Saturday, October 29, 2016

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Infinity Pool 滨海湾金沙酒店空中花园无边际游泳池

After breakfast on the second day of our staycation at Marina Bay Sands hotel, we changed into our swimming gear and headed up to the SkyPark on the 57th floor. It spans the three towers of the hotel and has a 360 degree view of Singapore.

Glad I brought my camera, I took some pictures of Gardens by the Bay and the city views. It was still drizzling, see the dreary overcast sky in my pictures. sigh

Despite the grey sky and drizzle of rain on that early morning, I was able to shoot some good photos. It was a good opportunity to capture the stunning views and collect beautiful memories of our stay, without spending a fortune.

When the rain stopped, we decided to take a dip in the hotel's iconic Infinity Pool. It is the largest (150 m long, 490 ft) and highest (200 m, 650 ft) infinity pool in the world.

My foreign guests who have stayed at MBS have complained about a crowded and dirty pool. There were not many people at the Infinity Pool that day and the water was clean.

We collected our complimentary towels before selecting our preferred spot among the scores of chaise lounge chairs lined along the pool. The moment we sat on the chairs, a staff came forward to take orders for food and beverage. We ordered fruit juice.

I was blown away by the amazing infinity pool which is one of the coolest outdoor pools in the world. I spent more time snapping pictures of the pool than dipping in the inviting water. haha.....

My hubby suggested I swim up to the pool's edge for a picture, I was hesitant because I felt like I was going to fall over the vanishing edge. Gradually I picked up my courage and boy, it was an exhilarating experience gazing down the city skyline from the 57th storey of  Marina Bay Sands hotel.

There was a small outdoor Jacuzzi pool and a couple were hoarding it for ages. I politely asked them to move aside while my hubby posed for a few pictures in the pool. LOL

After 12 noon, more hotel guests came up to swim or enjoy the scenic views and cool weather. Our skin was starting to wrinkle, so we called it a day and returned to our room.

Infinity Pool @ Marina Bay Sands is only available for hotel guests.

Best views of Sands Skypark.

清晨吃过早餐就上57层楼高的滨海湾金沙酒店顶层的“空中花园”, 欣赏新加坡景色和拍照。尽管天气不好, 室外下着毛毛雨, 但是我们还是能够见到摩天轮、赛车场、鱼尾狮、滨海湾花园等迷人的都市景观!

滨海湾金沙空中花园 (离地面足足200米高) 悬浮在滨海湾金沙酒店三座高耸楼塔, 设有全球最大的空中无边际室外泳池。设计超精妙的无边际泳池 令人惊艳。第一眼看到无边际泳池, 感觉好像游到边缘就会掉下去, 确实挺震撼的!

雨一停, 我们就换泳衣下水享受一把。雨后的天气特别舒服,凉爽还带有一点点温暖的太阳。当天早上的酒店宾客不多, 都是去那下水拍照留念的,要不就是坐在椅子上看别人拍照的。

为了体验一下无边际泳池, 我游到边缘时 。。。感觉心脏都要飞出来了!哈哈。。。 其实并没有那么惊险,当时在57层楼高的滨海湾金沙酒店顶层俯瞰整个新加坡, 有种君临天下的感觉。太赞了!


无边际泳池仅供滨海湾金沙酒店宾客独享; 房卡管制上顶层。

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