Thursday, September 08, 2016

World Food Fair @ Singapore Expo 新加坡第13届世界美食展

This morning, I went to support my friends who are participating in World Food Fair (8 - 11 Sept 2016) at Singapore Expo Hall 6. Ended up I spent almost a day there checking out the exhibitors and food products. I just came back with many purchases and am exhausted..... but happy.

The whole exhibition hall was packed with the young and the old, enjoying the food samples and buying from the numerous cooked food stalls.

I was delighted to see exhibitors from China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Korea. They brought some food products which are not available in Singapore.

We can buy fresh tuna from a Okinawa stall. Heard they cut up a whole tuna fish imported from Japan this morning. Wish I was there to see it.

I tasted a delicious purple sweet potato latte and bought some Japanese purple sweet potato to cook at home.

The most patronised stalls at the whole fair must be those from Hong Kong. They sell a variety of dried seafood for boiling nutritious soups. I am not good at making Cantonese soups, most of the ingredients look strange to me.

The vendors shared cooking tips with novice soup makers like me, I ended up buying lots of ingredients for making delicious and nutritious soup. Take a look at the Hong Kong vendors, they have good complexion. Especially one elderly lady vendor who looks so healthy and so energetic. She persuaded me to buy a lot from her. haha....

I also bought some dried wild mushrooms and vegetables for making appetisers.

Many local exhibitors took this opportunity to showcase their new products and offer discounts. I was amazed to discover durian bak kwa (pork jerky) and coffee bak kwa. And I get to taste salted egg yolk chips, fruit vinegar, chocolate drink with stevia, seaweed jelly, ginger with black sugar, fresh mushrooms etc.

Long queues are seen at some stalls which offer good discounts.

I met some ladies who are regulars at such food fair and they really know their stuff.

Each of them brings a trolley bag. They have a list of things to buy; they compare prices of all the vendors before they group together to buy in bulk to save costs.

I had to lug my bags of purchases home.... and by public bus.

There is a temporary food court where tables and chairs are provided for diners. It was difficult to find a vacant seat so I gave up buying cooked food to eat in. There are long queues at popular stalls.

Besides marketing food and beverage products, the food fair has stalls promoting non-food related products like beauty parlour services, expensive kitchen gadgets, essential oils, credit card promotion, cutlery, cleaning detergents etc.

I was impressed with a set of stainless steel kitchen knives from Taiwan. Looking so shining and sharp, but the price is not friendly enough. haha....

新加坡第13届世界美食展 (9月8 - 11 日) 在新加坡博览中心第6展厅举行。吸引了许多來自国內外的食品商家参展。参展的国外食品商家有来自日本、泰国、中国、韩国、台湾、香港、马来西亚等。

今天早上, 我原本是去食品展支持朋友的, 但是我却去支持了其他参展商, 买了一大推食品、食料。眼睛太坏了! 哈哈 。。。

我品尝了好多食品饮料, 有些都不曾见过的, 有点好奇。因为食品展现在有促销, 我不由自主的买了香港海鲜、中国干粮、韩国零食、日本冲绳的紫薯食品、台湾的无糖酱料。哈哈 。。。

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