的度假村。我入住的 Chinese House 1, 年龄超过100岁了, 是从柔佛峇株巴辖州迁往这里。屋子装饰非常华丽, 有两间房间, 还拥有自己的酒吧台。哇! 还有一个巨大的木制浴缸, 足够我和老公一起在里面泡澡。

坐在阳台上就可以看到日落。屋子前面是110英尺的游泳池, 打开房门走几步就可以跳下去游泳。哈哈 。。。


房子房间很棒, 我好喜欢, 也很享受这种轻松的旅游。

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