Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tsujirihei Honten Green Tea Products 辻利兵衛本店抹茶风味和风点心

Chanced upon the Japan Autumn Fair (29 Aug to 15 Sept) when I was in Takashimaya to collect my Hainanese mooncakes. While walking among the booths, I noticed a crowd of ladies taking pictures of a Japanese man whipping up something.

Curious, I went forward and found out that he was making Matcha ice cream. I stayed to watch and took some pictures. After the show, a few of us bought the creamy Uji soft serve ice cream (S$7).

Enjoying my deliciously smooth green tea ice cream which has a strong distinctive matcha flavour, I browsed through their products made with their signature Uji green tea. The enthusiastic sales promoter offered me biscuit, cake and chocolate samples. I had some questions and was referred to the gentleman who demonstrated the Matcha ice cream making.

He was none other than Shinsuke Tsuji, the CEO and the 6th generation tea maker of Tsujirihei Honten. An extremely polite and humble man, he tried his best to answer my questions, occasionally turning to a bilingual promoter to assist in translation.

Tsujirihei Honten was established in 1860 by Riemon Tsuji in Uji in Kyoto, Japan. It produces high quality tea by a traditional stone grind method to make matcha from fresh tea leaves. The company has developed a unique technology to select, blend and produce green tea, refined over a century of experience.

Shinsuke-san has been participating in Japan Autumn Fair @ Takashimaya for the past 4 years.

Seeing my interest in his tea, he offered to make me a bowl of their speciality green tea.

I love the pleasant aroma from the green tea, the smoothness and richness of the drink.

They have this premium stone ground green tea leaves which are limited quantity as it can only be harvested once a year. The price is a little on the high side. I am still considering to buy a box to enjoy the exquisite aroma and flavor.

One of the best antioxidants, green tea has also been known as anti-ageing and anti-cancerous agents.

Challenged to make products using green tea, Shinsuke is behind the creations of the company's popular matcha infused desserts, some of them are truly pretty works of art.

Matcha Baumkuchen Cake - it's bamboo shape attracted my attention and that of others. I didn't have a chance to taste the cake as I received a call and had to rush off to deliver the mooncakes, I would return to the fair to make some purchases.

去高岛屋买海南月饼后, 意外发现日本美食促销会。看到示范制作抹茶雪糕, 不禁停下脚步, 欣赏并品尝异国美食。

辻利兵衛本店, 1860年由辻利右衛門先生创业, 是日本京都有名的制茶专家。位於京都宇治的老字号, 有一百五十多年历史。他们有自己的茶园,以石磨将茶叶磨成粉末是遵循着古法在制茶。

从8月29日至9月15日, 他们在高岛屋日本秋交会呈现抹茶风味和风点心。

社長辻伸介先生, 辻家族第六代传人, 亲自为我沖泡传统抹茶。他用陶碗招呼我品尝香醇浓郁,口感特别顺滑的宇治抹茶。辻利兵衛本店的宇治茶, 深绿色带点苦味为它的特色。我也品尝一下可口的抹茶脆饼、巧克力与雪糕。

他们的高档宇治绿茶, 价格不便宜, 我会考虑回来买。绿茶能清除自由基、延缓衰老、预防癌症。

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