Thursday, October 27, 2016

Johor Bahru Foodies Annual Gathering 新山[吃的平台] - 第六届聚会

Together with hubby, I boarded an express bus (ticket S$3.30 each) to Johor Bahru Sentral, then took a cab (RM10.90) to Pelangi Plaza to meet one of the organisers of the gathering. He picked us up at 6.30 pm and we set off for the dinner venue in Taman Gaya. There was traffic congestion along the highway but we arrived in time for the dinner.

We were glad to catch-up with dear old friends, saw several familiar faces and made more new friends. We have food blogger Tony Johor Kaki and chef Calvin Hong at our table. Tony brought his JB food guide to distribute to all participants, he was kept busy autographing the books the whole night. There were lots of fun and laughter at our table, we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Here is the menu :

Buddha Jump Over the Wall (Love the soup!)
Lobster Salad with Twin Flavours
Volcano Rocks Sauna Live Prawns
Spanish Pork Ribs
Fresh Oysters (complimentary)

Traditional Steamed Turbot Fish
Boston Lobster Stir-fried in Stock Gravy
Waxed Meat Fried Rice
Dessert - Jelly with longans

Maldive Red Ruby crab was the main attraction for this dinner but due to the rainy season, there was no supply of these crabs for our party. The boss cooked his remaining stock of Maldive Red Ruby crabs to let us have a taste of this delicacy, but it was not enough to go round, so the organisers held a lucky draw and only one table got to taste the dish.

Thanks to Chef Calvin, he managed to wrestle a small plate of the crabs for us to try. I had a pincer .... it was a small crab so it was not meaty, I find the flesh mushy and not at all nice to eat.

Chef Calvin brought some organic guavas which the restaurant cut and served to every table. Like the crunchy, sweet guavas.

The main purpose of our visit was to catch-up with our Malaysian friends at this annual gathering. The last gathering was unforgettable, we had durian buffet; savouring several different species of durian in a night.

124 people registered and paid RM130 each for the seafood dinner.

Dinner ended at 11 pm and our good friend Jason booked an Uber taxi that fetched us from Taman Gaya to Johor Bahru City Square (RM15.20). We walked over to Malaysian Immigration after alighting and there was no queues.

Took bus number 170 (ticket RM2.50 each) back to Queens Street Bus Terminal. We incurred midnight charges for our taxi ride (total S$12) from Queens Street. We reached home at one in the morning, glad that the trip was a fast and smooth one.

星期三下午与老公乘搭快车进新山, 出席一年一次的[吃的平台]聚会, 见见邻国的老朋友。这个平台的台友爱分享美食, 这次的聚会已经是第六届了。

这晚的聚会菜单 :


菜单本来有马尔代夫红宝石螃蟹, 由于马尔代夫这几天连绵的暴雨,宝石蟹失收,所以宝石蟹由波斯顿龙虾取代。由于波斯顿龙虾比宝石蟹贵很多,所以一人只有半只吃。

店家把店里仅存的宝石蟹炒出来请大家吃,让大家试试味道。因为参加者众多, 只好以抽签方式来决定。被抽中桌号的台友才可以吃宝石蟹, 幸好我们这桌有位勇士帮我们抢到一小碟宝石蟹, 我才有机会试味道。

这天的出席者都获得了Tony Johor Kaki亲笔签名的美食指南一本; 店家送每桌一盘鲜蚝, 还有胖厨请吃的有机番石榴。


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